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its about a women going through abortion in her life and the father not being by her side. and the pain she went through

Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012



do you know how it feel to have a child pulled out of you piece by piece

first come the legs and then come the body and then comes the head

its eating me up inside to see my unborn child broken up in pirces like that

not able to take its first breath you say it isnt yours and you couldnt even be there

hurting on the inside emotional problems i was haveing in my head.

i was tired,ashmed of what i had done i feel so disgusted with myself.

as i look at myself in the mirror looking at my body and the life that i killed

that was suppose to be inside and watching them do it was the most painful thing in my life

tears run down my face i was hysterical i physically ached for my baby back no support from the father

really hurt me inside for him to think that it was someone else baby. i will never tell a man its his baby an wasnt sure.

he dont know how it is to be left all alone on this road men are not attached to the baby like women are

not until they hear the first heart beat. all alone at night crying to myself while my children are sleeping

the dad calling me late at night drunk asking for some ass but just a couple hours earlyer i just killed your unborn.

rideing around with this chick playing with my heart knowing you should be here with me by my side

while you out partying im drowning in my pain 5 babys by you and only 2 remain........

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