Shark life

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I think my dreams are funnies sometimes. This short story I wrote is one of them, and it's also a little strange. What do you think about it?

Submitted: March 05, 2019

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Submitted: March 05, 2019



The shark's life is easy. They are feared by everyone. They can eat anything and they are cool too.

The shark of our story wasn't happy. He felt there was something missing in his life. Something that he wasn't able to explain, even to himself.

In the movies, what seemed to make people happy was love. There was always a beautiful woman who ends up with some guy. Men couldn't do anything to help, but to fall in love with a woman.

The shark thought: "Female sharks are fine just for a few minutes. Then they leave, and you're not able to see them any longer. The human actresses must be different".

So the shark went to a Los Angeles beach in search of a beautiful American actress, and luckily he found Julianne Moore.

The shark said to her: "Good morning, I love you".

Julianne screamed.

The shark asked: "What's the problem? I don't want to eat you. Just love you".

Julianne replied: "Ok. That's fine. But do you know what love is?"

The shark said: "Yes, I have seen a lot of American movies. I'm quite an expert on love".

Julianne replied: "Good! But in real life the 'aspirant' must demonstrate their love to their women. There are three tests you have to pass. Are you ready?"

The Shark look at her and said: "Yes".

She continued "The first one is that you have to bring me a bouquet of flowers and take me to dinner everyday for 6 months consecutively".

For the shark that was easy. In the ocean there were plenty of free seaweed, and who was better than him to provide fresh fish?

Julianne added: "The second one is that you must take me dancing every Saturday night".

The shark smiled. No one was faster than him moving and dancing in the water.

Julianne: "Finally, you must buy me all I want".

That was the hardest part of his job. He was poor. Sharks didn't need money at all. Women were more complicated than he thought, so he ate her and went on to love another female shark in the ocean, one who didn't ask him for anything in exchange.

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