Liar is a bad friend

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The book contains short stories for school going children to enjoy reading they have a moral messange

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014



A cat called Jimmy

Many years ago, in a far away land there lived a happy cat. His name was Jimmy. He lived in an old abandoned house in a beautiful town.

Jimmy hunted a lot. He walked through bushes and along the streets in the town looking for rats and mice for food. When he was not hunting, he helped to cut grass for mother cow who lived in a stable in a farm in the town. Mother cow paid Jimmy with a cup of hot milk whenever he came home carrying a heavy load of hay.

One day, while Jimmy was hunting, he came across Susana. The later was a very beautiful girl. She was obedient to her parents and had very good manners. She had listened to her parents who had taught her good morals. Jimmy loved her, but was unable to speak to her.

Poor Jimmy, what could he do now? He went home, collected a sack of salt and a bag of cowry shells, as a sacrifice to God of the hills. He went to the shrine of God which was located on a hill called TumuTumu.

“I have come to see you so that you can offer a sacrifice and a prayer on my behalf.” Jimmy told the Priest of God who was seated on a mat inside the shrine.

“I shall help in whichever way I can. Sit down and present your story,” the priest said and Jimmy narrated his story. The priest listened shaking his head positively as the cat narrated his story.

“In short you want to marry Susana and you want to change to a handsome boy first.” The priest said softly after Jimmy had finished.

“Exactly, that is my wish,” Jimmy replied happily.

“I shall offer a sacrifice to God on your behalf. Then I shall pray for twenty one days and I’m sure God will honour your wish.” The priest told Jimmy. “I shall do all these if you pledge to honour one request.”

“Which one. I vow to do whatever you will tell me to do that.” Jimmy vowed.

That evening Jimmy took an oath. He would never eat rats, mice and raw meat again. He took an oath holding a Bible high in the air. That same day, the priest bought a goat using the cowry shells Jimmy had brought and offered a sacrifice on behalf of the cat. The priest offered a lot of prayers to God on behalf of Jimmy. Several moons passed but nothing happened.

One sunny morning, Jimmy woke up a handsome young man. He ran to the shrine of God as fast as he could. The priest was not surprised to see a handsome youth running up the hill. He knew it was Jimmy.

“Can you ring the wedding bells, I’m sure to marry that girl.” Jimmy shouted as he came up to the mouth of the shrine.

“You are happy now, aren’t you?” The priest asked the  young man.

Later that week Jimmy was given a love portion by Tortoise the fortune teller. He went out to look for Susana.

When Susana saw the young man and heard that he had come to ask for her hand in

Marriage, she couldn’t  resist the offer. They set a wedding day and soon the wedding bells were

ringing. A big party was thrown on the wedding day.

On that day jimmy was clad in a black cotton  suit, a pair of black shoes, a red tie and a white cap. He sat next to his beautiful bride. A choir was presenting a song as the guests ate meals.

Jimmy noticed some rats which walked around eating scrubs. They were thin and he thanked God that he was now saved from eating rats and mice. He didn’t  think much about the thin and pitiable rats.

Much latter as he was listening to music, another rat passed by. This one was fatter and bigger than the ones he had seen earlier. “That one with a plate of rice can be delicious.” He whispered to himself and banged a clenched fist on the hard top of the table which was placed in front of him.

“Has pepper gone the wrong way?” Susana asked him. “I hope it hasn’t. Be careful you do not sneeze or vomit in front of the guests.”

“What pepper?  Nothing like that. It is the music, cool and soothing. Where did the choir train?”

“I told you that our church choir is the best in town. You have heard  it yourself. They are yet to present some of their best songs,” Susana whispered back. They listened to the music for a long time.

Much later, a very fat rat passed by. Jimmy stood up quickly. “I never vowed to leave that one  alone. Can someone catch it for me?” He ran around in circles overturning tables and chairs as he tried to catch the rat. Finally he caught it after having soiled his suit.

“Let me hide somewhere in the bush and eat this fat rat. I shall come back as soon as I am through with it,” he said as he ran behind the nearest house, leaving surprised guests laughing loudly. After Jimmy had eaten the fat rat, he was very surprised. He changed back to a very thin and ugly cat.

What does the story teach us? The main theme is that  we can hardly forget our past way of life. Some of us lead sinful lives. Some of the men we come across were once violent robbers. Others were witchdoctors. Some changed in order to suit in some situations. But have our hearts changed for good? Old habits die hard. What should we do then when an inner voice tells us to go back to our former way of life, stealing, living in the streets and running away from school? Then it is time to pray hard. God will hear our prayer when we pray daily about the same. It’s a good idea to talk to your teacher and church pastor about the same. They will surely help you.



A bad friend

Peter is a young boy. He is ten years old. He is in standard four at a school not far from his home.

One sunny Sunday morning his grandfather woke him up. “Let us go to church together.” The old man told the boy.

“Not today. I’m feeling sleepy. We shall go together next Sunday,” the boy replied.

“If you want to be a good boy, you must go to church every Sunday. Those boys who go to church hate sin and bad ways and they grow up spiritually.” The old man said as he prepared to leave together with his wife, Dorothy.

Somewhere far away, Satan made himself into a smart boy. He walked fast walked toward Peter’s home. Peter was sitting on a chair outside the house when a new boy entered the compound.

“Hallo Peter.” Satan said. “I have come to tell you some good news. I knew I would find you at home.”

“Who are you and what is the good news?” Peter asked the boy.

“My name is Liar. I come from a far away village. I attend a neighboring school.”

“ What is your father’s name?”Peter asked the boy.

“I shall tell you as soon as you hear the news.” Liar told Peter. “Don’t you know that your neighbour’s orange trees have borne many oranges? The oranges are ripe and good to eat.”

“Which neighbour’s trees?” Peter asked.

“Mr. Njoroge’s. I don’t think you know his farm well. It is full of orange trees in the middle.”

“I haven’t visited Mr. Njoroge’s farm since I was born.” Peter replied, “I have visited his home only once.”

“Come, I shall show you the orange trees. You will eat as many as you can.”

They walked out of Peter’s grandfather’s home, along a dusty path and disappeared into the neighbouring farms. They did not walk far. Soon they came to an orchard of orange trees. The trees were heavy with fruit.

Peter offered a short prayer to God for bringing this new friend. He seemed to know where good things could be found, especially nice fruits.

“Here they are, can’t you see they are heavy with fruit.” Liar said. “Climb up and pick as many as possible, drop them and i shall collect them for you.”

Peter did as Liar told him. He climbed up one of the trees and started picking the juicy fruits and throwing them down. Liar collected the fruits in a heap. As soon as Peter climbed up the second tree, Liar came up with a beautiful idea.

“You have picked many oranges. Can’t I bring a polythene bag so that we can carry as many as possible? I know where to find one.” Peter‘s new friend said. Peter agreed and soon Liar was walking up the path the two had used earlier.

Liar picked a thick stick along the way. He walked to the farmer’s home. The farmer was preparing to go to church. He walked out of his house when he saw a smart boy coming up the path


“Good morning sir,” Liar greeted the farmer. “I have come to announce good news to you.”

The farmer smiled when he heard that. “What is the good news?”Mr. Njoroge asked the smart boy.

“There is a thief who is harvesting fruits. He is in one of the trees dropping fruits on the ground. Hurry and catch him before he disappears.”

“Thank you for the good news, are you sure you saw him,” the farmer asked.

“What I’m telling you is true,” Liar replied. “Hurry, here is a stick to beat him with.” Liar said and passed the torture stick to the farmer.

The farmer ran to inspect his orchard.

Peter heard footsteps approaching. He thought that it was his new friend who was coming along the path. “Have you brought the bag? You can collect all the fruits lying on the ground.”

“Today I have caught you.” The famer said as he came to the base of the tree. “I haven’t brought a bag to collect the fruits in, but I have come with a stick to beat you. Thieves have been stealing my oranges for a long time. It is good that I have caught you, climb down.”

Peter climbed down the tree”.

Mr. Njoroge  canned Peter thoroughly and took him to the nearest  police station. The police inspector presented him before a judge several days later.

“Young boy, you were caught stealing oranges” ,the judge accused the boy. “Do you plead guilty or not?”

“Yes I agree,” Peter replied. “Another boy advised me to steal my neighbour’s oranges.”

“Next time do not listen to bad advice. You are lucky the farmer was good hearted and did not cut you up with a sword. You would be dead now. Since you accept that you are guilty, I shall imprison you for three months in a juvenile prison. You will do hard work too. When you come out of prison after three months, do not listen to other boys’ advice.”The judge told Peter.

Peter cried while he was being led into a police van.He was taken to a children’s prison.

We forget so quickly !

Peter spent three months in prison.  He was forced to work hard. His work was to sweep the compound everyday and wipe the school classrooms in the jail.When he was released, he had lost a whole school term. Mr. Mugo, the school Headmaster  forced him to repeat class four. He vowed to be an obedient boy. However, he did not attend Sunday school regularly.

A year later, Peter was seated outside their house basking in the sun. The sun was bright. It was ten o’clock in the morning. It was on a Sunday, his grandparents had gone to church. Peter had refused to go to Sunday school. Liar knew that and he turned himself to a smart boy.

Peter was humming a song when a boy came to the gate. Peter stood up to welcome him. He was sure he had seen the boy somewhere, but could not remember where he had seen him.

“Good morning peter.” The boy greeted him. “I knew that I would  find you at home. I have come to tell you something I’m sure you do not know.”

“What do you wish to tell me?” Peter asked.

“Do you know that Mr. Daniel keeps a lot of domestic animals nowadays?”Liar asked Peter.

“I have heard about it.” Peter replied.

“He keeps a lot of rabbits among other domestic animals. He fattens them before he sells them in Nairobi.” Liar continued. “Do you know that you are the only boy in the village who hasn’t eaten a rabbit from Mr. Daniel’s farm?”

“Is that true?” Peter asked liar.

“It is very true, All the other boys have gone for a rabbit or two. They walk into Mr. Daniel’s home when he is away in the shamba or has gone to sell some rabbits. You must be a fool.”

“You are correct, I must have been a fool for a long time. Where are you going now?” Peter asked Liar.

“I am going to steal another rabbit. Last week I went for one and its meat was very delicious, I’m going for a second one. Won’t you come with me?”I am coming with you. Let me close the house.

Peter and liar went to Mr. Daniel’s farm. The rabbit hutches were built at the back of the farm house. They entered Mr. Daniel’s  compound through the back gate.

“Let us be quick, Mr.  Daniel is in the main house.” Liar  said.

They had carried a sack in which to carry the rabbits. Liar opened one of the hutches and pulled out a fat buck.

“That is yours, now let us catch mine.” Liar said. He pulled another big rabbit by the ears.

Once they were through, they left the compound through the back gate. There was a path which led to a coffee plantation.  They followed this path carrying the rabbits in turns. Somewhere along the path, liar stopped. “Wait here, I want to answer a call of nature.” Liar said and ran into the bush. He ran in an arc and went back to Mr. Daniel’s home. He picked a thick stick as he walked. He found Mr. Daniel at home.

“Mr. Daniel, today I have caught one of the rabbit thieves. I am sure you have lost quite a number of rabbits to the village boys.” liar told the rich farmer.

“You are correct,” the farmer  said. “Where is the thief ?”

“He is resting somewhere in your coffee farm. He walked down the path which passes through your farm. Here is a stick, beat him up when you catch him. Hurry before he walks further.”

Peter was still waiting for Liar to come back when he heard heavy footfalls. Mr.Daniel came running down the path, a stick in hand.

“Today I have caught you. You have been stealing my rabbits. I will give you a good beating.” The farmer said and started beating Peter with the cane. Later, Peter was taken to the police station. Two days later, Peter appeared before the same magistrate who had convicted him a year earlier.

“You have come back Peter. Have you stolen oranges again?” The judge asked him.

“No, not oranges. This time I stole rabbits.” The boy pleaded guilty.

The judge laughed loudly for a long time. “You must have listened to the liar. He makes people commit sin.” The judge said at last.

“Liar? That boy was liar?” Peter was amazed.

“Which boy ?” The judge asked.

“We went with him to steal the rabbits,” Peter replied.

“Beware of that cunning boy,” The judge told Peter. “He is the one who is making you to sin. Today I will not send you to prison. I shall request Mr. Daniel, whose rabbits you stole to forgive you. After he has forgiven you, I shall give you a card. The card must be signed by the Sunday school teacher every Sunday. You must make sure that you attend Sunday school. Those boys who attend Sunday school every week do not steal. They are taught how to run away from sin and liars who can make them sin.”

Mr. Daniel forgave Peter after he had repented.




Sometime ago, Peter and his grandfather went to visit the boy’s aunt who lives in Nairobi. They boarded an old country bus. After a two hour journey the bus came to the city centre. The boy alighted first.

Peter saw very tall buildings all around him. He had never seen such tall buildings before. They were everywhere. He thought that they were about to fall down. It was time to escape.

He ran across the road. Cars stopped and hooted in front of him. He ran across the second road. His grandfather ran after him and soon caught him.

“Why are you running across busy roads you little fool?” The old man asked the boy. “Don’t you know that you can be knocked by a fast moving car?”

“These tall buildings will soon fall down.” Peter replied.

“What a fool. These houses were built long before you were born. They were built by the best masons in our country. They will never fall down. Here in town all people follow traffic rules before they walk across roads. You are running across the roads without following roads safety rules. Look at those  traffic lights. It is the one which guides people across roads. Let us go.” The old man was angry with his grandson.

Two weeks later, Mr. Mbugua, the standard four social studies teacher taught the class about road safety.“The government has made sure that all pedestrians are safe while walking along or across the roads in our country. There places where you should walk across the  roads. If you do not make proper use of such places, you can be charged with breaking traffic rules,” The teacher told the class. “The best place is where the road is straight. Look for a zebra crossing.” He drew a road and white lines running across the road on the chalkboard. “Look left, then right and left again, then walk across the road. Do not run across the road like Peter. He told us he ran across the roads in the city of Nairobi.”

“In cities and big towns, there are road bumps and traffic lights”, the teacher continued. “You are only safe when the lights turn green, then you can walk across the road. Road bumps ensure that vehicles slow down somewhere along the road to allow pedestrians to cross. Never cross a road where there is a bend or near one. This is because the driver of the approaching car won’t see you in time to apply brakes or slow down. Always walk on the right side of the road. Do not walk on the tarmac. It is reserved for vehicles. Never play on or near a road. It is very dangerous to do so”.

“Some boys love to hang onto vehicles, especially lorries when they slow down. Is that good?”A boy called Harrison asked the teacher.

“Never do that. It is not good, such boys do not have good manners.” The teacher answered. “Simply do what I have said and you will be safe on all roads”.



Taking care of the environment

A group of boys crowded around Jack who was seated on the grass in one corner of the play ground. Jack was crying in pain.

“What do we do we do now?”One boy asked the others.

“Let us carry him to the staffroom. Can’t one of us run and report the matter to the teacher on duty?” Kamau said.

The boys had been playing a game of football. All went well till Jack sat down suddenly to inspect his foot. A sharp object had injured him. He was bleeding profusely. Some of the boys were wiping the bleeding foot with handkerchiefs. Others were walking around on the playground looking for the sharp object. They came back with old rusty nails, pieces of glass, stones, pieces of iron sheets and some other sharp objects. One of the pieces of glass was blood stained, it was the one that had injured the schoolboy.

One of the boys aided Jack to limp to the Headmaster’s office. The cut was deep and the bleeding hadn’t stopped. The Headmaster decided to take the boy to hospital. Jack was treated. The Head teacher was charged a high fee. After treatment, Jack spent a week recovering at home.

Why was Jack hurt? Careless people had polluted the environment with pieces of broken glass, stones, old nails and other dangerous objects. Such objects should be buried deep in the soil or thrown into a pit latrine. If left out in the open, they eventually cause harm to people. Pieces of metal and nails should be sold to recycling factories where they are used to make useful goods. These days, polythene bags and plastics have littered towns. They are dangerous because animals like cows will eat them and will be taken ill. During the rains stagnant water collects in polythene bags and plastic containers left in the open fields. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, causing a disease called malaria. Materials made of polythene also blocks drainage pipes and sewages. They should be collected in a heap to be burnt or to be sold to recycling factories. Pieces of rock pollute the environment too. They should be collected in a heap and kept for later use.

Never pollute river water in any way. People and animals use the same water downstream. We should drain all stagnant water if it is not of any use to us. Bilharzia is water borne disease. It is caused by water snails which bleed in stagnant water.

We should remember to take care of plants too. Plants hold soil together so that it is not eroded by wind or rain water. Plants release oxygen into the air and make use of carbon dioxide thereby purifying the air making it safe for man and animals to use. We should plant trees or grass where the soil is bare. Plants also serve as food to animals and man so the more crops we plant the more food we have. Plants give us herbal medicine too and are used to make useful goods like chairs, beds and houses.

Remember we were created to take care of plants and animals and the whole environment. When should we start to do this? Now or today. You should help to collect rubbish around your school and around your home. Get rid of it by burning or you bury it if it can hurt people. This will serve as good use of leisure time.

How can we take care of animals since they too are part of the environment? Never pollute their food and water. Poisoned grains left in the open are dangerous to birds like hens  since they will eat them. Insecticides and other chemicals should be used well since they come into contact with plants which serve as food to animals. Chemicals can come into contact with water too.

Never start a fire without the presence of an adult. Fire can burn up your parent’s house or destroy a whole forest. Many years ago, a person started a fire that burnt a big city called London.  




Yes we can

Lion, the king of the jungle kingdom called all animals to a meeting. All animals

came to the central arena to listen to what their king had to say. Little and poor animals sat on the green grass while rich animals and kingdom officers sat on costly armchairs. Tortoise was seated between General Porcupine and captain Rhinocerous.

“When is this king coming?” Tortoise asked. “He thinks he is the only one who can make a good king and he is a not as rich as many of us here.”

Some of the animals which heard what he said laughed and started speaking in whispers.

“He will be here soon.” Captain Rhinocerous said amid laughter.

Tortoise was a very rich man. All the salt mines near Lake Magadi belonged to him. He had gold mines too and many cows, sheep and goats.

When the king arrived in a convoy of chariots, Tortoise was jealous. He felt that he wanted to be king too. After the meeting, Tortoise went home thinking about his new wish. He wanted to be king and nothing would stop him. But which community of animals would accept him as their king. It was good to try.

He loaded horses with bags of gold, maize and wheat grains and bags of salt. He went out to make new friends and to make himself king.

After  walking for many days, he came to a large forest. A large community of monkeys and baboons lived here. He met their chief and announced to him that he had something to tell his subjects. A meeting was called immediately.

“A new friend of ours has come here to visits us. He has come from a far away country with gifts for us.” The crowd clapped as the chief continued. “He has bags of rare commodities like salt and gold for…..”

“Salt?” The crowd shouted, “Can he stand up for us to see him properly.”

Tortoise stood up and the crowd clapped happily. He presented his gifts to the chief, ten bags of salt and several bars of gold. The crowd wailed in joy when they saw the bags of salt. Later the chief invited Tortoise to address the forest dwellers.

“My mission here is simply this,” he said as he concluded his speech. “I request you to accept me as your king. I can be king of the forest and lion will be king of the savannah.

“That is a bold request but we still honour lion as our king,” said one elderly baboon. “Thank you for your gifts.”

Later, Tortoise visited the colony of ants with a lot of  gifts, but they did not honour his request. He visited Lake Nakuru and requested the flamingoes to accept him as king, but they turned him away. He visited other animals but they were not willing to accept him as king. By then, his salt bans were empty. He had given out nearly everything he had to buy a throne without success. He visited his greet advisor for help.

“So that is your wish,” Hare said after listening to Tortoise’s story. “And you have failed. You cannot be king because Lion is our king and all the animals are loyal to him.”

“How can you help?” Tortoise asked. “I have given out a lot in gifts and I have received  nothing in return. ”

“You haven’t failed you can still make yourself king.” Hare replied.

“Do you mean that I can?” Tortoise jumped up from his seat with joy upon hearing what his friend Hare had to say. “How can I?” Tortoise shouted. “How can I?”

“The youth of this Empire have no king. Since they have nobody to lord over them, they engage in drug use and drug trafficking. They commit endless crimes too because they do not know how to use their leisure time well.” Hare told his friend.

“How can I help in that?” Tortoise asked.

“Start a project to help the youth to make good use of their leisure time.”Hare gave his advice.

“Thank you for your advice. I shall do that.”

Tortoise started several clubs and many youths came to register. There were football, volleyball, hockey and athletic clubs. Many young people joined the clubs. The players were paid by spectators who came to watch  them  play every Sunday. To add to that, he started a company to collect rubbish in all cities and had a company to recycle the rubbish. After a few years, Tortoise was more famous than King Lion. All the rulers of the world knew him and thanked him for what he was doing. Many kings sent gifts to him and requested him to marry their daughters. What tortoise thought was not possible became possible because Hare explained to him that it was possible. Whatever you think is not possible can be possible if you put all your mind and effort in it.

We can start a project of our own in order to use our leisure time well.  Make a list of projects starting with rabbit keeping, sign writing and painting, growing vegetables and many others. Ask God to choose one for you. Then tell your parents about the project you have chosen and they will help you to start it. It will succeed if you work hard on it.



You can be useful in the society

Mark is only ten years old. He attends a school not far from his home. His class teacher loves him very much.

Mark is obedient to his teachers, prefects and to his parents. He goes to church every Sunday. That is where he is taught good morals. Mark is a member of the church brigade. The brigade is an organization of well behaved boys and girls. They are taught many trades so that they can be useful in the society. Girls and young women are taught cloth making and repairing of torn clothes. They make good school bags, bean bags and head scarves which are sold to the people in the society around the church. Some of the women make sweaters too.

boys are also taught playing musical instruments like guitar and drum.

On Saturdays, boys and young men move from one home to another and wash cars, carpets and sweep compounds. They are paid good money for that. They use the money to buy food and clothes and playing materials like balls, toys and bicycles.

Mark is one of the youths who wash cars. He is a member of the scout movement too. Their scout leader is called Mr. Otieno. He teaches them high level of discipline and explains how the boys can be useful to the Nation of Kenya. He has taught them trades too. They learn painting, drawing and collage during school holidays. They will soon be able to draw pictures on canvas to sell.

You can be useful to the society too. Join a church group like the brigade or the choir. God will use you and you will serve him and the community. At school, be a member of the scouts or girl guide movements. You will be taught good manners.

If your father has a large piece of land, prepare a piece of the land and plant vegetables on it. You will sell some of the produce and get money to buy some of the goods you desire. The rest of the produce can be used at home. By doing this you will make wise use of leisure time. Do not be lazy and spend your free time sitting idle.



The stranger

Peter was walking home from school when he met a man he had never seen before. The man greeted him.

“Good morning young boy,” the man greeted, “I have lost my wallet. Come and help me look for it.”

Peter followed  the man down a path which led into the bush. They talked a lot as they walk looking for the wallet. The stranger walked deeper and deeper into the bush. Peter followed him.

Suddenly, the stranger turned. He had a piece of string in his hands. He extended his hands to catch Peter. Peter saw him coming and turned to run away.

“Stop running, I want to tell you something.” The stranger told the boy, but the boy did not stop. The boy ran very fast and the stranger ran after him. Soon they came to the main road. The stranger stopped, turned and ran down the path. Peter ran home. His grandparents were there. He narrated his story to them.

“Never follow a stranger. A stranger is anyone you do not know well,” his grandfather told him. “If the stranger greets you it is good to answer the greetings. Do not give him your hand, he might hold it tight. Do not follow a stranger into the bush or to his house. Many little boys and girls have disappeared because they boarded cars whose owners they did not know. Do not get into any car, go to school by bus or you take the school bus”.

When you walk home, be in the company of other pupils. Do not be alone so as to be safe. If anything happens to you, the other pupils will carry you or run to report to an older person who will come quickly to help you. Do not accept food and drinks from a stranger. Eat at school and at home. Food can be poisoned to make you fall into a deep sleep. It is not good to eat food at any place. Wash your hands before you eat your food. You might fall ill if you eat the food with dirty hands.

Whenever you go far from home, it is good to let another person know where you are going. Do not swim in a river alone even if you know how to swim. Go out in the company of other boys.

Lastly, I the writer have seen young boys throwing stones at bee hives. Bees are very important small animals. They are kept for honey and wax. Bees are polite insects, they do not attack people till they are disturbed. Do not disturb them by stoning their hives. They can sting you to death. Some other small animals are dangerous too if they are disturbed. Never put your finger into small holes in the earth. Spiders live in small holes and their bite is poisonous. Wasps are other small animals which are equally dangerous. They live in trees and on the inside of roofs of buildings. Do not attack them, they have stings and they will surely sting you.

 Love your neighbor

Njeri is a standard five pupil. She is always happy but she suffers from a disease known as AIDS. She is taken ill many times every school term. Whenever she is taken to hospital, the doctor understands her case and she is given the right medicine.

At school Njeri has a good friend. Her name is Nancy. She helps her in many ways. Whenever Njeri is absent from School, Nancy helps her copy notes in the evening after classes. On Saturdays, Nancy visits Njeri’s home and helps to wash her clothes. She is not paid any wages. It is a good way of showing kindness.

Some of the pupils at school suffer from various diseases. AIDS is one of these diseases. AIDS attacks the immune system of human beings. All of us can get AIDS. It is a good thing to take care of ourselves. How can we get AIDS?

We can get AIDS after cutting ourselves with a razor blade which had been used by another person who suffers from the  disease if he injured himself with it. Do not use another person’s toothbrush to brush your teeth. If the owner of the toothbrush has AIDS, then you can easily get the disease too. If another pupil or a friend has an open wound, do not touch the wound with uncovered hands. Whenever you administer first aid to a sick person who has bleeding wounds, wear gloves to cover your hands. Never use another person’s razor blade, toothpick or needle tipped syringe, you can get AIDS through the same.

You can’t get AIDS by helping your sick friend wash clothes and utensils. If he or she is very ill, you can help him to bathe. You cannot get AIDS through the same. One cannot get the disease by sharing utensils with a sick person, nor can one get AIDS by hugging an AIDS patient or sharing a bed or clothes with them. We should love them and help them whenever need arises. Do not talk ill of them, they will be angry when they hear the bad news you are spreading about them. Do not run away from them. You can share your desk, text book and plate with them. Enjoy a game with them. You cannot get AIDS by playing with them.

Do not call your school mates bad names. These names are called nicknames. Those who are addressed by such names feel bad. Ask a person his name, learn it by heart and memorise it. Every time address him by his name. What should you do when another person mistreats you by calling you bad names, beating you or picking your articles without  your permission. The first person to know about it should be your class teacher. If he is not present another teacher or class prefect, will help. Do not fight your neighbour. You can solve the problem without fighting.

At home, other children and even adults may call you names. You should let your parents know about it. They will talk to the offender and solve the problem peacefully.

Many of us would like something from our parents. We should tell them politely what we need from them. They will surely listen to us. We should wait till the time comes to get the same goods from them without being angry. Love your parents and obey them.



The strange animal

“When I was a little boy,” grandfather told Peter, “A strange thing happened in our  land. I still remember it to this day.”

“What happened?” the boy asked.

“The white men came to our country. Some of them were farmers and theyintroduced western type of farming. They came from the coast on trains. They introduced new crops like tomatoes, pineapples, rice and coffee to our land.

“A large plain called Mwea was declared an irrigation scheme. I do not know what that means. Our fathers were moved from the highlands by force to be given pieces of land in Mwea. They were marched there by force and were shown where to build their thatched huts.” Grandfather  paused to cough.

The boy was listening keenly eager to learn the moral lesson in the story. His grandfather went on.

“Two rivers were made to flow through  Mwea plains. They are called Thimba and Nyamindi. People were taught how to irrigate their land with water from these rivers. They were ordered to plant a new crop they hadn’t  seen before.”

“What was the name of the crop?” The boy asked. He had heard about new crops.

“The name of the new crop was rice,” grandfather replied and the boy went down with laughter.

The boy laughed for a long time. Rice is not a traditional African crop. The white men bought it with them. It is grown under irrigation in our country in such places like Mwea, Ahero and Bunyala irrigation schemes.

“Have you laughed long enough so that I can continue?” The old man asked the boy. The boy nodded rubbed tears from his eyes and the old man continued. “They refused to plant the seeds which the white man gave them. They planted maize, beans and millet instead. The white man did not like the practice. He wanted the people to plant a crop whose produce could be used as food locally and to be exported so that the farmers could earn money and the government would earn revenue from the sales.”

“What did the government do when they refused?”

“The District Commissioner had a plan to force them to obey him. His name was John Ainsworth. He imported an animal from a far away country. The animal was green in colour and had four strange legs. It could swallow four fat people at once. One afternoon, when the people were resting under trees after taking their mid-day meal, the animal came walking up the road from the East. When people saw its glittering eyes and its wide mouth, they picked their children and locked themselves in their houses. They knelt down to pray because they thought that the end of the world had come. My mother hid me under her bed and my father climbed up a tall tree to avoid being swallowed by the huge animal. Later that day, the District Commissioner called all people to a meeting which took place at the market place”.

“Did they obey him?” Peter asked the old man.

“They obeyed him and he had few words to tell them”. The old man replied.

“You’ll have to plant rice on your fields. Tomorrow you will be given some rice seeds and fertilizer. Plant the seeds in a nursery and water them. After a few weeks, flood your fields with water and plant the seedlings.”

The people disagreed with him. “We do not want to plant rice we want to plant maize, beans and millet,” they shouted. “Do not force us to plant strange crops.”

“If you do not obey my orders, I shall come one night with a thousand strange animals which will swallow your children while you watch. Be sure I shall do so,” the District Commissioner warned them.

“Nobody was willing to see his children swallowed by the strange animal. They did as the white man said. They planted rice seeds in nurseries and later transferred the seedlings to the seed beds,” grandfather continued.

“What was the name of the strange animal?” the boy asked. “Was it as big as an elephant, a hippopotamus or a warthog?”

“It was made of metal and it walked noisily,” the old man replied.

“It’s name was?” The boy asked.

“It was the first car to visit our country. It belonged to the District Commissioner. People thought that it could bite because it could see with round eyes made of glass and could move from place to place.”

The boy laughed for a long time. “How foolish were the people to think that a car could bite them?”

“That year the farmers harvested many bags of rice. They kept some for food and sold the rest to the British Trading Company. They earned a lot of money from the sales and were able to send their children to school. After planting rice for several years, the farmers became rich and were able to build new houses.”

“The story teaches us that hard work pays. We have to work hard on our farms in order to get a good harvest. We have to work hard at school so as to have good marks and join a good high school in future. We have to work hard at home too. The people who live in Mwea Tebere irrigation scheme have been planting rice for a long time. They harvest many bags of rice each year. They never go home hungry or lack school fees for their children’s education because they work hard. We have to look at areas in our lives where we haven’t been working hard. We have to start now and obey all orders.” Peter’s grandfather finished his story



Tear gas

After the 2007 general elections in Kenya, people fought each other and caused a lot of damage to property. Houses were burnt, shops were broken into and goods stolen. People were injured and others were killed. Police were out in the streets to keep peace. There was a lot of trouble. People were hungry because no enough food was coming from the rural areas to big town and cities like Nairobi.

A man walked into a hotel in Nairobi. He was dressed in an old coat over a torn shirt. He wore old shoes which were torn at the tips. He was a casual labourer and he did not have enough money. He called the waiter and ordered a plate of ugali and bean stew. As he waited for the food to be served he read through a newspaper which lay on the table. Soon his food came and he waited for a fork and spoon which were not served yet.

Presently, another customer walked into the hotel. He wore a costly black suit, costly leather shoes and a glittering watch.  He ordered a meal of chicken and chapatti and handed the waiter a four pound note. He was quickly served since his was a costly meal. He washed his hands at the sink, came back and started eating.

“Hey you man bring teargas,” the man who had come earlier said. “We need teargas.”

The man in the costly suit dashed out of the hotel without saying a word.

The waiter brought the order. “Where has the man gone?”He asked the poor man.“He has gone home, he is not coming back. He said he has already paid for his food. Is that true?”

“He has and I wonder why he hasn’t eaten it. Is he your friend? Why did he go out without warning?” The waiter asked.


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