Salt & Pepper Go to Mexico

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My aim is to write a series of bilingual books about two girls, one Caucasion, one Hispanic, who are best friends. Together they discover some of the differences between their two cultures. This is a short, unfinished first draft of the opening book--the first 8-10 pages. Honest feedback is much appreciated.

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



Lily wants to be a painter, and Rosa, an astronaut. The pair became the best of friends on the first day of school after art class.

In art class Lily painted the night sky, the stars, and all the planets she could remember and gave the painting to Rosa.

Lily forgot to paint Venus, but Rosa didn’t say a word.

She dreamed of launching in a space ship to explore the depth of Mercury's craters and dance on the rings of Saturn. Lily got a hug in return for such a thoughtful gift. They two were inseparable ever since.

You couldn’t find one without the other, so from that day forward they were known as salt and pepper.
One day Rosa’s family was planning to go to Mexico to meet Rosa’s grandparents for the day.
“Mommy, I can’t go without Salt,” said Pepper.
“Well, why don’t you invite her,” Mother said.
And so she did.
Lily woke up early in the morning, packed a special present in her bag, and kissed her parents goodbye. Off she went with Pepper, her parents and her brother, Carlos.
Lily fell asleep in the back seat and by the time she woke up she was in Mexico. They stopped to get gas and Lily tried to buy a soda, but she felt as if she stepped onto Mars. 
All the sodas looked different and most were in glass bottles. The candy looked different too. The puzzle books were filled with letters she recognized, but words she couldn't understand.
Lily looked hard to find things she recognized, and selected a bottle of Coca Cola. But when Lily went to pay, she couldn't understand what the cashier was saying. Rosa came to the rescue and helped her buy the soda.
She felt like a grain of salt in a sea of pepper.

“That’s how I felt at first in Texas too,” said Rosa. “But I have a secret to tell you. They may not understand what you say, but they’ll understand your smile.”

On the way out of the store, Lily shot the cashier a smile. Rosa was right. She got one right back.

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