The carrot man.

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An abstract view of the Agricultural Revolution.

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



Far, far away and long, long ago in a quaint little town called Activille, an emergency was happening. They needed a healthy snack after running for so long! A large crowd debated the issue for several hours until a small boy said, “Why not go to the Great Farm?” A mumbling went through the crowd as everyone agreed.  They started the long journey soon after that. They had been walking for a long while when someone suggested, “A race?”

Of course, everyone agreed. A little girl drew the starting line, and everyone took off. Suddenly, the best runner in the town, Millington, collapsed to the ground. “Need…healthy…food,” he managed. The race ended, and everyone began to walk again, a little more glumly. They had been walking for a very long time when somebody had a new idea, “How about a hopping contest?”

Of course, everyone agreed. They hopped and hopped until the best hopper in the town, Mulligan, fell down. Breathing hard, he could barely say, “I need water!” The hopping contest was over and everyone started walking again, this time downright depressed. Finally the Great Farm appeared.

“Hooray!” the townspeople cheered. They walked along a path that went through a garden. One woman thought to herself, “What pretty leaves! I will take one plant home and no one will ever notice.” She grabbed hold of a clump of leaves and yanked them out of the ground. “Oh!” she cried, for there was a carrot attached to them.

She stared at the carrot and the carrot stared at her. Then, it jumped from her hands and ran off, knocking over some of the townspeople during its getaway. “Catch that carrot!” they yelled. They chased it back down the path they had come from, past Mulligan and all the way back to Milligan. The carrot tried jumping over him, but Milligan caught him and ate him.

He immediately jumped up, good as new. “Come on!” he called to the townspeople, running ahead. They went back up the path, passing by Mulligan, all the way back to the Great Farm, with Milligan in the lead. He stopped when something caught his eye. “What a nice well,” he thought, “I will take one drink and no one will ever notice.” So Milligan lowered the bucket and up came the clearest, most delicious looking water he had ever seen.

He brought the bucket to his lips to take a drink, but the water had evaporated and turned into a cloud over his head. It began to float back to town, raining on several townspeople as it went. “Get that cloud!” they shouted. They followed it back down the path and surrounded it close to Mulligan. The cloud rained on him, and he drank the water.

“Come on!” he said, jumping up. So they ran back up the path, reaching the Great Farm for the third time. But, someone was already there. “It’s the Great Farmer!” someone yelled, and so it was. They hid behind each other, afraid of being in trouble for trespassing, but the Great Farmer just smiled. Then she taught them how to make their own farms. That, my friends, was the Agricultural Revolution.

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