The Fair Game

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Grace Landcasser not satisfied with her Fiance, Kyle,asks Selena to help her make Kyle fall in love with her so she could break up easily with Kyle and move on with her secret boyfriend, Chase....It's a fair game but feelings grow and it gets more complicated as Kyle and Selena fall in love because Grace realizes her mistake and wants him back while Selena avoids Kyle so he wouldn't know the truth about her...

Submitted: January 14, 2016

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Submitted: January 14, 2016



Hey Guys! This is my very First book and it is a work in progress , kindly comment what you think about it so I can have the courage to go on......THANKS!!!

Scene 1

(Sia's song Fair Game plays at the background). .I wanna play a fair game always at the Upper hand...I wanna play..(song cont) (Selena Williams a young woman is sitted on her living room couch eating popcorn on a bowl and watching TV)

(On TV:"Grace Landcasser a motivational speaker is talking..)

Grace:We need to stand firm in everything! matter what trust in yourself and rely on no one(the audience cheers)..Just like me, as a beautiful and respected lady,I ask no one for anything.not just money anything!..asking for help makes your self-esteem depreciate, you are giving that person a part of your weaknesses, the respect they once had for you would be gone(they cheer again) you would think they would feel privilege for you asking, no!, you are just indirectly telling them they have something better that you don't..

Selena: Hmmm (Someone knocks...she pauses the TV)

Selena: Coming!, I wonder who that could be... (she walks towards the door and open it) (eyes go wide) GRACE??! (She turnsI her head to the direction of the living room were the TV is then back to Grace) What are you doing here?, how are you even here?

Grace: I need your help (she walks inside)

Selena:what? help??... I don't understand, I'm really confused..why are you here In my house?,you don't even like me

Grace: That was before Selen, I am a changed person now.

Selena: It's Selena and I am really confused, It feels like I'm dreaming. Grace: well you are not...(sits on the couch)..I need your help Selena

Selena: My help? why.. I thought you don't ask for help at all, why of all people will you ask me for help? Grace:(looks at the TV Screen) c'mon girl, it's just a talkshow, you say things like this just to motivate people (Selena is still looking shocked)..ugh, sit down and here me out first please.

Selena: (sighs) hmm (sits next to her) alright, explain yourself, make it not seem weird.

Grace: okay, I want to break up with Kyle.(pauses) Selena: then break up with him..and who on earth is Kyle?

Grace: (rolls her eyes) Obviously my boyfriend..err well my fiance and I can't break up with him because it would kill him and then he would probably kill me, we have come too far in our relationship for me to just break it

Selena: and how does any of this bring me into the matter?

Grace: you see girl, Kyle is...(sighs ) every girl's dream guy, he is handsome, loving, caring and too sweet..but then I don't want sweet, I need fire and pure lustful desires you know, that sparking electric feeling

Selena: ( shakes her head) Grace I would be really honest with you and tell you that shit is just crazy and only happens in cheesy romance novels with a bad boy involved..I advise you to just stick to the sweet guy you have and be contented.

Grace: well you are soo wrong, because I have already found myown badboy, his name is Chase and he loves me like I love him

Selena: well there you have it ,problem solved

Grace: ( shakes her head) errr scratch the problem is I can't break with Kyle so easily, believe me I have tried several times, besides it would kill him because he probably loves me like he loves life itself.

Selena: Isn't that a good thing?

Grace: yes but I don't love him back that way again, I use too but not anymore, not since after I met Chase.

Selena: well I'm still wondering why you need my help for any of this

Grace: good,now this is were you come (pauses) I want you to make Kyle fall in love with you ( Silence)

Selena: I'm sorry what?? want Kyle to fall.. ( shakes her head) okay that is sooo not possible.I can't help

Grace: ( sighs) look Selena...

Selena: (cuts in) Why are you asking for this?? you Havre tons of girlfriends who would are willing to jump at your offer don't even like me, this makes no sense

Grace: I told you that was before and Kyle already knows them, I want it to break someone he doesn't know at all, you are perfect for this.

Selena: No I am not

Grace: Yes, you are Selena, Once he falls for you, he forgets about me, then I could use it as an excuse time break uo with him.

Selena: my god you are funny, what happens to me then?

Grace: You are free to leave him alone after I have broken up him or you could start a relationship.

Selena: Grace there is no say I am doing this, if I leave him, then I would be you, looking for a way to break up with him and I don't want to get involved in a relationship now I have work to focus on and he can't fall for me not when he already loves you , be reasonable here

Grace: ofcourse I am, that's why I need your help, for you to make him

Selena: No, I'm sorry but I can't.... It's not possible and I am sure there are thousands of girls that would want this but me, I can't Grace.

Grace: that is exactly why I chose you Selena, I am not are cool, calm and quiet, all those girls are lousy, Kyle would probably get irritated... It is your type I want because you always know the right thing to say.

Selena: thanks for compliment Grace but no, I can't.

Grace: please Selena, you know I hardly ask for help, for me to do this I must be really desperate.

Selena: No, I'm sorry Grace but no, I have bigger issues in life than to get involved in this....go find another single, cool and quiet girl for Kyle to love.

Grace: okay, it's not necessary that he falls for you, maybe just like you, or a feeling, something I can just use.

Selena: I am sorry Grace, but I can't

Grace: please Selena I could go no my knees.

Selena: it's better you don't cause I am not changing my mind.

Grace: (sighs and stands) please think about this

Selena: (also stands and walks towards the door) there's nothing think about Grace I am not doing this, another thing I am available to help, this no.(opens the door)

Grace: please call me when you change your mind Selena.

Selena: I am not

Grace: call me (leaves) (Selena closes the door, sighs and shakes her head)

Selena: (sits back on the couch, resumes eating her popcorn send presses play on the remote) hmm, now where was I?

((TV...Grace: I would rather be broke and lonely than use the word please, that word is just not in my vocabulary

Selena:(laughs) indeed it is not




(Kyle Siegert's residence) (he sitted on the sofa in his room) (Grace comes in)

Grace : hey..

Kyle: (looks up at her)hey you, why are you home this late?, it's 11:45 pm.

Grace: oh you know I was err, I had an interview with Liam

Kyle: and thats why?

Grace: yup

Kyle : this isn't the first time Grace

Grace: ugh, we are not married yet and you''ve started questioning me already (changes clothes)

Kyle : I'm just curious okay,no need for us to start arguing now

Grace: (crawls and lies on the bed) yeah yeah..(faces him) what are you doing?

Kyle: just uh small office work, we have this project to work on and I am getting frustrated every second of it.

Grace: hmmm

Kyle: So how was your day?

Grace : It was alright...just super busy thats all

Kyle: (turns so he is facing her) you are just too beautiful, I want don't want anyone to sweep you off your feet but me, some of your coworkers might be checking you out already.

Grace: and you think I would fall for them

Kyle: ofcousre not, You would just ignore them because you already have me

Grace : Right

Kyle: you know I was thinking of sacking some of my female employees, they just keep staring at me not knowing only one girl has my heart.

Grace: I'm guessing it's me.

Kyle: Duh (kisses her) sleep tight angel, you look really exhausted and I still have things to do.

Grace: okay (he kisses her forehead and leaves the room with his laptop).

Grace: (her phone sound offs and she checks it, a text from Chase)

"Had fun either you today, really wish I could have you all to myself alone"

she texts him back) "You will, I just need more time, love you" ( she dials Eve, Selena's friend number) Hello Eve it's Grace I need your help...



(Selena's Apartment ) (a knock on the door, she walks towards it and then opens it, shakes her head and sigh when she sees Grace and Eve) .

Selena: Seriously?, you brought Eve

Eve: (smiles widely) hi girlfriend, invite us in would ya (she sighs lets them in)

Grace: hey Selena

Selena: hi Grace, I am sorry but if you girls came for this Kyle issue I am not ready to hear.

Grace: c'mon Selena,I even brought Eve your friend to hhelp me beg you.

Selena: If you think bringing her here will change my mind, it's not possible.

Eve: hey when I heard the big issue at hand , I wanted no part in it but then the offer was pretty interesting..

Selena: wait, what offer?, you think you can bribe me into agreeing

Grace: ugh..ofcousre not, I just thought it might help you change your mind

Selena: (rolls her eyes) look whatever it is Grace I am definitely not interested, so I'm sorry but noo way , ok noo way at all.....because I have...

Eve: (cuts in) she wants to promote our work, the clothing line by donation of a huge amount and promote it on her show.

Selena: you would do that?

Grace: yes if you just help me out

Selena: so let me get this straight, you want to a donate a huge amount into Eve's and I colthing line, just to make me agree to your deal.

Grace: yes, exactly, so what do you say?

Selena: No

both Eve and Grace: what??!

Selena: this is never going to work...what if he never does huh

Grace: ofcourse it will, you would just keep trying.

SELENA: great, I would be one of those girls that keeps chasing men, so sorry but that's not what my mama taught me

Eve: whocares Sell, we have been hoping and praying for this miracle and we can't afford to miss it..

Selena: you know Eve you seem pretty interested, why don't you do it.

Eve: would with all pleasure.

Grace: but I did not pick her rather I chose you to help me because I know you are capable of doing this. back in college the boys chased us but respected you, I have always envied you for that.

Eve: yeah and you know Luke my boyfriend keeps talking about you while taping my ass.

Grace: Exactly, I love Chase, and you have noo idea of how much I want to be with him forever but Kyle looks at me like I'm his everything and I don't want to ruin him that.

Selena: but are you sure Chase is the right one for you? just because he fills you with lust doesn't mean he is right

Grace: he is right because my heart tells me so, I mean I still have feelings for Kyle but Chase is the right one for me please..

Eve: C'mon Selena, Grace hardly say that word

Grace: Exactly, please Selena do this for me and I would be forever grateful(Selena sighs)

Eve : C'mon Selena please

Selena: ok fine!

Eve and Grace: yes!

Selena: but I am doing this for our clothing line.

Grace: whatever (hugs her) you are the best

Selena: (rolls her eyes)well I am still sure this will never work.

Grace: ofcourse it me on that.

Eve: good, So what's the plan?.

Selena: ugh..can't believe I agreed to this

Grace:laughs) the plan is very simple , Operation make Kyle fall for you. I would give lists of his schedule, you start timmorow.

Selena: what?

Eve: she is right, the earlier the better...would work on your make up!

Grace: exactly, would be here Tommorow with a dress

Selena: oh god

Eve: let the game begin

Selena: shut up (Grace laughs)


© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.

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