A tale of two opposites

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Two girls live totally different lives and decide to switch places. One is a sporty chick and the other a laid back girl. Will they survive this awesome story...

Submitted: September 19, 2009

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Submitted: September 19, 2009



A Tale of Two Opposites
Opening Scene
(Holds up sign)
This is a story of two girls, Morgan the quiet daydreamer looking for adventure, and Caitlin, a down to earth athlete just looking for a day off. Will these girls get what they wish for? We won't be able to find out  if our audinece members forget to turn of all cell phones, pagers, and cameras. Any recording of this show will be distroyed and whoever does this will be sent to jail. Enjoy the show.
(MORGAN'S Planet; dull, simple scenery.)
MORGAN:(sighs) What a good daydream (Looks up at Grallo ship) I wonder what's out there…perhaps a more exciting life? Maybe I'll take a little trip (2nd ship goes by, MORGAN grabs on) Von Boyage!!!
(Holds up sign )
(CAITLYN'S planet; bright & exciting.)
CAITLYN:Good kick, great throw, awesome swing! (sits down,Sighs) Boy am I beat! If only I had time to relax. (MORGAN lands, loud *THUMP*) What was that?
Scene I
MORGAN :Boy, what a ride!... where am I? This place is bee-you-ti-ful! Mine is so drab.
CAITLYN: Who are you, what do you want? I am very busy so hurry up.  [says with annoyance]
MORGAN:My name is Morgan, and I want a more…um…stimulating life! This place looks…decent. Nobody is daydreaming here, for sure.
CAITLYN: Daydreams? I would die for one of those. I hardly ever get to relax.
MORGAN: Really, that's all I do, next to daily work, which is just wiping off my shields and loading a washing crater.
CAITLYN: Don't you unload the crater?
MORGAN: No....it explodes.
CAITLYN :I get up, go play football, coach soccer, help out in ice skating, teach gymnastics, pitch in softball, practice basketball, and end with a game of golf. That my day.
MORGAN: Gee, I'd love a life like that (reverie) 
CAITLIN:Uh…Earth to Morgan! What do you dream about?
 CAITLYN:Hurry up, you have 30 seconds starting now.
MORGAN:Um,this wizard child who goes to wizard school and wants to kill the man that murdered her parents. Kind of cool, right? [SAYS QUICKLY]
CAITLYN: Yeah ok. It would probably make a great book series.(WINK,WINK) I'm really busy but I want to know if the wiz kid has a sidekick.?
CAITLIN: Answer the question!
MORGAN: Yeah but he's not too important.
CAITLIN: I should get myself a sidekick. All I do is run my planet and sleep. I wish I lived on you planet. You seem very relaxed. 
MORGAN: You don't!
CAITLIN: Hey! I have a great idea! Why don't we switch lives. Like you'll be me and I'll be you.
MORGAN: I'm not sure...it could result in a bad situation...(CAITLYN gives a mean & determined look) Great idea! 
CAITLIN: Let's talk about it over a game of golf.
Scene II
MORGAN'S planet
(HOlds up sign)
CAITLIN:Good morning…myself. What should I do? (Looks Around) I'll put the clothes in the crater, I guess. (Does so)  They'll come out eventually…time to clean the shields! (Does so) I guess I get to daydream. Now, think Caitlin, think…........................................This is hard... I really want to play sports instead of just sitting here doing nothing. I wonder how Morgan is doing.
(Holds up sign)
(MORGAN wakes up)
MORGAN:What, What? Oh I'm awake…Hi, new planet. I have to go play football. Wow, these football players are tall… (Gets trampled) OW! ..On to soccer coaching…um yeah…kick it hard, not with your head.…I'll just go to ice skating now… (Ice skates, falls) uhh…teach gymnastics… (does cartwheel, falls.) now do that, but…better! softball time! (pitches, hits person) Oh,sorry!...I'll just go to basketball, then… (basketball hits her) I never knew that I stunk at that…golf…it isn't even worth it.
(Holds up sign)
CAITLYN: Why can't I think of anything. I can only think of sports! How can somebody live on this dry, colorles boring planet? I don't get it! I'm going to die of boredom! (crater explodes) AHHHHH! I MISS MY OLD LIFE, WHERE ARE YOU MORGAN!?!?!?

(MORGAN lands)
Right here!
Well thank goodness you are! I'm sorry Morgan, I can't take the daydreaming.
I can't handle much of anything on your planet!
Why were we so dumb?
Well it was your idea in the first place.
And I told it could be bad. But did you listen? NO! So its all your fault!
Well you showed up on my planet in the first place? And now you left it unatenned! Ugh! The planets probably in chaos right now
Well sor-REE! I just could stand it!
Yeah....well I could stand you home either. We're both responsible. I'm really sorry.
I had fun…until I went insane.
Same here.
Lets go back to our own planets
Yeah...good idea
See ya
So Caitlin return to her own planet and the two friend wrote letters. They never saw each other again, but they still communicated and enjoyed that much more than living on each others planets.
(Hold s up sign)

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