Guide to the Land of the Clouds

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It explains the magic and laws of my mythical land in the clouds.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Fairy- winged creature. The average fairy has magical powers. All of them have a pure magic source within them that they can use to create a small amount of light, change into a human form. Their human form is wingless, has rounded ears, and natural human coloring, though, sometimes their eye color might stay the same. Upon changing into a fairy for the first time, they are fully clothed, but after that the state of their fairy form remains as it was when they switched to another form. The same goes for any other form. The only exception is with those individuals who change into forms outside of the original two. Rules for their switches vary. Usually their original two forms follow the previously stated guidelines, but their new forms might restore themselves. The amount of time this takes varies between individuals.

Wingless Fairies- Same as a fairy, but lacking wings. Usually they are descendants of elves and fairies. They can change into a human completely.

Elf- A cousin of the fairies, but they are wingless with no human form.

Winged Elf- Almost the same as a fairy, but lacking the ability to change into a human. They are very common in the Cloudayshia court, because the use of a human form doesn’t really occur much in the majority of the court.

The above beings are all very close in nature, but take pride in their distinctions, and they do have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Elves are usually servants or fighters for the fairies, occasionally they are also healers. They consider fairies to be superior to them and they feel that they owe them something. Fairies in turn will house, support, defend, and occasionally marry the elves.

There are several types of magic:

Elemental: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

Sub-Elemental: Ice, Lava, Sand

Natural: Weather, Plants, Animals

Physiological: Emotions, Thoughts, Dreams

Practical: Minor forms of other magics, Small healing, Strange magics

Astronomical : Stars, Sun, Moon, Planetary

Physical: Some healers, Senses, Appearance, some Shape-Shifters.

Artistic: Signing, Dancing, Painting

Certain magics, such as healing, can appear under numerous categories, It only depends on how the healing works.

Practical magics are also known as household magics. They might be something as small as opening doors, to being able to bake a perfect cake at any time.

Magical abilities do vary in power, some being more powerful, or more disciplined. Most fay will also learn to fight. They do not normally use guns, because guns clash with many of their powers, and are not as lethal to fay. It is easy to heal the small holes, harder to heal a cut across the neck, accompanied by loss of blood. They also consider the use of guns dishonorable. Bows are controversial, and really only thought acceptable if being used by the wingless fay.

The fay are ruled by royalty. Either a queen, or a king and a queen, but never just a king, because if an unmarried male becomes king it will be harder to find an heir. If there is no heir through birthright, the royalty may appoint someone as the heir.

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