You Are Mine

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A man who waits for his true love and thinks that she is his life and soul at all times but how if it turns far from it?Will she be still his...?

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018



Paul Harrison @ Paul/Harry and Alvina Rachel @ Al are best friends. Since her parents are no longer alive, Paul seems to be to one's heart of Alvina. Alvina, no matter what, shares her stories with Paul, but what if she hides about her love whereby Paul in the meantime felt affection for her unknowingly.

Al, with her gangs gossiping about Michelle in the classroom. Michelle is one of the top in their college. She used to be on her own and nevertheless none of her classmates like her due to her personality. Al, however, will be very acknowledged to with Michelle perhaps she is a very kind and helpful girl. Ever since her friends ordered not to mingle with her, she was forced to stop talking to her.

proceeds where Paul purposely came to her classroom and interrupt on their gossips. Rather than the name Paul, the name Harry is much more famous around the college where he is basically “famous” in girl's matters. And the girls, who are very coquette, always get excited looking at the winsome and charming look of Paul. 

Paul: Yo...ladies!

All the girls surrounded Paul while leaving Al alone. Al got so hot seeing Paul with those girls.

Paul: So, what you girls all talking about? Michelle? 

One from the crowd talks bad about Michelle and when Paul hears this, he purposely goes nearer to her and Al on the other side, leaning at the table and watching him go.

Paul: (pushes his chair from the table with a grating noise) Hello, honey!Whacha doing?? (staring in violet)

Michelle: (nervous)

Al: (warning) Paul, enough! Lego her!


Al dragged Paul and bring him outside of the classroom and in the intervening period, Paul turns behind and non – verbally pointed that he'll  her warily. Both Al and Paul then went to a nearby cafe. While queuing up, Paul saw his friend outside and he goes and then after Al orders her meal, she turns behind holding two cups of coffee in which got wasted as a guy, with long blue jeans and a top accidentally shouldered her.

Al: Watch out, man!!

Sebastian: Oh...I'm... (surprised)

Sebastian who is majoring a similar course as Alvina. But, Al, does not know about this as well as others because he is basically a new student at the college where Al studies. Sebastian's father is a physicist and his wife, whom actually Sebastian's stepmother shifted to their new house in Canada. Sebastian later knocks the classroom door and everyone was shocked, especially Al looking at him entering inside. Sebastian waves with a cherry smile towards Al when she turns at the back.

Sebastian: (running) Hye....I'm sorry for what happened just now.

Al: That's okay. Forget about it. 

Both of them introduce themselves and the conversation goes well. While Al and Sebastian sitting at their table and having lunch together, Paul comes closer and saw Al with Sebastian.

Al: (shock) Paul...hum...this is classmate.

Paul: (shakes hand)

Coming...? (A little sulk and angry)

Al: you carry on. I'll come later.

Without saying a word, Paul just left. His jealousy has begun against Al.

Almost two weeks have been over and final examinations are around the corner. Paul was totally disturbed, thinking about Al since she has reduced hanging out with him nowadays. Thus, Paul whenever calls her, the line goes on voice-mail and/or she gives excuses at all times though she attempts his call. However, on the first day of his exam, Paul for Al's arrival. And soon he saw Al coming with Sebastian in a very happy mood. Since the exam starts, Paul could not able to speak with he only gives a smile when Al says “HI” to him. 

Once the exams end, Paul rushes towards Al.

Paul: (shriek) Al.......!! (breathing) Can we go out?

Al: Oh! Sebastian needs help from me. He's having a with physics so I'm gonna help him to teach and...You just go back...I'll is late since I'm following him back.

Paul: What you mean by “following him back”? Means, you're going to his house.

Al: Ya...what's wrong with that now?

Paul: Are you crazy? You don't even know him well and you're going till to his house. Do you know what you're doing, Al? What is wrong with you? (caring)

Al: (temper) What is wrong with me...? What’s wrong with you, Paul? You seem to behave oddly. I'm not doing anything wrong here. So, please!

Paul: Yes, you are. I know you well rather than yourself. This is not good for you, Al and you better stay away from it... (whisper) from him especially.

Al: I think you should leave now. (irritated)

Paul: (hold her arms tight and pulling her to follow him)

Al: Lego my hand, Paul.

Sebastian: Get off from her, dude. 

A small fight happened between Sebastian and Paul and therefore, Al and pushes Paul. Paul was in a very extreme upset for what Al did. This would be an unexpected feeling upon Al's misbehave since she pushed and slaps him instead. And both Al and Sebastian walked meanwhile Paul “You're mine, Al”.

Sebastian then brought Al to his house and let her seat at the living. He later brings a glass of water in order to make Al feel calm. Al, thinking about the things that Paul did in the college and her tears fall on the other. 

Al: (while tearing) I really didn't expect that Paul would do this to me. I'm sorry. 

This would be an advantage for Sebastian to touch Al where his hand was on her shoulder and they both hugged each other. Sebastian, in the interval rubbing her back for letting her go off her composure. Al soon realized that she was actually hugging Sebastian, she then moves aside and turned her face. A silence remains for a moment, and both Al and Sebastian see each other and Sebastian kissed her on the lips. 

were over. Christopher, Paul's best friend invited Paul and the gang for a party in his house. But, Paul was not in a mood to enjoy himself since he was so upset, thinking about Al. He could not see Al with another guy. When Christopher talks to Paul, he noticed that Paul has a feeling for Al. This is because, based on what he and the whole gang seen, Paul is known as Harry who goes after girls and clever in reading their minds but, now when Christopher sees him as a person who seems in the loss, all of them are surprised.

Christopher: You love her..?

Paul: (in silence) 

Paul finally admits that he basically in love with Al but, unable to express it to her since they both knew each other for a very long period. Christopher then advised him to tell her before it gets too late.

Christopher: Why not you bring Al. I'm sure she won't get bored as I invited the girls too. And Elena will be there. 

Elena is Christopher's girlfriend and Al's friend as well. She basically knew Paul and Al since their high school and later she has got offered at the University of California for medical. 

Paul, after coming back to his house, he calls Al in order to ask her to follow him for the party.

 Christopher's party.









Al: Not so sure. Still thinking about it.

Paul: Look...just forget about what had happened and...I'm sorry.

Al: (in silence)

Paul: I just...fine you're coming right?

Al: Okay! I'll catch you later.

Paul: Okay! 

In the party, once Paul entered into Christopher's house, all the girls screamed with the name “Harry”. All of them flirt looking at Paul's outfit, wearing a casual outfit. While Paul was talking to the girls, someone from behind closes his eyes and it was Elena. Paul was so happy seeing Elena. They hugged and Christopher joined them both and talking stories. Elena asked if Al followed and he says “yes” but a bit late since she has something important to do. 

During their discussion, Elena noticed that a familiar face is coming across.

Elena: OMG! That's Sebastian.

Paul was amazed looking at Al bringing Sebastian along for the party. He's at the same time confused upon Elena's expression.

Paul: What is it all about?

Elena: (in silence and walked toward Sebastian) What are you doing here? Get out from here now. Not enough for what you've got..?

Al: (interrupt) What's wrong with you, Elena.

Elena: You better get away from her.

Al: Stop, you guys! Why are you so mad at him?

Elena: You don't know who is he, Al. He is a murderer. He is the cause of Catherine's death.

Catherine is Elena's younger sister. She initially loved Sebastian one-sided. When Sebastian got to know that she loved him, he actually made fun of her and the innocent young girl was being raped by Sebastian and his friends. This was hidden by Catherine but however, the truth been revealed recently after the death of Catherine. Catherine has a hobby of writing stories about her daily life, so in that case, she wrote about her love upon Sebastian as well as she has been raped by him. Hence, he has been jailed for that reason. After all, it is his attitude in terms of betting with his friends in making girls live miserably. After spoiling the life of Elena's sister, their next aim was against Alvina. Apart from this fact, Al was victimized for believing Sebastian and losing her soul mate, Paul.

And later, Al, Christopher and Paul were so shocked hearing this from Elena. And Elena asked Paul and Christopher to chase him out of the house. Al implored them not to do so and therefore she exclaimed that she is in love with him. Paul was in a source of consternation when he heard that. He was totally heartbroken on what she has mentioned.

Paul: What did you just say?

Al: (cry out) I love him, Paul.

Elena: Are you sure what are saying, Al? He's not like what you're thinking. He is a playboy. And Paul...

Paul stopped Elena from telling the rest of the story in which she was about to say that Paul loves Al instead whereby he told this to her right before the problem happened.

Paul: Let him go.

Christopher: Dude...

Paul: No...(shut him and signals not to say anything)

He went nearer to Sebastian and warns him in gentle.

Paul: Don't think you're smart. I'll never let you make fun of her. She's mine.

After saying it so, Paul left the place and goes back to his house. He slammed his room door and flung all his belongings away. A cry of despair obtained by Paul. This was completely an unexpected situation for him to accept. Despite, he did not tell Al about his love till now. 

It's gone half past three years, Paul landed back to Canada and rang Christopher's doorbell. Christopher who was amazed looking at Paul standing in the doorway.

Paul: are you?

Christopher: Paul... (hug) where have you been...come on in, man!

Both Christopher and Paul had a long conversation and Paul in the meantime asked about Al.

Paul: So, how is... Al? Did you meet her?

Christopher: (in silence a sec) follow me!

Christopher then brought Paul to Al's house in order to show him the new Al. The doorbell rings and Al opens the door. She was surprised to see Paul again. 

Everyone was in the living and remain in silence. Christopher received a call and he excuses himself while letting Paul and Al alone.

Paul: are you?

Al: Good...

Paul: You...look different. (a smile on his face)

Al: too! 

They both looked each other for a moment and then Al runs and hugged Paul tightly. While her tears falling, she apologizes for all the things she has done to him. Paul too apologized for leaving her alone for this past 3 1/2 years and he dearly kisses her forehead. 

Christopher: (looking them from far after attempting his call) (jokes and all three laughed). 

A few weeks later, Paul, Christopher, Elena and Al were in Paul's house, having dinner together. Then, Christopher and Elena about to leave the house. Al, on the one hand, keeping all the dishes and Paul on the other sending off both Christopher and Elena. Al who was inside the house noticed that Paul's mobile vibrates and saw a picture of a girl appeared. Her mood changes when she saw it. But, again his mobile vibrates so Al answers the call. 

Al: Paul is busy, anything important?

Unknown: Who's this, please?

Al: Al...Alvina!

Unknown: Well...Al, could you please ask Harry to call me back. This is Stephanie. Harry's girlfriend.

Al: (silent with a slight daze) Ya...sure...bye!

In the evening, when Paul lies on the bed tiredly, Al came and informed him regarding the phone call that she attempted earlier. 

Al: Oh yea...I forgot! Stephanie, your girlfriend...she called and asked you to call back.

Paul: (wake up immediately from his bed) what...what did you just say..? Stephanie? Shit..!! 

Paul, without telling anything to Al, he takes his car key and moved from the house immediately. Al was bewildered by his sudden disappearance. He basically needs to fetch Stephanie from the airport but unfortunately, he forgot ever since he was enjoying spending time with Al, the whole day. However, this has brought Al into a small misunderstanding towards Paul where she assumes that Stephanie is really his girlfriend. She then went to her bed meanwhile Paul comes home and noticed Al sleeping. He just kissed on her forehead and covers her with a blanket and goes to his bed as well. 

A couple days later, a doorbell rang and it was Stephanie ('Paul's girlfriend') with a guy stood beside her and Al the one answered the door. 

Stephanie: Harry around? I'm Step...Stephanie. And...This is John. 

Paul who upstairs came down and saw Stephanie and John outside of the door. 

Stephanie: (shouted excitedly) Harry..!

Paul: Step...hye...! (shook hand with the guy stood beside Stephanie) Come on in! (introducing) This is...

Stephanie: (interrupted) Al right...? Harry told me a lot about you.

Al: (unclear about the situation)

Paul: This is

Stephanie: (interrupted again) GIRLFRIEND! 

Al let both of the seats and went to the kitchen to bring some beverages for them. Paul followed Al too to the kitchen and helped her prepare for dinner. 

Al: (in the meantime) Didn't tell me that you have a girlfriend? (mutter)

Paul: What..? Who is it? You mean Step....? (a little laugh) she's not my girlfriend.

Al: LIE...

Paul: I already in love with someone else. (mutter as well)

Al: (in silent while gazing him) 

In the dining, Al asked about Stephanie – Paul relationships. 

Al: So, how did you knew Paul...sorry...Harry?

Stephanie: Harry is such a wonderful guy. I'm so glad to meet him. You're very lucky actually. The reason I'm alive now is all because of Harry. My husband and I are really thankful to him.

Al: Husband? Are you married?

Stephanie: Ya, he is my husband, John. (Pointed to the guy sat next to her) 

The guy who actually followed Stephanie was her husband. Stephanie met an accident and Paul the one saved her life when he was living in Holland. Since then, they both become friends besides Stephanie knew about Paul's love upon Al. She simply tells Al that she is Paul's girlfriend in order to irritate her and make her jealous. After all, the couple left home then.

Paul: (in the dining while Al was cleaning the table) you thought that Step was my girlfriend?

Al: (remain silent)

Paul: (about to leave)

Al: (stopped him) Why are you caring for me, Paul? What did you want from me?

Paul: What do you mean?

Al: Why don't you find a girl, get married and move on with your life? You're not fated to stay with me entirely.

Paul: What are you talking about, Al? 

A slight fight happened between Paul and Al whereby Paul's revelation about his love disclosed to Al in the end. Hereby, Al was speechless after hearing about Paul's proposal. She was in total dazed and went upstairs without giving any response to Paul. Paul on the other feel relieved and at the same time, anxious upon his sudden approach.

He then went to her bedroom. 

Paul: I'm...sorry. I didn't mean it. Actually, I meant it.

Al: What are you saying, Paul? You know what had happened?

Paul: I just don't care. I love you, Al. (rough tone) (while walking nearer with a low and sweet tone) I love you very much. I love the way you fight with me. I love ___ (a sweet smile on Al's face with Paul's silly joke) (holds Al's hand and his forehead touches on hers) I just love you. You're mine. Only mine. 

With a little lovable tear on Al's face whereby Paul wipes them affectionately and finally the adorable lovers smooched in a very deep manner. After all, Paul has got his love back as the result. But, what happens if Sebastian comes back again. Their journey is not over yet. It was Paul – Al anniversary where Paul arranged for a candlelight dinner. He nevertheless bought a diamond ring for Al in order to make a marriage proposal. Al who was at home received a call and it was Paul. Both of them had a romantic conversation in the line meanwhile Al realized that someone ringing the doorbell. When she answered, she was dumbstruck with terror looking at Sebastian who stood outside of the door. 

Al: What are you doing here?

Sebastian: Listen...I knew that I was wrong. Whatever happened the other day was totally my fault and I'm responsible for it. But now, I'd realized. And...I came here for you, Al. Please forgive me! (being innocent)

Al: You're too late. Just leave. (angrily) I'm still not the Al that you're assuming. I belong to someone else.

Sebastian: it Paul? (suspiciously) 

Sebastian before further explains, a man with a bouquet of red roses knocks the opened door at the entrance and handover to Al. A note was attached to it written with a poem: 

Sebastian: (pulled the note from Al) so, you're with Paul now?

Al: That's none of your business.

Sebastian: Did he knows what happened between us on that night.

Al: (remain quiet)

Sebastian: C'mon tell me. Isn't he knows about it?

Al: (pushes him) Just get out of my house NOW! (yelled)

Sebastian: I'll make sure that Paul know about what happened to us. 

Al, for a moment, was so in strange – looking after Sebastian said it so. Her nervousness has made Paul known observantly during their dinner that Paul arranged for their anniversary. He later excuses himself and getting prepared for his marriage proposal. Unfortunately, he noticed Al going out from the restaurant and therefore, he saw Sebastian outside. He eventually overhears on what Sebastian mentioned that Al slept with Sebastian when they both were together. 

Paul: Is it true, Al? (A sudden appearance)

Al: (turns behind shockingly) No...It’s not true. Please don't listen to him, Paul.

Sebastian: I do make fun with her. Now, she belongs to me. She's MINE, Paul.

Paul: (whisper) You lied to me! 

Al cry out with his name but Paul did not even bother to listen and left her alone in the middle of the road. And the ring he bought for her has dropped down perchance Al took and kept it with her close to her heart. 

She came home after, saw Paul in the room who was so mad with her. Al went nearer and touches his shoulder despite Paul avoided. 

Paul: You lied to me...Why...? Why did you do this? (with anger)

Al: I did nothing, Paul. Trust me. Nothing happened between me and Sebastian. (cry out confidently)

Paul: (in confused) What are you saying?

Al: I'm all YOURS, Paul. (soft tone) 

She anyway accepted Paul's marriage proposal by saying “Yes, to this” in spite the ring was on her palm. She went forward, facing Paul and showed him the ring he gifted. 

And, Paul wears the ring on Al's.


And they both had a long soul kiss each other with a loving musical at the background. 

Sebastian, who mentally illness and have been admitted due to the accident he met recently. Other than that, Paul's best friend, Christopher got married too with his old and golden girlfriend, Elena. Thus, Michelle whom Paul used to tease her has now became a model with a new and sexy outlook whereby all the boys are eagerly wagging their tails after her. Last but not the least, the all-time young couple Paul Harrison and Alvina Rachel, heavenly got married and now, a younger Harry has come down, Ariel, Paul – Alvina son where he has the same attitude as Paul in becoming “famous” amongst the girls at age of 1 and ½ months itself. 

And they nonetheless lived happily hereafter as a warm and contented family. 

A true friendship will never fail come what may. Paul and Alvina's friendship had brought a good ending toward the story. Though Al has went through a wrong path by choosing an inaccurate life partner but, Paul's trust, care and love upon Al had made her realize on her mistake till to the extent of not having sex with Sebastian. As he always says, Al is utterly belongs to Paul forever and ever. 

Happy Ending!



















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