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Money Win Over Love

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Once upon a tym there was a Lion in the Jungle he struggled very much and get to be the king it was his Passion to be a king and he was enjoing his life , The Lion is loved by many and Jelous by some . A honest lion who dont have good looks but only what he have is good heart . A Lioness Came in the jungle and there frinedship started , they became very good friends and shared everthing with each other after some time the lioness decided to not to talk to lion as the law of jungle will not allow her morally to do so, but somehow the lion find out the reason , the lioness said that she is in love with the lion and Praposed the ,The Lioness was very beautiful with golden skin and shiney hair on her body the Lion saw the innocence in the lioness eyes and felt the same .

The lioness was worried about her future with the Lion , So she asked Lion to go to the circus and Lion accepted and went to a circus , There love towards each other is going strong . Lion sleep with the Lioness Message or good night and wokes up with her message , The caring was same from Lion side too. they talk a lot with each other the lioness shares every problem with the lion and they both resolve , The Lioness then admit then when the lion was not recognising her love she used to listen to some songs for him and that made lion more loyal to her .

Sometimes they fight they fight like two enemies but when the Lion say sorry and ends the argument the Lioness also take care and show her Love to the Lion , Day by Day these fights and then Love is a routine both were very happy and then Lioness Praposed to Marry the Lion they Plan to make it like there parents wants, the lioness was too afraid so the Lion said I will made it , and Some how the plan Reorganises Automatically and there marriage talks started ,

Then one day when Lion was Coming from Circus Lioness Said that she wants the Lion to go to some Other Circus big one ,she had bored to live here the Lion as for her said ok and try to search for a new circus ,He was roaming circus to circus and lioness was also helping her to do so , The Lioness Told the lion then whenevr she fought with him she used to cry . She wants to Marr her and Live with him in far away from the Jungle , some times while sleeping the Lion gets a a Message that she Love her and she Loved her a Lot , Lion was getting many praposals to marry but he was denying everything because he only needs the lioness ,

After somedays The Lioness asked Lion that I am making a compulsion to you , Other Lions are far much better but I loved you therefore I want to marry you . The Lion said yes It is Possible and Asked When you will be happy with Me or them and they fought and sleep . Late night Lion received a Message " What I want all things are in you I want you to be more good looking " everything I found in it you ,the days went by and these things runs as same as they all are going thorugh simply .

Suddenly , The Lioness Asked the Lion when you are happy with me or with My Happiness , The Lion do not respond first and made the lioness confuse about the anser and answered your happiness. The Lioness said My happiness will be to marry other Lion as they are more good looking and rich then you and Lion said decide your priorities ,The Lion was a somewhat richer than the lioness and lioness was very weak financialy but as lion love her he dont have any issues regarding the same ,.

After some days the Lioness said that she is not happy with the Lion and the Lion will not be happy with the Lioness because Lioness is getting a Rich and Good Looking Lion . the Lion came into anger and said I didnt feel that it would happen the lioness said its better for the Lion to get another lioness and She woyld not be happy with Lion in these conditions as there are better lions available why she would do so .

The Liones then decide to say sorry and be friends with the lion to help her , It went t 1-2 days the Lion was roaming fir reasons that why me , why you told to love me you did it because you want to have profits , the lion was angry and threatned the lioness to tell that she is greeedy to everyone ,

The Lioness found that the Lion is not a good guy now and is blackmailing here How can She marry her as she is having other options :

Then the Lioness Broke the Friendship from the Lion and Went Away ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The Lion was thinking that why she did so and came to the result its all about learnings and experiences .

Moral : When you make commitments and backstep its not you who is responsible to cheat someone , its all how you are brought up and what you have learned . So whenevr you are doing something wrong keep your parents in mind that what they have tought you to be .

What did you say about the lioness friends ?

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