Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma

Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



A Real Life Heart Touching Love story
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A Real Life Heart Touching Love story

Chapter1 (v.1) - Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma

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A Real Life Heart Touching Love story

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 15, 2013




Darshana : Hi

Sherry : Hi

why are you doing this Sherry , you are not getting anything by this , How many times this will happen , You will just spent your life in the hospital .you have already done this before .


Sherry : Let me try with last time then I never do but I need to clarify and find out what was happening there ,


Darshana : What you want to find out there is nothing there to find , be matured you have to realize that people have there expectation and desires are not limited every time .


and dont tell me that this is your final decision before 6 months you have some different choice before 12 some other before three years some other and you did played with everything you have ,


would you realize it ......?



Sherry : ok dear I understand let's talk something else whats going on your side ,

Darshana : I am fed up of boys coming for matrimonial , what they really want just bed aren't boys have feelings ???? everyone talk for a while just one two talks and then bed , did there parents born them only for sex or sex is oxygen for them .

Sherry : How come I know either it wouldn'tbe oxygen but It can be water for everyone .


Darshana : will you shut-up .


Sherry : What can I do in that , everyone has there preference .


Darshana: and what about you , do you have any preference in life . now will say yes alcohol .


Sherry : Did I .......?


Darshana : Ok Its time to sleep now good night .






Darshana woke up from her bed thinking what is happening to her friend . She had only one friend to share everything and who can come out every-timewith solutions. the solutions weren't good to apply but they are always out of box and still manageable to get out of the problem and make her feel happy .


Her beautiful big eyes become wet she was so confused what to do . She stood in the front or mirror she was thinking are the other girls too beautiful than her .Her tears are flowing down from her neck to the point where she recall that Sherry named them as goggle. She blushes a little and again come worried about her friend .She was staring herself in the mirror and asking that what is happening to her .


Isn't she is a good girl why she always get that kind of boys why not an honest boy like Sherry is in her life , Sherry is just a friend but why the other boys are not like him who have respect for the feelings . It has been three years that we are friends on internet and talking to each other but he never said a word like love attraction and attachment he never make calls and mis-calls like other boys and girls do , he just remained what he was always making comments if he would have seen me in this dress he would make lot of comments but he would never lie ,


But , why he is playing his life now he has changed he didn't make comments , make jokes , he also talks less now what he will do , is he serious about his life or I just lost a friend .


Darshana move to her office ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




Darshana moved in the office and took a hault to make her entry in the register so the office can know who is coming and going out as all the office do nowadays do they thing that the visitor is the rebirth of "Raja Harishchandra" and will write his real name and the correct time every-timewhen she was writing her name a harsh voice attacked her you cant do that you can't make us fool this is not the way to behave .


She moved her big brown eyes in 360 degree and look around the voice is of her senior , Darshana asked herself is this lady talking to me what happened did I took her boyfriend from her what she want to say really and Darshana start thinking and speechless .She was angry from outside but her face depicts the innocence from inside .


and her senior replied then , whats the time ? Darshana saw the watch at the wall and replied 8:33 am The lady with the harsh voice again asked and whats in the register you wrote after your name Darshana replied 8 . 30 . Her senior replied to Darshana that isn't it a fraud with the company you are working a very non professional behavior.


Darshana was speechlessand she just thought of Sherry that what he would have done in this situation , what that girl want from her is she one of the follower of lesbianism and want Darshana to feel sorry for that or what that error of three minutes will made that girls father to pay more dowry to his hubby or that three minutes are the ones which will be added in her labour pain , WTF Darshana spoke to her mind and took her seat .Thinking about Sherry she came from office and with her eyes closed so recalls the memoirs


Darshana: Hello .

Sherry : Hello Ma"am . How are you .

Darshana: I am your junior Sir.

Sherry: But My I respect my mothers choice ,

Darshana: What do you mean by that ,

Sherry : Don"t Sir me .Sherry is ok ,

Darshana : OK.

Darshana: So tell me more about you ,

Sherry : What do you want to know .

Darshana : About you , What do you do and who are in the family and all .

Sherry: Just three in the family single son, no brother sister , dad was in government job so somehow central school took the and then same with Pune university.

Darshana : OK , and what were you telling yesterday ,

Sherry: About what .

Darshana: the Kinds of girl friends , don't you respect women . You should learn it . Girls have to face many things their life's are not easy as boys .

Sherry: Love is a synonym to respect andthereforeI love women and I love girls .

Darshana: Shut up , cant you talk serious like a senior talks to a junior .

Sherry : They are just fake , We do friendship with people not there designations.

Darshana: At least , I don't.

Darshana: And how can you say that you respect women ,you classify girlfriends you are cheating them , you are playing with there feelings a girl"s feelings is very delicate Sherry , when it is broken it 's more painful for her than someone killing her ,

Sherry : See I have, 5 online girlfriends outside India , 1 online in India , 2 Phone from my city , 1 I connect her with sms only , and one close friend who is a girl who i can walk with as she is just a friend from her side and gril friend from my side . So, having 10 girlfriends with everyone knew about everyone is not an issue of cheating any girl as I have not lied with anyone of them .

Darshana : Oh, It seems someone killing by permission.

Sherry : But I got the permission granted .

Darshana: How come that girls fall in these relationship with a guy who is already having so many affairs.

Sherry: Just a little bot of skill else all is lucktouch-wood.

Darshana: So you learned it or it is inherited .

Sherry : What inherited ?

Darshana: This stupidity, it is inherited or you have a done a course in it somewhere.

Sherry: It's like , I am a jack of all trade as I was the most responsibleand the outstanding boy of the class everywhere.

Darshana: oh, Really .

Sherry : Yes , As anything goes wrong I was the one said to be responsible and therefore I always stand out .

Darshana: Oh God, you are ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.


The things starts and the life goes both of them are like poles Sherry don't know what is worry and he keep himself enjoying every moment of life opposite to him Darshana was always in worry about small small things and they somehow they became good friends , somehow I cant define they were good really good , or good close or only close friends let us see what happened in between them afterwards ,



On the next day Darshana try to find out who was that boy is he really was a senior or someone is just kidding with her , she talked to her friend Salman " being human ..

Darshana : Hi Salman .

Salman : Salaam .

Darshana: Hey , Do you know Sherry ,

Salman: Who Sherry .

Darshana: I added a boy on facebook he was our senior .

Salman: but who , We had 100's of them .

Darshana: He said that he was at the hostel for very less time .

Salman : OH , that guy cobol.

Darshana : What cobol.

Salaman : Yup , there was one of them who came in the last semester they all name him cobol , I dont know his real name he live in our hostel may be he was that guy , all I know about him is that he is named as cobol because he can unblock banned sites from the building . May be an engineer because every time he is with his laptop or repairing others one .

Darshana . OK. OK so much details not needed .

Salman : Hmmm, is anything going on ......

Darshana : Just became friends on facebook .


Darshana , Let me search on linkedin is that guy was saying true how come in a year I am not able to see him . Is he so much focused on studies that he never joined any function at college . let me search who is he ,


Darshana switch on her HP professional Laptop , the screen flashed the memoirs with the college building as the wallpaper and then her pink pencil like fingers presses the search button on google "Sherry Misra " enter......................


"Sherry Misra" Lecturer at some college , 25 years old, life skill Trainer,


and she laughed loudly Haha , A 25 year old boy is life skill trainer , what people write on there page have nothing to do with reality .

what happened said Tulika , the girl with nice legs yes they were nice as " Sherry can see them in her FB profile" what happened "Darshii" : nothing you know that there is a boy I added him on FB yesterday I search him on Linkedin and you know what he has written that he is a life coach .

Tulika: who guy.

Darshana: Some named Sherry ,acting like he is the smartest one huh.

Tulika: ok yes he is .

Darshana: What the Smartest one , FO.

Tulika : No , He is a life skill trainer I know they all were talking about him when I was late at that day to the hostel .

Darshana: Who were talking about him and why you were late .

Tulika : I was celeberating rakshabandhan , I was with my love dear .

Darshana: Hope the love has does not cross its limit, or the warden will kill you.

Tulika : This guy saved me there .

Darshana: How come .

Tulika : He just came and said to the guard onbarricades that she is my sister I need some medicine I am sick so she decide to go herself as she is a biology student she know much about medicine and my friendsaren't able to choose the right one , she had studied medicine at the time of college and see how much I loose my weight she cant handle it out and she cares for his cousin as I am the only boy left out in our family therefore she took me as a brother more she love me more than a real sister can do .

Darshana: WTF and then what happened ,

Tulika : Nothing, he moved with me for a distance but he was silent he was looking me "bhaiya" I need some case studies to be solved please be free from alcohol we are waiting for you in the room shall we go move to the mess , I start talking to one of them and he talks to another guy .

Darshana: OK, So he is a bihari .

Tulika : NO . He was talking in clear hindi.

Darshana: OK , but why you were late on that day and you didn'ttell me anything about this .

Tulika : He gesticulated to remain silent .

Darshana : who guy ?

Tulika : Sherry.

Darshana : and what about your love where was he ,

Tulika : He moved fornight outwith friends .

Darshana: Hope he had the energy saved for it .

Tulika :Hey, We didnt do anything like that .

Darshana :Honey baby am I look alike a little angel to you whodon'tknow anything , hope you have keep the things intact and not broken .

Tulika : Its for the special one dear .

Darshana : May be there is a special one who ca find it on place afterwards , try to keep your eyes on study darling this time is to read and make life set not for life mate my dear .

Tulika : dont be like mummy darling , It's was Lonavla , see why the building was made in hills and awesome whether .

Darshana: Se we can keep fresh and concentrate on studies,

Tulika : No daring people come here to get cozy , this is for love my dear the college is just a bulding arent you feel for anyone ,

Darshana : Go and talk to your love darling your phone is ringing .

Tulika: Oh, Darshi wants me to leave , Darshi wants to talk to the new boy , .

Darshana: Shut Up


Sherry as always was sitting on his laptop Darshana logged in , Her mind and heart both are opposite her mind say not to chat to Sherry but as always it’s a girls heart and it does have adifferentconcern.

Sherry In oath of WIP thinking about you only , Leave it ,dialing the heart tone on wrong network

Darshana hahahaha, Trying on me , but you don’t have the heart how can it ring hahhahhahahah

Sherry Did my heart reched you ?

DarshanaNo , you have already given it to so many how come it reach me,

Sherry May be it had taken transfer

Darshana no no .

Sherry ok What about your’s with you or it is also traveling somewhere

Darshana No , It has cheated me one so I kicked its ass out hehe

Sherry lol , So you have no Heart now , Think before you speak dear .

Darshana yup I don’t like cheaters

Sherry yup ,

Darshana so say something

Sherry Nothing to say , Already given the “Guard of honour” in the night so not in mood of it

Darshana you can enjoy at your home too ,

Sherry What should I do here

Darshana Spend some time with mom and dad

Sherry What should I do with them

Darshana hahhahahahhahahahahh , you are crazy , go and catch some girls then

Sherry from where should I catch them , you are not getting in the fitch too

Darshana Dont try on me , better to try on good girls

Sherry aren’t you good

Darshana Yes ,Very bad habits .

Sherry Tell me Tell me

Darshana My boy friend , run away by listening to terms and conditions of the affairs , I would not give anything what a boy wants and boys didn’t want anything else

Sherry no its not like that

Darshana all calculation is equal to a bad girl

Hhahahahhahahahhahhahha , at least now my eyes are open now I know what everyone desires about

Sherry Its not like that there are still people who can remain committed , the who one to leave will leave , So Its like your eyes are open that everyone wants your clothes to be open hehe

Darshana yes , it is the truth but people have good word love , affection , for the same , where you gone Sherry

Sherry Still here

Darshana So why you were silent .

Sherry nothing was trying to see what’s in your heart

Darshana ohh god, so you can see in heart too.

Sherry yup

Darshanalet me know when you see something ,

Sherry Its too much dark in you heart , I can see only confusion.

Darshana hahhahhahaaah , go and try some girls Sherry

Sherry Why shouldnt I try on you , I am a lecturer an city is small if I try on a girl it will be a front page news

Darshana ohh so sad , what do you teach, subject ???

Sherry mai advertisisng,marketing,economics

Darshana ok ,economics

Sherry Its a month I have not taken a single class

Darshana You teach , you do marketing also , what’s your designation ? Multitasking executive ?

Sherry I do order visting cards of the designation as per my likings ,

Darshana hahhahahhahahahahhahah

Sherry I have written admissions and PR Nowdays , I do handle events too.

Darshana ohh god u r too much

Sherry thx

Darshana you are eally a comedian ,

Sherry Why

Darshana full comedy

Sherry but why

Darshana have you watched Ragini MMS I didn’t understand what was the story

Sherry EvenI , no scene to watch ,

Darshana ok I watched it yesterday

Sherry kk

One guy has made MMS with his GF and then put it on internet , but watching real scandals is awesome porn does not appeal so much

Darshana oh nice ,

Sherry yup

Darshana ok

Sherry You say

Darshana what should I say , how much I speak

Sherry anything new

Darshana We are talking from an hour ,how much new can happen in an hour

Sherry Tell me the name of the girls from your batch who have gone for a nightout with boys

Darshana Nice , this is a good question, good Uncle.

Sherry and how many are still virgin ?

Darshana How come I kn ow this , they wouldnt tell me

Sherry why so ?

Darshana I cant ask this , this is somewhat personal and what about your batch

Sherry no idea

Darshana You know all the girls I named

Sherry Hemlata is not virgin

Darshana You know , but you are not accepting , yes I can understand from her face.

Sherry only some I know

Darshana ok

Sherry whose face

Darshana Hemlata

Sherry I tell ramita di every answer her writing was good so she got more marks

Darshana hahhahahahahahhahahahaha, why you were not in my batch .

Sherry Even I was thinking that we would have a nightout and you

Darshana I will beat you , cant you think something more except deflowering me

Sherry ok Tell me a sexy girl like you is talking to me should I behave like a brother to her , Whenevr I see your new pic I recall that intimate song

Darshana If you would be in same class I will tie “rakhi” to you which picture you talking about

Sherry you wearing Kurta with new hair style

Darshana So,I was full covered in a chudidaar.

Sherry no

Darshana haaaaaaaaaa

Sherry i mean the song everytime

Darshana Tell me more

Sherry Just want to know whats in your heart , how much you talked to a boy conitnuouslyy

Darshana What to know I am an open book dear.

Sherry No , you ar not like a open book there is something in your mind & soul,

Darshana sonly with BF for hours continuously.

Sherry kk on phones

Darshana 1 day without a break

Sherry I did for 17 hrs

Darshana Oh go God who was that ,your wip (Sherry’s closest friend)

Sherry No , just a friend was there .

Darshana ok


Sherry I am feeling that there is something you want to say to me ?

Darshana NO , I don’t hide anything from you , everything I already told

Sherry No there is something apart from that

Darshana everything you know

Sherry but there is something in your mind decide it and then you can tell

Darshana but there should be something to tell I don’t have

Sherry yes there is something

Darshana by the way whey you are feeling so …

Sherry just felt ,you will get to know after sometime , you need social security , you are afraid that your friends should not leave you alone ,

Darshana naah , its not like that

Sherry You feel like that it doesnt mater that it wil be true what about your hand fingers are they always turned inside

Darshana Even I f I involve with someone does it matter for my friends ,

Sherry I don’t mean sex involvement its about friendship only , why you always think of sex

Darshana What ???? Do I always think of sex ?


Sherry yes, you said that if you involve with someone , but what I said is none of the concern with involvement in a relationship

Darshana then

Sherry Its like you are afraid of getting distant from your friends people who wants to be with other people always have there fingers always turned inside in the direction of the palm as they do care for feelings.

kahan gayee gyn ganit hajam nahi huey kyaa

Darshana no its not like that

Sherry yes it is

aisa hi han ji

Darshana I dont used to think so much

Sherry Yes , but when you start thinking you would get to know

Darshana good, people do tell me that I dont live life fully

Sherry main kab kaahan aisa

Darshana I am somewhat rational.

Sherry Do I say that .

DarshanaI was saying about the people Sherry not you ,

Sherry What I said is truth , you will also admit it in one or two months

Darshana May be sometimes I dont understand what my heart wants

Sherry yahi hu

Darshana ok

Sherry you say

Darshana what to say

Sherry “kehna hi kya”

Darshana hahhahahhahhah

Why don’t you try on preeti

Sherry She is already booked .

Darshana hahhahhaha , yes It was , but now she is available for all.

Sherry You know there is a secret FB group of all boys some boy wroten that he want to fcuk her,

Darshana and that marathi girl you liked the pic she also looks good

Sherry She is maried but when she was in my class she didnt look as good as now ,

Darshana goooddd really

Sherry Have you scene my mom’s picture

Darshana How come boys can write so disgusting

Sherry what disgusting ..?

Sherryri mummy ka pic dekha

Darshana HE who want to fcuk her ,

Sherry ok

Darshana where is the picture


Sherry Its secret for boys he can write anything

Darshana ok

Sherry on orkut

Darshana ‘ok

She is beautiful .?/

Darshana whom did you go on ,

Sherry mom

Darshana yes she is really beautiful , nice features ,

nd btw sono koun hai


Darshana ok


Sherry Dad saw moms picture and told her elder brother to approach for marriage either they say yes or either make them say yes

Darshana So you also want to become like your dad ?

Sherry no

Darshana ‘ok , My mom dad wanst me to marry as early as possible

Sherry gud, be married then

Darshana waiting for the right time

Sherry hmm

Darshana Till the time I can live my life

Sherry what kind of living ?

Darshana No responsibility, no to get others in decision.

Sherry yupp

Darshana I have not taken bath yet , nor I did cook food , but after arriage I have to do all the things on time

Sherry yup

Darshana yup

Sherry If you and me together we would be in bed till noon every Sunday .

Darshana anytime I can sleep I can eat .

what why I will be with you

Sherry example

Darshana ????and I cant sleep for so late

Sherry what do you felt we will be sleeping only when sharing bed ???

Darshana other wise I woke up at 8.00 am

Sherry kk

Darshana We were together You………….. A+, My sandals are waiting for a face

Sherry I can take sandals too after so much

Darshana SEX SEX SEX anything else you can think.

Sherry at least I speak truth

Darshana Now don’t be so much truthful that the person in front got shy.

Sherry what to be shy

Darshana Shut up Sherry , How much I try to make you on the rght track you try to keep me on yours

Sherry lol very tre

Darshana what will your wife do she will always have to be on bed .

Sherry yup

Darshana hhhahhhahahahahhah , carry on be choosey then ,

Sherry lol

Darshana She should have able to justify her health ,

Sherry She wouldn’t allow me. To check ,

Darshana yea really

Sherry So how can I check


Darshana You Moron I mea she should have good health , you always cross the limits .

Sherry you said that be choosey

Darshana I mean to say not skinny ,

Sherry okokok

Darshana IF you try to check whats inside before marriage the family will beat you , at least you understand now ,

Sherry hmmm so what more

Darshana what to say

Sherry anything in the hearr

DarshanaNo heart already kicked it out

Sherry So any topic to talk ,


Darshana Arent you feeling that I am in love with you ?????

Sherry What , let me laugh for a while laughing cause tears , stop hahaha .

Darshana hahahhahahahahahah

Sherry OH MY God,,,,,,,,

Darshana i know ,then why you are asking again and again what’s in my mind whats in my heart ,

Sherry Let me laugh for a while I can’t resist it .

Darshana mujhe b

Sherry How can you think like that I will ask this .

Darshana ok no issues, I didn’t think I answered.

Darshana Now never ask to me what’s in my heart

Sherry Why don’t you try laughter challenge

Darshana ok

Sherry anything still there in mind you can say

Darshana ok, I will , you are buzzing me from long time what should I more then this .

Sherry lol , but this …………………………

Darshana Nothing my dad , there is no way I found to keep you mum,

Sherry lol

Sherry but truth is truth

Darshana Stop or again I will make you mum by creating these kinda jokes


Sherry but there is something

Darshana you again ,,,,

Sherry I can’t counter truth

Darshana Its not good you forcing me , you are trying to put words in my mouth dear

Sherry I didn’t felt this for WIP how can I feel for you

Darshana Don’t you , donkey

I said aren’t you feeling that I am in love with you

Sherry bata toh wahi hui na

Darshana and will you shut up now and stop irritating me we both know the reality

Sherry lol , Halt , no more what’s in heart discussions, you will tell me one day whats in the mind .

Darshana You are the only one in my heart nobody else hehe

Sherry hmm

Darshana yes hhahahahhhaha

Sherry Yes, therefore your heart is roaming outside ,

Darshana enough jokes now , Yes , It’s choices are bad.

Sherry therefore , left you ,

Darshana Now what to do , who wants to go nobody can stop ……

Sherry hmmm , So say something more ,

Darshana How much should I say ,


Sherry but there should be something you should say.

Darshana You tell me something know ,

Sherry tell me what should I say

Darshana anything in your heart


Sherry If I tell you whats in m mind whom do you speak daily ???


Darshana OK, Tell me why do we talk to each other daily .

Sherry “kahi toh ye dil kahi mil nahi paatey kai se nikal aaye barso ke naatey”

I don’t have any specific reason .

Darshana Hey , I also like this song.

Sherry gud , you say I don’t have any specific reason .

Darshana Leave or you wil again laugh .

Sherry ahh tell me

Darshana I am already fed up of laughing dear not more please.

Sherry no tell me

Darshana leave

Sherry no tell me tell me

Darshana So much laughter is injurious to health ,

Sherry Speak up

Darshana “nahi nahi abhi nahi abhi karo intezaar”

Sherry ahhh tell me

Darshana We both have diffrent reasons

I feel very lonely after my break –up , So I keep myself busy with friends .

Sherry kk

Darshana and yours you already know , just need a chance to dance , and you what’s dance for you ,

Sherry no its not like that

Darshana you trying to defend.

Sherry what to defend , I didn’t get the reason in my brains.

Darshana it’s not too tough to understand .

Sherry but I didnt understand it .

Darshana would take your whole life then .

I can’t be more easy than that .

Sherry so you can talk to anyone

Darshana What do you mean by that even you can talk to anyone.

Sherrybut I would talk to people whom I am interested to talk,

Darshana yes

Sherry So zero relativity quotient in your answer and question.

Darshana haahahhahhhhhahhaha

Sherry Now tell me what do you really want to make me understood.

Darshana i dnt know

Sherry lol

This was in your mind .

Darshana Laughing a lot ,,,, Sherry ??????

Sherry arent you getting boys that you would start loving me , aren’t boys available in numbers.

Darshana hahahahahahaahhaahhahaha

Please why don’t you stop your comedy Circus now

Sherry lol You started initially

Darshana really

Sherry I didnt understand the reason , that breakup with boyfriend how come we related to it .

Darshana Its nothing like consumer behavior theories

Sherry ok

Darshana but still I tolerate your intimate and vulgar talks.

Sherry hmm

Darshana because I never felt any negative thing you , you are a guy with clean heart.

Sherry hmm

Darshana yup , lot I have talked now you say something

Sherry I don’t talk only for chance . I talk to less people, less friends but good friends .

Darshana atleast you said something good without intimacy i felt happy

Sherry but when I am talking to you somehow I look to your picture and then my senses woke up.

Darshana Do one thing dont look at my picture now onwards.

Sherry ab ek baa toh dekh li na

Darshana and all my pics are in full clothes ? How come your senses got up in that .

Sherry: and that girl laveena, nice looks , tight looks,

Darshana She cant be a virgin how can you think like that hehe.

Sherry lol

Darshana humm

Sherry only I never got a chance

Darshana hahhahaha so sad sir

Sherry Every time I got the doors already open.

Darshana what do you mean ???

Sherry all non-virgins in my life till the time.

Darshana hahhahhahahhah, So what Its common nowdays to see non –virgin girls

Sherry but Why they are not giving a chance to me

Darshana you should ask this to them how can I answer

Sherry hmmm , how can you answer this.

Darshana humm

Sherry So what left know , so didn’t felt bed with my intimate talks.

Darshana Don’t know .

Sherry jo batana chahatey ho who

Sherry : So you were telling something ,

Darshana Stop , nothing left to tell you everything I had already told to you .

Sherry This is also a nice picture , but I tried a lot but not able to see below the scarf.

Darshana what which picture

Sherry gmail profile

Darshana It is so decent and simple girls picture how can you think like that ,

Sherry that was I wanted to say it is so decent that nothing I can see.

Darshana I don’t took snaps for everyone , they are for me,

Sherry ohhh.

Darshana you should be thankful to god that you are not here else you would have been punched by me

Sherry you tell me when should I come, how many punches for a smooch ?

Darshana Sir , can’t you behave like other guys ,I am telling you

Sherry yes , you said and become a good guy??

Darshana Do I look like a smooching booth ?

Sherry Do I look like a punching bag?

Darshana I will do everything with my hubby only, you always talk like this.

Sherry mutual funds investments bear less risk ,

Darshana just slip of tongue.

Sherry no issues, 5-10 punches for a smooch good deal.

Darshana I am happy already.

Sherry what about my happiness then

Darshana We will arrange a girl for you don’t worry .

Sherry I think you are also a girl.

Darshana Yes , but I am not a thing to be used ,

Sherry even I want my own parking.

Darshana Why dont you marry then , your car , your paring space and above all no limit.

Sherry one slap one smooch great deal and you will also come out off your anger .

Darshana sir pls stop buzzing my brains now.

Sherry loll

Darshana how much will you tease me.

Sherry trying is hope

Darshana I am not of that kind how many times I have to tell you this please go somewhere and catch some other girl.

Darshana Everygirl is not meant for bed only I can say only this to you else you are hopeless.

Sherry Its&Sherry hi

DarshanaSo where were you uncle

Sherry here only

Darshana keep replying then

Sherry hmm so what should we talk

Darshana What should I say

Sherry tell me some memoirs of your life

Darshana but there should be some memories to tell

Sherry but you don’t tell anything

Darshana but you always ask something 18+

Sherry except it I already asked

Darshana else you can talk anything

Sherry but there is nothing left

Darshana ok tell me my bad habits

Sherry you don’t talk intimate

Darshana I willdo them with my hubby



Sherry So you and your hubby will only talk ?

Darshana not only talks if I behave ike that he will through me out of the house

Sherry lol

Darshana my friends also tell me like that , one said that he will give us a extra gift ,I asked what he replied that a ruler

Sherry loll double meaning

Darshana So If I restrict he can beat me with that what’s double meaning in that ?

Sherry lol , you say more

Darshana owhat shoul I say any interesting incident of your life .

Darshana What I said now isn’t was interesting ?

Darshana but haven’t anything special I did to be interesting.

Sherry kk

Darshana Thinking on the same

Sherry hmmm same here

Darshana hurry up

Sherry lolI cant get outside from my track

Darshana What to say , I never seen adult movie

Sherry lets move together to watch one

Darshana even I have never seen someone smooching

Sherry I watched with a friend of mine she was a my kind of girl.

Darshana Shut up , I will watch alone

Sherry but why alone

Darshana so should I invite everyone from the town

Sherry ano just me

Darshana u know I don’t know what is smooch.

Sherry lolI and I know only meaning

Darshana one guy from other college came at our premise and my friend told me , that other college guy wants to smooch me

Darshana chanakya hota tha na

Sherry chankya

Darshana You are great one you were adult in your childhood ,, remember Chanakya

Sherry yup i was the in the wining team from my batch.

Sherry lolz

Darshana I wasn’t aware what he meant by it if I knew he would have been killed by me ,

Sherry lolz , If we would have been in same class then what would happen ,

Darshana nothing your throat will be choked by me ,

Sherry are you sure

Darshana yes 100 %

Sherry but you wouldn’t able toi understand my talks at that time

Darshana but know I can

Sherry but not at that time

Darshana yes earlier I wasn’t able to ,

Sherry hmm

Darshana but it was past.


Sherry do you remember there was a girl Angelina jolie lookalike in MCA

Darshana yes , so you tried on her too

Sherry yup

Darshana good

Sherry I sent a message to her on orkut that are you the girl who looks alike Angelina jolie

Darshana So did something happened

Sherry what can happen If I am so expressive

Darshana so how many girls you tried to get at college

Sherry only that Angelina look-alike and that south Indian , who put lot of makeup

Darshana ok, and that with a good height

Sherry no I wasn’t able to see her

Darshana ohh

Sherry and one from that engineering she was also a south Indian she was a little dusky but nice and sexy

Darshana dnt know

Sherry hmm

Darshana I was not familiar with that engineering college girls .

Sherry I talked to that south Indian girls two time only one time last year and on this when I was giving the backlog , and I found that superhero who made her fake ID

Darshana yes

Darshana I heard about that fake Id case

Sherry I know that guy but i will not disclose the name

Darshana was that you , let me know was that you

Sherry not me some guy who named with a music band some how caught him

Darshana so boy from seniors

Sherry no your batch

Sherry you don’t know I access passwords of laptops connected to wi-fi and whenever you found orkut unblocked I was the reason for that

Darshana god what are you talking

Darshana you can do so ?

Sherry therefore my real name is unknown and people know me as Cobol

Darshana god khtarnak ho aap

Sherry Sherryra asli na bahut k logo o pata hain

Darshana are you an engineer ?

Sherry No semi post graduate in management and microbiology …..and then our degree.

Darshana good , great guy , but you are good at computers too

Sherry yup

Darshana so why don’t you put it in computer parts instead of putting them in girls body parts

Sherry it moves everywhere

Darshana ok

Sherry You say more

Darshana whats should I say more you are disclosing so much of suspense .

Sherry lolz

Darshana humm you tell me something

Sherry what should I say

Darshana Wasn’t you trying ay girl from your batch

Sherry no, one is like sister and other I dont have any much close friendship with them.

Darshana Why so

Sherry Even I had never talked with a girl from HR allied , ever I talked is only to resolve the computer problems nothing else.

Sherry good

Sherry hmm

Darshana There was a guy from your batch also was saying that you should be bold and talk to boys ,

Sherry If I would have been on your place I would have slapped .

Darshana hello ....... where are you

Sherry still here

Darshana hahhahahhahah

Sherry It’s someones life they are free to live it as they want .

Darshana I made jokes on him .

Sherry good you are of my kind too but we never met .

Darshana Yes , but he wants to be the hero hehe .

Sherry you know some times techers liave the class as I get them confused

Darshana How come I am like you , I very much diffrent from you sir

Sherry I mean who don’t put legs in others affairs ,

Darshana good , so much question do you ask ?

Sherry yup

Darshana gud

Sherry My friends say “ATTACK “ and the lecturer get confused .

Darshana humm gud , but why I haven’t seen you , I attend college daily ,

Sherry There was a teacher I asked her that are you a teacher or a student she said teacher then I told her ok I was searching for you only lets move to class , and I was there from feb to exams only for the whole session I was at home

Darshana hahhahhaahah

Sherry I came in February

Darshana So where were you ,,

Sherry was not good with health so was at hometown

Darshana ]ohho

Sherry and When I returned back every girl forgot who am I

Darshana hahahhahhhah

Sherry yes but I lost the moments I can live with my friends , but its ok Maktub ,Its all written

Darshana even I was sick for long time and the time which was left my BF keeps every update of mone

Sherry hehe

Darshana Yes you can laugh what to do except laughing ,

Sherry hmm

Darshana yes

Sherry There are many things to do but you should allow me to do so

Darshana god you catch that south Indian one she is more good looking then me .

I am not like that sherry but there is one thing in you ask what ?

Sherry what

Darshana your determination for girls

Sherry she is not coming to me even online she wouldn’t talk to me

Darshana you are intractable

Sherry yes I am

Darshana That’s not my fault if she is not coming you should approach her

Sherry She is just a make up box and you are natural why should I approach her.

Darshana Will you shut up , tell this to her that she is natural beauty she wil be impressed by you and 100 % you both will in affair then

Sherry She know what she is and why should I lie .

Darshana so what’s the problem in make up

Sherry I like natural beauty ,

Darshana You disappear again


Sherry nothing just selecting some songs

Darshana you are a thing to see

Sherry Why should I you are a hot thing to see

Darshana what should I say , your talks they are so amazing , its like you have a bank of it

Sherry What I said amazing ?

Darshana I want to ask something .

Sherry yes please carry on.

Darshana So much I talked to you and you seems to be a talented guy , intelligent too , you know everything , you get the things done. Why you want to live in that small town .

Sherry yup

Sherry I want to create a source of education here good here ,

Darshana ok

Sherry One girl friend of mine said that it is not possible but I will do that this will be an education hub and a business hub and I have to make it possible anyhow.

Darshana gud all d best

Sherry thx

Darshana u r welcome

Sherry So when should I reach your place ,

Darshana what place


Sherry You said welcome

Darshana Where are you coming

Sherry you said welcome , I don’t have siblings so better to stay here .

Darshana even I felt so that family is the reason

Sherry They make me to live here not my wish , small city good savings , and everyone know each other

Sherry yup, also I know many things but I don’t know how to get girls

Darshana Hey you know how to get girls

Sherry No I dont and by lying I will never

Darshana Ohh yes , you are the talk to the point guy , just come to bed huh  .

Sherry yup

ok darling i m feelin sleepy know it was a great day to share memories of life with you, I still want to talk to you more but there are some ones who need me tomorrow

bbye and have my dreams

Darshana ok no issues tc gn swwet dreams

ok bye



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