Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma part2

Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma part2 Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma part2

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



continued after the first part
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continued after the first part

Chapter1 (v.1) - Why do People Say I love you When they don't mean to do So : By Shashank Sharma part2

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continued after the first part

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 19, 2013




: Darshana: Hi how are you

: Sherry: I am good you say something

Darshana: what should I say?

: Sherry: size

: Darshana: z

Sherry: why don’t you come to my place now lactose milk we can get

: Darshana: hahhahahaahhahahhahahhahahhahahh, you shameless donkey, idiot, stupid

: Sherry: what shame and why, how much clothes we need to make brasses of z size,

Darshana: Do someone talk like that shut up now

Sherry: and the size of “tits for tat” (now this you have to understand) we need a succession machine

: Darshana: oohh god

Ahahhhahahhahahahha will you stop now you shameless boy

Darshana: very clever, you look good when you keep mum


: Sherry: I just took a pause thinking what will be the gap in the missionary position with a girl of z size, I am not clever don’t have a single girlfriend

: Darshana: I know how much clever you are ok , can I ask you something but first make promise that you wouldn’t laugh what are you saying about the position , tell me in a decent way

Sherry: oh you don’t know, there is nothing to laugh in that

: Darshana: I am asking because I don’t know what that is

Sherry: I read on internet that no desire for sex in this age is an indication of disease

: Darshana: So why are you telling this to me.

: Sherry: may be you are


: Darshana: oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, are you mad do I look like a

: Sherry: I am not talking about AIDS just an another disease

: Darshana: shut up there is nothing like that

Sherry: okok we need to check

: Darshana: will you zip up now I have my limits it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel

Sherry: ok so what you do when you feel

Darshana: shut up I control my feelings

Sherry: how?

Darshana: I don’t have boy n my life so what can I do

: Sherry: when you feel by story or by looking at a cool guy, or in periods, who said you don’t have a boy I am here

: Darshana: when I see something in movies

Sherry: kk

Darshana: will you stop

Sherry: tell me more

: Darshana: I have already told you

Sherry: come on

: Darshana: I don’t now that self control is a disease for some people

: Sherry: what type of movies or some love scenes

: Darshana: are you taking my interview

Sherry: I am just asking, when the girls did arouses

: Darshana: ill tell


Sherry: k

: Darshana: till the time she is virgin she is not as much like you

: Sherry: k


Darshana: you have to do some cuddling but if she has done it, she will need the with more desire than you have

Sherry: am I a benchmark of Desiree’s

Darshana: and ten she can’t control

Sherry: lol

Darshana: any how she needed

: Yes but its true but its true

Sherry: I know

And what should I do to excite you ?

: Darshana: don’t do anything I am ok like this only

Sherry: are you feeling for me

Darshana: you want me to follow you

: hhaahhahahaahahhahah

Sherry: Hey that girl visit my home today, with whom I caught red handedly

: Darshana: who, why you were caught?


Sherry: I told you that I have check the car but not parked

:Darshana: you were in which class at that time 5-6th

Sherry: yup , but we have the match after some years too

Darshana oh God

Sherry: but only petting

Darshana: did you attacked by in the first look

Darshana: god you know what is sex from class 5th

Sherry: no, I was unknown that the parking should be done therefore I didn’t

Darshana: then

Sherry: which one you want to know the first one or the second one when I grow up some older.

Darshana: god, you are precarious, from childhood

Sherry: We were just playing games what’s inside, either its yahoo or its Amazon and caught


Darshana: god so from childhood you were interested in looking inside????

Sherry: hmm

: Darshana: god what a boy you are?

: Sherry: why so

Darshana: hahhahahahhhha, sherry the “Indian American pie” witty comedy,

Sherry: what’s the witty in that?

: Darshana: but for me you are

Sherry: one day I returned to home, my mother left for some shopping and she was alone at my home

: Darshana: ohh, so you got the chance

Sherry: she was very much interested to watch wrestling and I told her to do some pushups in and sit in her front on the couch.

Darshana: then

Sherry: then for do pushups she put her stole aside and she did some 5-10 pushups and I can able to see the Google’s view of NH-34 from there,


Darshana: ok, so what’s next?

Sherry: there were some playing cards there and we both are watching a movie some Rajesh Khanna’s movie, with a scene of strip poker so I asked her to play and she accepted

Are you there??

Darshana: ok then what happened

: Sherry: then we got a deal I will take two and she would take off one when lost ok, the chance came for her to take off her top and then she started doing new drama so, I put her zip open and put my hands in her top and felt that I reached the Google result page , So I told her that there is a body mark on that Google website I have saw it earlier when we were counted to be children’s , then she said same as you say to me shameless guy boy what are you doing now .

:Sherry: Where you gone ?

Darshana: I was just doing the imagination

Sherry: don’t remember

:Darshana: oh so early in your life, I came to know after graduation

Sherry: even at that there was no tradition of smooches,

: Darshana: ok

Sherry: but whenever we met now she is having a cunning smile of her face

: Darshana: oh god, you kindergarten Casanova



Darshana: I also remember when I was in primary school

:and I call those guys “bhaiya”

Darshana: they try to touch me here and there

One tried to hug lay on me and that was so bed feeling lets leave it


Sherry: where he touched, what was the size of googles at that time?

:Darshana: don’t you know where boys touch , and I was a small girl at that how much would be the size ,why do boys do like that they never leave the small girls too

:Sherry: No I am not like that I don’t have a bad eye on any minor ones

Darshana: hummm, I am not talking about you the other guys who do so


Sherry I was returning from school and I saw a girl without anything on her cherry was attractive as it was fresh , she was young very much as there Google is not uploaded

Darshana: What are you saying?

:Sherry: that’s was a lonely ground

Darshana: but what’s the sense for her to roam like this.

Sherry: I don’t know there was a well nearby and she would have taken a bath as see sees to be a poor but she was fair and her was beautiful too, she may be of 10-22 years old

: Darshana: ok so what else

Sherry: Do you remember about a girl who is very serious and is in relationship with my friend


Darshana: humm


Sherry: She came to know that my friend is already married and she still like that boy and tell her to say the prove the truth,

Darshana: Why she is with that boy still what she wants to be with him?


Sherry: I start to feeling when we talk so doesn’t anything happen to you?

Darshana: yes, It happens with everyone

: Sherry: what happens is that going through you now?

Darshana: no

Sherry: ok

Sherry: what happens in the body?


Darshana: I don’t want to tell you

: AMSherry: tell me you know my inquisitiveness level

Darshana: no leave it or you will again start with your warm stories

Sherry: no I will not tease you tell me

: AMDarshana: please take a halt now or I will not be able to talk to you freely then

Sherry: tell or it will result in upset stomach

Darshana: I feel restiveness, the flow of hormones

Sherry: hormones????

: Darshana: I beg you please don’t ask more

Sherry: ok, aren’t the Google chrome becomes harder to load?

Darshana: thx

Sherry: My friend says that she enjoy pressing the Google search button

Darshana: oh god , this is common and it happens with every girl in business environment

Sherry: means the microeconomic factors get swelled and they release the liquidity in the lower economic zone which is the primary supply point for incubation and extraction of raw material and finished product respectively .

Darshana: No , Its not like that so much of release of liquidity is only possible , when the whole production process gets complete and the formation of trade union is necessary but the union needs only two partners ,


:Sherry: that’s not the proper product; I am just concerning about the economics,

So when are you inviting me to the processing room so we will trade love and make a union

: Darshana: shut up, I can’t do that I will do it with my hubby only

Sherry: don’t make the process done then we will do just petting

:Darshana: petting what’s that tell me


Sherry: Its like not go for the key hole but you can touch the eyehole , people can go to use Oral-B.

:Darshana: You keep it with you , your these ridiculous process , I am not a free market there is a barrier , there will be a unit monopoly after I get married

I will make u meet with some friends of mine they will reach till they need the protection.

Sherry: but I have already made the operations to make alliances with you now to bring new clients would be very much difficult for me

Darshana: Sorry I am not making any daily trade alliance with you , I am more interested in a systematic investment plan which is called as a marriage and then I will pt my all assets in that

: Sherry: but I would make to make it with you only, have you seen your eyes what a sex appeal.

Darshana: but the alliance is for friendship only it’s not for your debauchery

Sherry: without feelings I don’t play”gully danda”

Darshana: oh , now what have my eyes done to you , I thought that eyes doesn’t matter for you the thing which matter you the most you can get it in every girl

Sherry: I am saying about the whole body package

Darshana and then you can start with them

Sherry: and I am not a street dog so I can do with anyone, I will do with only with someone whom I have some feelings

: Darshana: yes most of the people do like to say that even I am not a bitch to do with many


: Sherry: then you become some bitchy and I be the doggy and lets have the puppies play

Darshana and this relation I will make only with my hubby, Now you calm down and sit aside and zip your lips now

Sherry: Don’t worry me will make you comfortable in any of the canine’s style

Darshana I am not going in any sexual relationship with anyone without feelings

:Sherry: same here

Darshana: hahahhahahhahahhahahahha , you do with tulika

:Sherry but why no alliance with you

Darshana: u know everyone who is interested to make alliance with me I transfer them to tulika as she is one the socially active she wouldn’t get you the production process but the agreement and communication will make you motivated even if there is no contract made

:Sherry: hahaha

Darshana: and you know


Sherry: even I am ready for all is she socially active like me to accept anyone

Darshana: yes there is one more that is following her to form an alliance

Sherry: but she doesn’t have what you do have

Darshana: hahahhahahahahhahhhahh



Sherry: but I like simplicity so I would like to be you and get enough joy


Sherry: and there should be something like personal relation

Darshana: sex , why you need personal relations , go and try on tulika


: AMSherry: no I want the one whom I am talking to

Darshana: It’s not a sale

Sherry: I don’t want scrap material standard items only

Darshana: I m giving u the better one

Bbye, lets sleep now

Darshana: I am going to Lonavla tomorrow

Sherry: ok I will do something in dreams , will chocolate flavor do ?

:Darshana: how you will look without a jaw will it be fine ?


Darshana: what chocolate cake ,ice cream ?

Sherry: no

: Sherry: It’s not a food item

Darshana: then ???????????????

Sherry: think

Darshana: See I am already fed up creating these innovative PPT’s , I will take your help ,I know your thought process is totally different


Sherry: Flavored security guard

Darshana: I don’t know


Sherry: It comes in flavor when it goes inside the lady feel the taste

Darshana: hahhahahahhahahhahahah , now let me sleep , taste hehe , ok I am going to sleep now


Sherry: Don’t rub the clitoris too much

Darshana: No , you shut up and control your amazon kindle , You can rape a girl with your talks only , bbye good night .

Darshana: hi


Sherry: hi

Darshana: so the broken man how are you

Sherry: I am somewhat good now what about you ,

Darshana: I am fine shine

Sherry: k I am not able to see you online these days ?

Darshana: yup , the time is the constraint what should I do

Sherry: kk


Darshana: so had your dinner yes ,

Sherry: yes and its totally vegetarian

Darshana: gud, at least there is something that is vegetarian in your life what else is totally ..

Hey you want to discuss some problem at that time I was in hurry so not able to listen to you properly so what’s the problem with you

Sherry: Yes

Darshana: what happened

Sherry: Yup sp much tension at that time I bought 2 gb of Porn and no movie to receive the guard of Honour

Darshana: want to kill you , I thought there was something serious and I was thinking the whole day about that , You are too much you idiot

Sherry: But that time it was the main problem so I thought better to discuss it with you .

Form last three days I was watching chankaya

Darshana: chanakya ?????????? are you mad

Sherry: What to be mad in that it was a good serial at least Doordarshan has broadcasted the something where Brahmins are respected like kings else we all get only reservation people to be respected unwillingly .

Darshana: hahaahhahahahhaha , I thought its is also something related to your adult entertainment .

Sherry: See how much your mind is into adultery.


Darshana: hahhahahhahaa , I can’t expect something which does not have and adultery in it so I thought that its also somewhat like this .

Sherry: k

Darshana: HUMMMMMM you say more

Sherry: There is nothing new at my side

Darshana: How can it be possible you have something with you always and what about that dirty group is it going good

Sherry: no the group owner has caught by some so its deleted now

Darshana So what more than that

Sherry: nothing my parents saying every time get married get married

Darshana: So get married , its the correct time and also every time you are excited for sex

Sherry: not now

Darshana: why so any specific reason for that ?

Sherry: I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life ,

1Darshana: aren’t you able to keep her happy ?

Sherry: I cant marry anyone only for sex

Darshana: you will forgot everything when you get a good girl

Sherry: It’s not like that

Darshana: yes it is admit it , but the girl should be kind enough .

Sherry: how you define kindness

Darshana: who can understand you and many things are also there .

Sherry: k , get to go somewhere bbye

















Darshana: hello how are you , tell me what’s going on at your side , Mr. Cool is looking busy Sherry: Ms Hottie is always busy and no news from many days .

: Darshana: It’s not like that how come I remain busy for you , I was not good with health .

And you know my internet its run as fast as a tortoise.

Sherry: sms

: Darshana: I was trying to type some sms but it transferred to Urdu line of order.

Sherry: hehhe

Darshana: and from many days I was at my home just returned here on last Friday,

Sherry: k, what happened to you, are you interested in a job change it has been a year you are doing with the education industry? Hey you disappear again.

: Darshana: I am cooking food to; I went for two days only and got sick so have to remain there for 20 days,

: Sherry: Laptop in Kitchen , Oh so the prince charming had make an visit is it so ?

Darshana: hahhahahahhahaahha, What a guess, you are to smart, I went for two days but to meet the prince charming but have to go for hospitalization and therefore it changes into a multiplication of 10 .

Sherry: what did that guy did to you that make you to 20 days on a hospital bed??????

Darshana: take a pause for a while have to cook some chapatti.

Sherry: ok, so interested in a job change

: Darshana: no I will do something which is final, wait for sometime

Sherry: OK , let me know after you thought process comes to end there is a good opening at noida and its not a big brand insurance too .

: Darshana: hi, where you lost

Sherry: still in your service Madam , you do one thing just browse that job portal there are some good jobs for you if you want to relocate , So what did the guy said ???

Darshana: he said yes.

Sherry: and what about you?

: Darshana: hahahha , I put the ball in my parents court so when Mr,cool is planning to get married ,

Sherry: I will take time , I don’t know anything , want to grow some more in career , an asst professor in 27 years of age it looks like we are watching HUM LOG on a 3D Plasma screen.

: Darshana: ok and what about your WIP when she is getting married , Career Its already set do you want more money to earn and then getting married .

: Sherry: Yes, I want to buy a car again my dad had sold the one we had , her marriage is postponed for some days I thought it was scheduled to be on the 3rd of this month

Darshana: ok

Sherry: and what’s WIP she had a boyfriend from many years and she love him a lot ,

: Darshana: shah, I apologize for that hehe , don’t worry you will get a girl who will lobe you till that time you arrange a car for her ,

Sherry: hmm

Darshana: hahhaahhahahha


Sherry: Hey I want to tell you that there is a student in our college she always message me love you my sweet , love you my fatty boy

Darshana: Many of the boys from your batch get married this year.

Sherry: Yes, how many girls’ lives are destroyed hehe?

Darshana: hahahahahahahahaha, who is that girl

Sherry: I don’t know why she talks like that, did she like me as a friend as an elder brother or she has some other approach

Darshana: hahahaaah

Sherry: I clearly told her that how am I and what kind of guy I am

:Darshana: Hehe No girl will say my sweet boy to her elder brother or friend.

Hhahahaahhaaha , then what she said

Sherry: she said that I want to tell you something but as I am elder than her she wouldn’t be saying anything , then she said that I want a guy like you who loved me so much , why don’t you let me introduce to any of your cousin , I replied that I am the only option so she sad she don’t want any second hand item

: Darshana: hahhahahhahahahahah ,, but you are virgin guy a good one who don’t cheat girls but directly asked them to do so . hehe

: Sherry: You know I am a semi-virgin hehe .

: Darshana: but it doesn’t matter so much

Sherry: So doesn’t matter for you too ?? tell me when I can reach your place


: Darshana: stop I don’t love you.

Sherry: even she doesn’t love me.

Darshana: Yes she does but she is afraid of something and that’s why she told like this.

Sherry: She is a student leave her , It happens the skill of the teacher is to get into minds so its an shadow on there mind to like people like this and somehow I got the stage so early

: Darshana: Yes she does but slightly she is confused

Sherry: I told her yesterday that a friend of mine was saying that I am taking your advantage and we should not talk like this so she replied ok give me her number there is nothing like that this all is seed of your mind , You say more ?

Darshana: You will never get on the track sherry , hey I have to leave for a meeting so need to take a bath , bbye for now ,





Sherry Hi how are you so got a new job try something for me too

Darshana Do I have to help you . hehe I know how good you are why don’t you try in some metro city there are enough opportunities for people like you .

Sherry Your work is too deal with that recruiters me also had a diploma in that you let me know if something comes in your way

Darshana OK, But we do only recruitments

Sherry So put me on that then

Darshana Do you know how to do programming java c++, c or oracle me?

Sherry No I know to play with minds only, I know how to sell and how to recruiter

Darshana You

Sherry What me?

Darshana you are crazy

Sherry What I did know

Darshana So what more

Sherry Just searching for a better job and all the life is already set.

Darshana Mine is playing acrobatics and you know why it is so.

Sherry don’t think so much on that, it was already written

Darshana Sometimes I feel that why It happens with me only,

Sherry It means that there is something good going to be happen with you,

Darshana I don’t feel so

Sherry Yes it happens you have scene me the most practical example







Darshana I am fed up of facing problems in life again and again just a new problem I know what the whole life had played with you but I am having a detestation with boys know , I hate boys ,

Sherry hehe .

Darshana Yes you can laugh what else someone can do

Sherry See when We start chatting ad our friendship was at initial stage I always told you that I don’t have a girl friend who loves me know now you can see Rinisha came and she love me a lot .

Darshana Its not all about to get love or not Its all about that why people betray, why do they say I love you when they don’t mean to do so why people betray why they betray sherry tell me ?

Sherry It’s a good thing that you can find in the initial stage what happened if you find that the person you marry start betraying you after you both have tied the knots , It would be more painful for you , you should thank God for this .

Darshana and apart from that I am getting tortured emotionally I cant be harsh to people I don’t know why I am like this you tell me is it my fault that people betray me because I am not able to be harsh with them or that if you expect something from a person you give them the right to stay in your life and control it and at the end they feel that they are better than us tell me sherry .

Sherry Why don’t you talk to rinisha she have the ability to good very harsh as she love me a lot .

Darshana Good, God bless you both.

Sherry So what more you say

Darshana What more I should say , Wait for a while just have to attend a call .

Sherry This call took ages, did Mahesh Bhatt called you to discuss murder 2 story?

Darshana No I was just sitting silent

Sherry People who came on social sites and remain silent should be punished and I feel capital punishment is the right choice for them as they are insulting Mark .







Darshana Hehe , How come you get these thoughts who make me laugh at least .

Sherry This is something not come from the mind of Mr.cool this is something has to be understood if you logged in a chat site it means that you have to chat .

· 11 May 2012


Darshana Hello how is you?

Sherry Hello so how was your day? & what’s going at your end? So where have. You been disappeared, be always in touch, you know I am concerned about you

Darshana Ohhh , So didn’t you found someone to make a fool today ?

Sherry even when I care for friends they have a complaint on that too.

Darshana Yes , but you I am not habitual of getting this friend like behavior from you .


· 6 June 2012


Sherry Now she had gone and will marry someone else so I am back on the track hope you will be aware and keep your pictures protected from my eyes

10 June 2012



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