Two Personalities Apart

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A story about two people, completely different people, falling in love because they were forced to stay together, no joke. Both held captive by a friend for a year, they are forced to get to know each other and work things out. In the end, a surprise comes along, due to a scientists new discovery, and they forge each other into something new.

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



I never really thought about it before... I never thought about how you could possibly fall in love with someone you didn't even like, someone totally different from you, someone you wouldn't be caught hanging around with. I didn't think it was even possible. Sure, he was cute, but... I still didn't think it was possible even the slightest bit. I thought he was different by a long slide, a very long slide. I thought he was a freak all because he wore makeup, all because he was different. Who knew that he and I would fall for each other, all because we were forced to.

He came to our school around, maybe, a third of the way through the year. He was the quiet one. He always hung out by himself. He only talked to Melissa, his name was Xavier Goldman. I liked this guy named Greg, he was the popular guy, you know? Well, there was complication between Xavier, Greg, and Melissa. The thing that made me hate Xavier so much, well actually, let's begin there.

Something thudded against the locker next to me, it was my friend Melissa. "What?" I asked. She looked surprisingly like she was in love. "Nothing... just a guy..." she giggled. "Which guy? The one you hang around so much?" I asked laughingly. "No, and he's not that bad if you get to know him!" she cried. "Yeah right, because I'd actually like a guy who probably cuts himself and listens to morgue music," I said rolling my eyes. She raised her eyebrows, "He doesn't listen to morgue music! I told you, it's rock! You'd like it!" "Yeah right." I said doubtingly. "Ok, so his name is Tim, and he's extremely cute!" she cried. "Melissa, I don't feel very good!" I cried. "Ok tell you later then," she sighed happily.

Greg walked over. My chest started to feel heavy. Melissa rolled her eyes. "Hey," he said. "Hey," I giggled."I was thinking about maybe inviting you over to my house for a party?" he asked. I looked to Melissa for advice, but she had disappeared. Before I could get a word out, the new student, Xavier, came striding over. He looked exasperated, but then again, I couldn't see his eyes.

"Sarah can't go," Xavier said sternly. "Who are you to decide? What? Are you her brother, or something?" Greg asked looking at Xavier as if he were a piece of trash. "No, he's not, but..." I replied quickly, though Melissa quickly cut in. "She can't her mom's in the hospital!" I glared at them, I knew they were trying to diverge his attention elsewhere. "No, I'm..." I tried again. "No, she's busy," Melissa kept pressing. "Um, it sounds like your pretty busy," Greg said annoyed.

What the heck?" I cried, "Since when does the gothic boy cut in on my decisions?" "It was just in case," Melissa replied looking worried. I looked at Xavier, behind his long hair I couldn't tell what his expression was, he just pressed his lips together into a firm line. "Honestly, Melissa. I didn't need the morgue man to help me out! Stay out of this, you know how much I've wanted to go out with Greg!" I cried. "I know, but Xavier and I don't like Greg, we don't trust him. He's broken a lot of girls' hearts. He's been known to rape people. Anyway, there will be other people... Like... Like Xavier!" she smiled. "No!" we both cried. We both stormed off in different directions. Wrong way, we both stormed off in the opposite direction. For that, we never talked ever, well not that we ever did talk, but still, we never did. Until the one day Melissa invited me over.

"So, your not still mad at Xavier are you? It's been at least... maybe a month?" she asked trying to remember. "Oh, I'm still mad, we're sworn enemies now," I fumed. "You do know it wasn't his fault, right?" she asked me. "It was his fault for listening to you and backing you up," I muttered. "Now Greg won't talk to me. He's tried but your boyfriend keeps stopping him. It's funny how he listens to your every command," I told her gritting my teeth. "Calm down," She said. I did what I was told, Melissa was good at taming people. I don't know how but she was. "Want to come over?" she asked. "Sure," I sighed.

I heard the microwave popping popcorn. Great! Just what I needed... then I saw Melissa and Xavier pop out of the kitchen, my happiness and relief disappeared. Yeah, I was mad, very mad... I was about to leave when Xavier grabbed me by the arm, he held me in a grip so strange, I froze in place. Then I knew, we were going to be here for a while. My friend was known for her get along skills, too. This was what made her a freak. Though, everyone loved her so much. This is probably because all the people she kept captive ended up as a couple and that she was always there for somebody. So, as soon as I figured it out, I answered viciously, "We'renot falling in love, we'renot going to talk to each other..." "Don't worry about it," Melissa cried.

That day was pretty interesting, we did nothing but watch movies, I didn't know Xavier was so emotional, well he was, of course, emo as some people called it. Emo for emotional. But, we watched sappy love movies the whole time, Xavier cried... once or twice. Though, some of the movies we watched were quite odd... some of them were funny, some were... well anyway you get the point.

When I went to bed that night, I had to think about Xavier, I felt bad for him. I didn't know why, but I did. I had a feeling he had a bad experience or something. I wondered of I would ever find someone better than Greg... was there really anyone that loving? Was there anyone who loved you more than themselves, more than the mp3 player they loved and had, more than their car, more than their own dog? That was Greg, I didn't know it at the time, but now I know, Greg was that kind, a cheater, a heartbreaker.

I awoke to the sound of a band... in the garage... a band... in the garage... what? Melissa didn't have any siblings... I got up sleepily, this band was pretty good, the lead singer... was awesome... I walked to the garage door in my pajamas not worrying about what they would think. I opened the door, what do you know... Xavier's the lead singer singing to Wayward Son by Kansas. He had a guy beating the drums, Melissa behind him watching his every move, must be that Tim guy. He didn't look that bad, I guess Melissa was right, would she be right about Xavier? Xavier was also a guitarist, and boy was he good... I watched for a moment until Xavier noticed I was there, I thought I caught a glimpse of his eyes... they were... I couldn't explain to well. "Did we wake you?" he asked me. I was stunned for a moment, well, not even stunned, I think Imighthave been charmed... But, it only lasted a second, until I got sour that is. "Yes, yes you did!" I fumed. "Melissa, where's the cereal?" I stared at Xavier obviously mad he was still there. "In the cabinet to the left of the fridge," she told me. "Thanks," I sighed, trying to get ahold of my thoughts.

"Are you ok?" a voice asked form behind me. "I'm fine..." I said, turning around to find a blonde boy clearly concerned. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Tim. Melissa's boyfriend..." he replied. "Oh, the drummer..." I said slowly. The guy kind of creeped me out. "So, how did you meet Melissa?" I asked, kind of annoyed. "Oh, you didn't know that Xavier was Melissa's adopted brother?" Tim asked. "No. No I didn't," I said. "Oh, well, we were practicing and Melissa came in and brought us lunch. I swear, she's falling head over heels for me, but eh this won't last very long," Tim said. "Why not?" I asked curious. "Because, there are other girls out there... way better girls..." he grinned, and I knew exactly what he was thinking, it was disgusting. I had to tell Melissa. So, that night I did.

"Melissa, do you trust your boyfriend?" I asked her. "Yeah, don't you?" she replied. "Um, maybe..." I replied slowly. "Why not?" she asked concerned. "Because he told me that he was going to find a better girlfriend..." I told her, "I'm so sorry. I know you like him... but that's what he said, no jokes." "It's ok. Honestly, that wasn't the right Tim..." she laughed. "What?" I asked astonished. Xavier and Melissa were laughing themselves sick. "But, his name was Tim! He said, well, he said what I just told you!" I replied. "My cousin is named Melissa, he was dating my cousin... and he was just kidding about that, he would never break up with her. He was also teaching me how to play the drums. Since I was the new drummer, he was retiring from the band all because my cousin was having a kid..." she laughed. I didn't get why it was so funny. It was stupid to be honest. I nervously laughed. I just embarrassed myself in front of my friend and my mortal enemy. Great, what else could ruin my day? Oh, yeah, later that day, I fell asleep and they played a prank on me... well, Melissa did. I at least respected the fact that Xavier didn't participate in the prank and let me sleep, maybe he felt bad for this morning. Days passed, things happened. I seemed to feel more secure and better when Xavier was around. I saw Greg, but I didn't feel the way I used to around him. I started to feel strange around Xavier more and more often. I started to actually feel bad for him,

I turned on the television to find out there was a new way to get pregnant... This was bad, very bad... Melissa could just ask Xavier to pee in a cup and then she could have me drink it, then I'd get pregnant... Lovely... I know this doesn't sound right. To me, it doesn't sound right either. I wanted to ring that scientists neck... I guess I'd have to keep Melissa from the news, for awhile, but being Melissa, I don't think I would be able to keep that up for very long.

"Hey Sarah! Guess what?" Melissa said dashing out into her living room. "What?" I asked nervously, knowing she had a TV in her mom's old room, but her mother died so she doesn't own the room and her dad ran away when she was like ten, but she's happy anyway. "Were you watching the news?" she asked me. "Maybe..." I replied. "So, you know about that pee in a cup thing don't you?" she asked me smiling. "Yeah I do, so now I won't accept any drinks you give me..." I murmured. She frowned.

I always wondered about Melissa's house. There were a few rooms that I had never seen. Melissa went out for the day to get some groceries and supplies. I walked to the other end of the house. This was where Melissa's mom's room belonged. This end was the oldest and contained all the old things, all the memories. Melissa always went back here. But, she never went into the spare bedroom with me. i figured that it was probably her dad's old man cave or something because she never really went into her dad's room. She never liked him at all. I went in one day, but I didn't like it very much either. I wasn't totally sure if the spare bedroom was Xavier's because Tim said that Xavier was Melissa's adopted brother.

I headed to the end of the hallway, I heard music. I fallowed the music, it lead me to the spare bedroom. I decided to enter. As I entered the spare bedroom I noticed that the room was decorated as if someone had moved in. There was a bed in the middle of the left wall... I saw a boy... it was Xavier. He was lying on the bed rocking his head and feet to the beat, that is until he saw me, then he got up and stared at me. Well I don't know if he was staring, his eyes were covered. "Is this your room?" I asked. "I don't know what do you think?" he snapped. "Sorry... I just wasn't totally sure..." I murmured. I decided to let myself in. "I think we started out on the wrong foot. I was mad because I liked this Greg guy. It's been at least a month now. I'm sorry I disliked you so much..." I said embarrassed by my own behavior. "It's ok. I've been kind of quiet... well, I'm quiet anyway... I don't know, it's fine. I'm sorry I got in between you and Greg, and I'm sorry I snapped at you," he mumbled. "It's ok, do you mind if I stay a little?" I asked. "Sure," he said smiling. This was the first time I actually saw him smile. When he laughed he always faced the other way. I liked it. His smile was... enchanting.

He turned on the music and we started rocking out. After we watched more sappy movies, in the middle of Letter's to Juliet...

"Do you believe that you could fall in love with someone you didn't like before?" he asked me. I looked at him. It felt like a fairy tale. It felt magical. "Yeah, it's most definitely possible," I replied. Suddenly, next thing I know, I'm getting kissed. I open my eyes and catch a look at his eyes. I break the bond between our lips. He looked down. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "It's fine," I said astonished, "It's just, your eyes, their..." "Stupid... they're stupid!" he cried angrily. "No they aren't. You can't control your eye color. Not unless you get contacts, but you don't need to cover your eyes. People can laugh, I'll stick up for you. They are adorable! I love them, they're my favorite color. I love neon blue... really I do!" I laughed. "Really?" he asked setting his hand on mine. "Really," I said sweeping the hair from his eyes. "They're beautiful..." I mumbled. Again, next thing I know, I'm being kissed, passionately. It actually increased to something else... but I won't get into details... We woke up with a knocking on his door, then we heard Melissa's voice. We ignored her until she came bursting in...

"Melissa, we can explain..." I tried to say. She grinned. "You guys are in love... It's been a month since you said you wouldn't, both of you. But, you are! You're both in love! I have to go call a wedding planner!" before we could say anything else, she dashed off. She returned a few minutes later with a pregnancy test. "Take this..." she said. I accepted the offer. The test turned out positive. I was going to have a baby...

"Xavier!" I screamed. He came running up, he didn't wait he just barged in. Luckily, I was done. "What?" he asked. "I'm pregnant!" I told him. He was thrilled. He could wait until it was born. "Before we do anything else we have to have a wedding and we have to go to the doctors!" he cried. "Wait, we have to have a weddingbeforethe baby is born?" I asked. "Well... actually we should have it after. So, she can be there when we get married. I know this is kind of stupid that you're getting pregnant at like nineteen, but I'm ultimately happy about this." he said firmly. "I'm going to need you parents' number." he told me. "Why?" I asked. "Because, we have to tell them the news..." He replied. "My parents are dead. I live with my sister. She's going to enjoy this..." I muttered.

The nine months went by, we got married. Xavier stayed with me through the whole thing. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Sarabeth. She grew up to have her own kids, and Xavier and I lived until we both died of old age. I know I'm telling you all this, and that I'm dead, but... eh, Heaven's complicated. We're still together today. Watching our grand babies and their grand babies... We're living happily ever after... I had him cut his hair and show off his eyes, and no one laughed, all because I protected him from the insult they would have thrown out. They knew me, so they didn't try to bug him. Funny how you could possibly protect the ones you love like that. Funny how when your friends with someone you just suddenly respect their friends and their partners... How do you treat your friends? If you treat them like crap... then maybe you should reconsider or else you won't have them for very long. Let your heart make the decisions, in the end, you'll probably find a suitable spouse instead of a heart breaker, you're better off that way...

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