The little Girl-

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She think the only way to survive her misery is to run away.

The little girl

The other day, I met a little girl. I saw her sit down all alone. And I saw a bag right beside her. And her eyes was really red, I saw her, I wanted to approach to her to

Ask her what’s wrong. So I went and sat down close to her. I said hello to her

She did not answer, but I tried to get her attention, by telling her what happen to me to when I was a little kid. But in my mind I knew she was listening. Then I saw tears fell down her eyes and she looked at me. Then I asked her why is she sat here all alone and crying.

Then she said her parents just got divorce. She said her father doesn’t love her and he’s always beating her. And she loves her mother very much. But her mom comes to be a drug addict and she’s always in the streets she got no time for her.

Then her mom promised her that she would change her ways.

But now her mother just got a new boyfriend. She took her boyfriend in to live with her, but he doesn’t even have a job. But now ever since they start living together, he’s always beating and slapping her in front of her daughter. But the little girl didn’t like the way that he was treating her mother. When she tried to help her mother. Then he pushed the little girl against the wall really hard then she fell to the ground, he didn’t even feel sorry for her.

then one day her mom went to work and the little girl went to school.but her mom boyfriend didn't go no where.when the little girl open the door when she saw him, she tried to run away.but he already grabbed her by her clothes. and he start touching the little girl. then he said don't evenmove. 'cause if you do I will kill you but the little girl. the little girl did not listen so she start screaming for help,and hoping her mother would come to save her.but there was no one around to help her. she screamed somebody please come and help me please.but then he put his hand over her mouth so she couldn't make a sound.he raped the little girl, she said "NO" stop it.but he don't listen to her.then he said this is our secret tell no one,not your mom,your best friend,not even a single soul.he screamed at her and said do you hear me,he's hitting her against the floor and slapping her until she she said she would tell no one.then he said if you tell your mother I will F****** kill your precious mother that she is to you.then he screamed at her again and say go to your room now.

when her mother come from work. The little girl didn't go to her mother to say hello

she locked herself inside her room like her step-dad told her to.

and her mother went to her room to knocked on the door but she did not open.she lied and say that she is doing her homework.then the next day she go to school but fake smile to everyone who tried to say hi to her.and the teachers.and she sat alone by herself at lunch time.

she had no one to talk to her. but now she's thinking to herself if she tried to talk to her mom, about what happen.

she might not trust her. and only her soul can understand how she felt.but she didn't know what to do. when school is over she went to the rest room and cut all over arm with a blazer.

then when she got home late that day.ther she saw her mom and her step-dad sitting at the couch laughing.

when she got home she say hello to her mom only.then run to her room,but her mom was taking drugs again with her step-dad so she didn't care about what happen to her daughter.

her mother don't know the pain she be going through

with her new step-dad.she loved her mother so much,that she afraid to tell her what happen so she don't get killed.

then later that night her mother come in her room and ask her if she's ok.she lied and say yes she's ok. then her mother tried to hug her good-night but tears was falling down her eyes.

then the next day her step-father had to go to his friends house and her mother didn't go to work. so she skip her school day just 'cause she could tried to talk to her mom.but when she told her mom everything that had happen to her,accept her cutting herself.her mom did not believe her.she thought the little girl was making it up,'cause her boyfriend always tell her that he loved her and he would never hurt the little girl.

but she tell her mom to keep quiet if not he's going to kill both of them.

will be continued...

Submitted: September 06, 2008

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very emotive....good work

Tue, September 30th, 2008 9:10pm


thank you

Wed, October 1st, 2008 3:00am


very emotional..let me know when there's more! :)

Sat, October 11th, 2008 12:49pm



Sat, October 11th, 2008 6:52am


tis is an emotinal piece and i have tears in my eyes...

Fri, December 19th, 2008 5:31am


i'm sorry to hear that.

Fri, December 19th, 2008 6:15am

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