Upon Waking In Equestria

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A fanfic that has ben in the works for about a month now and I decided to put it up!

Submitted: March 11, 2016

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Submitted: March 11, 2016



I woke up in my bed this morning to a sound that has never been heard in my bedroom before. Snoring. I never had snored before, maybe once or twice while I was sick, but never on a regular basis. So as I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling, I realized that it wasn't my ceiling. As I slowly looked to the source of the sound, a look of pleasant surprise found itself on my face. Sleeping there, next to me, in my bed, was Bab Apple. I rubbed my eyes praying that this wasn’t a dream, and when I opened them, there she was , still snoring away. I looked to my left at where I kept my alarm clock and was surprised to find that it was 8:00. Wasn't the sun supposed to be up? As if my thoughts had been read the sun rose into the sky. Waiiiit, if I’m where I think I am then the sun just got raised by Celestia! Babs began to stir then, and i went to rub my face again and realize that my hand is actually a hoof. I sat staring at my hand and failed to notice that Babs had woken up.”Morning Hun.” Babs said in her Manehatten accent as she rubbed the sleep away from her eyes. “Hun?” I said sleepily.”Yea, hun as in hunny? Are you still that tired?”

“Yeah I guess so.” I said, thoughts racing through my mind. Wait are Babs and I dateing? Or… Are we married?

“Hey Babs , what’s my name?”

“Are you alright? Ya acting a little odd today.”

“I’m Ok. Better than Ok. I think. But really whats my name?”

“Your name is Shattered Dimensions. There ya happy?”

“Yeah thank you. It just escaped me for a moment.”

“Alright, well I’m gonna get somethin to eat, you wanna join?”

“Do we have coffee?”

“I swea you ask that evry morning, Yea we do hun.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.”

“I love ya, no matter how weird you get.’’ Babs said with a concerned smile as she walked out of the room.

Falling back onto the pillows, I think of what just occurred. First off my name is Shattered Dimensions. Why would my name be that? Two am I in equestria right now, or am I just dreaming something fierce?  Just then a bright flash of light that I instantly recognised as a teleportation spell shattered the peace of the room. There standing in front of me,  mane flowing, was Celestia.

“You might want to close your mouth, it’s unbefitting of you.”

I shut my mouth that I hadn't realized had fallen open and managed to get three words out.

“Y-Your P-Princess Celestia!”

“Why yes I am, how are you feeling today Shatter?”

Still struggling to get words out, I gasp ”I don’t r-really know, P-Princess.”

“This all must come as a shock to you, but try not to freak out.”

“It’s kinda hard not to freak out! I woke up in Equestria!”

“That may be true but there’s no reason to freak out. This is what you wanted, right?”

“Well yes! Of course! It was just so sudden, that's all.”

“It will take you a while to fit in, so try to take it easy. You’ll be needed at the factory soon, tho.”

“Wait, like THE factory?”

“The Rainbow factory in Cloudsdale, yes.”

“Do I work in the back?Like the creating rainbows back?”

“Yes, You are a Scientist pony working on alternate ways of creating rainbows, to replace the… current system of rainbow creation. You’re on contract for 6 months and 12 million bits.”

At this statement, my mouth practically hit the floor.

“T-t-twelve MILLION bits?!?!?!?!”

“Is that too little? We could arrange for more if you like.”

“N-no, 12 million s-should be fine.”

“Great! I’ll let you get settled for a week before your contract starts. Sounds fair?”

“Yeah I should  be able to get the hang of my hooves by then. I hope.”

“Any other questions before I go?”

“A few. One: are Bab’s and I married?”

“Why Yes, I married you two myself.”

“Ok, two: did I live in Manehatten?”

“After you turned 16, you moved to Manehatten from Ponyville for three years, before accepting the contract and moving back to Ponyville. Last night was your first night back, so all your old friends and family will not be surprised if you have a hard time remembering names.”

“Ok, that's really helpful. One last question.”

“What is it?”

“Why am I here? This is literally a dream come true, don’t get me wrong, it’s just… Confusing.”

“That is for you to find out, my dear Shatter.My duties call, and I must leave, Fare thee well Shattered Dimentions, May you find your time here filled with magic of all kinds.”

And in another bright flash of light, Celestia had left.

I hear Babs call from what I assume is downstairs,“Hey hun, Your coffee’s ready.”

“Coming!” I yell back as I climb out of bed unsteadily. Slowly I start walking like a newborn foal out of the bedroom to the hallway, wobbling precariously down the stairs, and getting to what I hope is the ground floor. I think I’m slowly getting the hang of walking with four legs instead of two. Still tho its gonna take some getting used to. I doubt I’ll be ready by the end of my one week. Wait, how will I get up to Cloudsdale? I look back towards my flank to see a set of wings on my back. Now I gotta learn to fly too?!?! Auggg. I just want some coffee, let's see if i can find my wife.

After stumbling around the house, I come across Babs cooking in the kitchen. “G’a Morning hun, ya feelin betta?” Babs asks me. “Yeah a little better, I think.”

“Well that’s good ta hear, your coffee is on the table.”

“Thank you so much dear. I haven't needed a cup of coffee this bad in years.”

“Yea, when you were up all night working on yoa science proof thingys. You needed coffee almost more than you needed to breath.”

Suddenly a flash of images,sounds, equations, and emotions raced through my mind, reminding me of that night, and instantly I remembered what the proofs I was writing where about.

“Transdimensional equations. That one was a pain in the hindquarters, but there you where coffee in hand, at that pivotal moment. Your coffee saved that paper and my reputation in the scientific community, So I thank you deeply my dear.” And thank you whatever that was for reminding me of it.

“Awe thanks sweetie.” Babs said as she was starting to blush.

I started to walk awkwardly over to the table and tried to sit down. When I finally managed to take a seat, Babs pushed a cup of coffee my way.

“There you go hun, Black like you like it.”

“You are the absolute best. I love you so much.” I said reaching for the coffee. After sliding it towards me I tried to get it to my face but couldn't. With a sigh, I put my mouth in the mug and started lapping up the scalding coffee.

“You having trouble with your coffee this morning?”

“Yeah I’m having trouble with everything this morning.”

“You’ll get back into the swing of things, don’t worry. Oh, right don’t forget we’re gonna meet Dashing Heart for lunch today.”

“Oh, right! What would I do without you?”

“I don’t think you would have as much trouble as you think, hun.”

“Awe your so sweet.”

“I Gotta head to the Shop here soon, I’ll see ya at lunch with Dashing Heart.”

“I’ll see you later Babs, I love you.”

“I’ll see you later too hun, and I love yea more.”

“I wouldn't start on that if i were you.”

Smiling Babs walked out the front door. Sighing, I ease back into my chair and attempt to drink the rest of my coffee, to no avail. This all is gonna take a lot of getting used to. I guess i’m gonna have to learn to walk normal quickly so I can learn to fly. This is gonna be difficult, but i can do it.

With a bit of a struggle I get off my chair and onto the floor. I start to stumble as I try to walk but slowly I begin to gain confidence with every stride. Soon I’m doing laps in my house, stumbling or tripping only once or twice every time around.

“Well at least I’ve improved a bit. Let’s see if i can handle stairs.”

I start to climb the stairs and end up tripping halfway up and falling all the way back down the stairs. Lying on the floor I let out an exasperated sigh and get back to my shaky feet.

“Well stairs are gonna take forever.”I say out loud to myself. Just then a loud thump resonates from behind me. I turn around to see Rainbow Dash’s face pushed against the window.

“How are you today bro?”says Rainbow Dash, face still stuck to the window

“I am more worried about you at the current moment. Are you ok?”

“Yeah just had a little mishap cuz the windows in your house aren’t open. That’s all.”

“Do you wanna come inside? Or is that widow really comfy?”

“I’ll come inside if that’s fine.”

“Just use the door this time, Ok?”

“Fine.” Rainbow replies, unsticking her face from the window. I walk unsteadily over to my front door to greet her. Rainbow walks in a little unsteadily, shaken by the impact with the window.

“So how are you today sis? Apart from the window of course.”

“I’m great, tho I’d be better if the mail wasn’t so slow. I’m still waiting to hear from the Wonderbolts.”

“Gosh, that must suck sis.”

“You’re telling me, it’s been three days!”

“That’s a long time to wait sis. It must be tiring”

“I know right? But anyways, back to  why I’m here. Welcome back to Ponyville!”As she said this she threw her arms into the air.

Slightly blushing I reply, “Awe thank you sis, I’m so happy to have a warm welcome back!”

“Awe thanks Sis! So is that all, or is there something else?”

“One last thing.”

As she says this she pulls me into a warm embrace.

“Welcome back Shatter, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too Rainbow, it’s great to be back.”

She finally releases me and says “Hey I gotta go, I’ll see you around, Right?”

“Of course you will. Till then Rainbow.”

“Adios!”Rainbow yells as she flies out the door.

"Later sis!"I reply as Rainbow Dash flies out the door. As I struggle to get to my feet again, I look around the room, noting that there are a lot of boxes to unpack.
"Christ this is gonna be a long day." I say aloud, to myself. I find a better footing and try trotting again, slowly getting into a rhythm. (I feel like I'm getting better, but I haven't been outside yet.)I think discouragingly. As I make another lap around the house, I hear a faint flapping noise, slowly getting louder. As I trot awkwardly to the front door, I look outside to see that my house is floating! Why would I get a house Babs  can't get down from? Then I realize that there is a staircase, and almost slap my face. I stop myself halfway when I hear the flapping come really close. Then, landing with a thump on my doorstep, was Derpy. "Oh hai Derpy! I didn't expect to see you till tomorrow."
"Hiya Shatter! I'm just doing my mail wun,and you were on my wist!"
"Well it's good to see you. So what do you have for me today?"
"A wetter fwom Twilight Sparkle."
"From Twilight? Why would she send me a letter?"
" I don't know, but that's for you to find out. I gotta continue on my mail run. So, are we still on for coffee tomorrow?"
"Yup, I can't wait to see you and Dr. Whooves tomorrow." I reply, taking the letter from Derpy.
"Will you wait real quick while I write her a reply?"
"Sure fing, I'll be wight here. "
"Thanks Derpy!"
Now onto this letter from Twilight. What would she be sending me a letter about? I take the letter and open it with my mouth, dropping  the letter to the floor. I splay it open as best I can and begin reading.

Dear Shattered Dimensions,

Celestia told me that you would like some help with magic, and she asked me to help you. When are you able to come by the castle for me to test your magical abilities? I can't wait to see you in person!
Yours truly,
Princess Twilight Sparkle

"Wait magic? Don't I need a... " I reach up to my head and find a unicorn horn. "Horn... Wait I'm an Alicorn... Well this day got even more interesting, and I didn't think that was possible." I trot a little straighter to the kitchen, and start searching for some ink, a quill, and a scroll. I don't find any in the kitchen and start to search the rest of the house. I find what looks like my study and find everything I need. Struggling, I manage to write out a short letter.

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,
I'm free tomorrow after breakfast, so if it's fine I'll come over then.
Forever broken,
Shattered Dimensions

I stumble slightly on my way back to the front room.
"Hey thanks for waiting Derpy!"
"No problem! I'll see you tomorrow!" Replies Derpy, taking  my letter and putting it In her saddle bags. "Well I'm off!"
"See you tomorrow Derpy!"I holler as she flies away.
"I seriously don't know how I didn't realize that I had wings and a horn, like really?" I slowly unfurl my wings, and give them a test flap. "Well at least this comes somewhat naturally." I say aloud. I trot into the kitchen and look at the time. "Jeez it's almost time to leave already, I'm gonna trot a little longer to get a steadier rhythm. But let's get out of the house first." Slowly I trot to the front door and look out over Ponyville. "I now know why I bought this house, the view is magnificent! I can see literally all of Ponyville from here! Wait, over there is the cafe where we're gonna meet Dashing. Jeez that seems like a long way away. It's like on the other side of town! I guess I better get going then."
I cautiously take my first few steps down the stairs, trying not to fall. I make it halfway down this time, then trip and fall the rest of the way. I hit the bottom with an audible "Oof".
Moaning, I say, "I gotta work on my stairs..."  I get back to my feet and start trotting, less awkwardly this time, and get into a smooth rhythm, finally getting the jist of how to trot. I make It across town to the cafe where I'm supposed to meet Dashing and Babs, and take a seat at an empty table. Good to know I can sit smoothly now. At the end of this thought, I hear the lovely Manehatten accent of my wife call out,  "Hey there Hun you're a little early."
"I was feeling cooped up in the house and just wanted to get out and about."
Trotting over to my table she sits down and says, "Looks like you're doing better than this morning."
"Yeah, just needed to stretch my legs was all."
"Well I'm glad your feeling better. Dashing said she was on her way so she should be here soon."
"It's been awhile since we saw her last, the wedding day I think, so will she still recognize us?"
As of answering my question a loud "Rawr" issued from behind me. I turned around to see Dashing Heart, charging at me full speed. When she reached our table she plowed me over, out of my chair, and Rawr'd again.
Sitting on top of me she said, " Hey guys long time no see!"
"Umm, Hi Dashing, could you get off of me?" Babs was giving her a cold stare.
"Oh, Yeah!" She states ecstatically. She jumps off of me and sits in a chair. I struggle up, right my chair, and sit down.
"How have you been Dashing? I haven't seen you since the Wedding day." Says Babs.
"Oh I've been just great, enjoying my time in Ponyville. How about you guys?"
"We've been doing fantastic,"I reply, "it's so nice to be back in Ponyville again."
"I bet! Manehatten can get a little loud sometimes. Only when Pon3 decides to have a concert do things get loud around here."
I flag a waiter over and order a coffee, black of course, and ask the fillies what they would like.
"I'll just have a coffee as well." Replies Babs.
"And I'll have a cider please! " says Dashing.
The waiter leaves and we continue talking. The drinks arrive and we continue talking till the sun starts to set.
"Well I don't know about you two but I have to go to bed, I have an early day tomorrow!"
"We'll see you later Dashing, it was great talking to you."
"Goodnight!" Dashing yells as she walks away.
I look at Babs. "We should get going too, we have to meet Derpy and Dr.Whooves tomorrow morning."
"Yea, I guess so huh." Babs gets up from her seat.
"Geez we've been sitting here for hours, now I'm sore."
I get up from my seat.
"Yeah me to, but should get going while there's still some light."
"Alright cool your hindquarters, I'm coming."
We take a leisurely trot back home, enjoying the night air and each other's company. We arrive back home with no problem, walking up the steps to the front door. I trot up all the steps but end up tripping on the last one and falling on my face. Babs doesn't notice, which I thank Celestia for. I recover and head inside, up the stairs to my bedroom, not tripping this time. Babs is already in bed when I get to the bedroom, so I walk around and collapse on my side of the bed.
"G'nite Hun." Babs says sleepily.
I lean over as best I can and kiss her goodnight.
"Goodnight sweetie, I love you." I say, my eyelids slowly drifting shut.
"I love you too Hun."She says with a smile, but I'm already asleep.

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