Wake Up Please

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A homage to Valentine's Day. Not really good at summary. This story is honestly a rough draft. I am looking to improve upon it. I might make it into a novel. I need tips and advice on everything.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Please Wake Up
It was 11:55 p.m. Snow was falling but it wasn't that bad. The environment was a
scene out of a romantic movie. The day was February 13. A couple was driving
down the highway. They were coming from a party and going home.

Hey, it was a great party. Wasn't it babe? said the girl.

The girl was in an elegant black dress. Her hair tied in a ponytail and her
bangs covering her right eye. On her finger was a beautiful ring with the
engraving "Waking up to see your face"

The guy replied "Yes, mostly because you were there.

The girl had blushed and was about to kiss him until he said "Wait a bit."
Confused, the girl stopped and laid back in her seat. She was a bit

"Now". The guy replied. The girl turned and was caught by surprise with a kiss.
The girl's once opened eyes slowly and slowly closed. It was simply magic. Time
had stood still.

The boy stopped but the girl wanted more. She proceeded but the boy pressed his
fingers to her lips. The boy said "Open your eyes. Look at the time." It was
12:00 a.m.

"Happy Valentine Day, Alexis"
"Happy Valentine Day, Jacob."

He brushed the hair from her face and proceeded to do a quick kiss.

A light then shined in front of the car. A horn was honked and a crash had

Jacob had woken up in a hospital room. Bandages covered his head and he had a
couple of bruises. But overall, he was ok.

He thought to himself over and over again,"What happened?" But the bigger
question came to his mind: "Where's Alexis? and what happened to her?"

Suddenly, a doctor came in and said "Oh! Why hello. How are you feeling?"

Jacob rushed to the doctor and said
"What happened?" "Where's Alexis?" Suddenly, Jacob felt light headed and was
barely able to stand.

"Please sit down, Mr. Anderson. You are still weak from the crash. You and your
passenger were hit head on by a truck. "

What happened to the passenger? What happened to Alexis? What happened to my
fiancé ?" Jacob said desperately.

The doctor turned away but Jacob grabbed his shoulders and said "please". His
eyes were on the verge of tears. With no choice, the doctor said "ok, follow

They went to the intensive care unit and reached Alexis's room. Jacob was happy
that she was still alive. She looked to be in the same shape as he was. He
approached her and said quietly "Alexis". But no response. He tried it again.
But again no response.

"Doc, what happened?"

"The trauma was great. She had received a contusion and is in a coma. I am
sorry. We tried everything we could. We don't know if she will wake up. I must
take my leave. My condolences."

Jacob went to her bed,fell to his knees, and cried. Thinking to himself, "How
did this happened?" " why did this happened?" He thought about yesterday's
events. They went to a party where he proposed to her. It was a party which took
months to prepare. It was a beautiful and romantic night. How did this end in

Jacob stood at her bedside, crying. He cried himself to sleep. He woke up in the
middle of the night due to hearing what sounded like a girl's lament. He went
out to check it. The hospital was dead quiet and the lights were off. The
moon's rays were the only source of light and had illuminated the hallways. The
hospital gave off an eerie and haunted feeling. Reaching the end of a corridor,
he was in a fork in the road. Both paths were covered in shadows so he gave up
and went back to Alexis's room.

But when he turned around, a mysterious figure blocked his path. It was a young
and what looked to be a beautiful woman with a bandage covering her eyes. Tears
were constantly running down her face. She was in a white dress and had black
wings. The boy felt fear but strangely was strongly attracted to her. He felt at
peace. The figure held out a crystal ball which said "please wake up" in
Alexis's voice. But the figure said "It's Okay" "Go to sleep" . Confused, Jacob
asked "What does that mean?". The crystal ball then shined and engulfed him.

Jacob woke up and was back in Alexis's room. "Must have been a dream." It was
morning and sunlight fell on Alexis's face. She was beautiful and that beauty
was radiated in the bask of the sun's glow. Jacob brushed the hair that was in
her face and kissed her forehead. " Good morning". Jacob turned on the t.v. The
channel was automatically on the news. On the tv was the headline "Star-Crossed
Lovers, Tragedy of Valentine's day. A reporter was explaining what had happened
- the crash and the fate of the lovers. The camera then turned to Jacob's
parents. They were crying. Jacob's mother was speaking.

"Oh my God, why did this happened?"
" Poor Alexis"
" Jacob, my son is-----
Not being able to handle it anymore, Jacob turned it off.

Mom , Dad....

Jacob stayed by Alexis's side, never leaving her. He eagerly awaited for her to
wake up. He took care of her every need. Days grew to weeks and weeks into
months. Eventually, a year had passed and Jacob could no longer stay by her
side. With the hospital bills growing, he had to go back to his job.

Heartbreaking as it may be to leave her, he had to. Jacob was a photographer for
a modeling company. This was where he met Alexis. Thinking back, Jacob couldn't
help but smile. He was the best photographer and Alexis was the best model. They
absolutely hated each other and pulled pranks on one another. He remembered this
one time when he dropped a bunch of red paint on the day she wore an expensive
white dress when they were alone. When it happened, Alexis was so mad and they
had a paint fight. Multiple colors covered the set and each other. At the end,
they kissed for the first time. "Funny but I guess it's true, opposites do

While taking pictures of various women, he received the call that Alexis's pulse
was getting slower and slower. He rushed to the hospital. While driving, the
radio was on. It was playing the song "Asleep" by Emily Browning.

Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep
I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed
Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep

And then leave me alone
Don't try to wake me in the morning
'Cause I will be gone

Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I will feel so glad to go

Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep
I don't want to wake up on my own anymore

Despite the adrenaline rush and his heart beating faster and wanting to be with
wife perhaps for the final moments, he started to fall asleep. He saw in the
middle of the road, the mysterious woman he met a year ago. He was about to hit
her so he swerved causing his car to flip. He laid in pain and agony. He was a
bloody mess. He got out of the car. He laid weakly on the side of the road.

"Help.... Someone.... Help...." Jacob was coughing up blood.
" I can't die here..... Must get to Alexis." His vision was getting blurry.
Everything was getting so dark.

Luck for him and ambulance had come. The paramedics picked him up carefully and
put him on the stretcher.

"Hold on sir"

Jacob shook his head. Then he closed his eyes. Next thing he knew he was in the
hospital. He was being rushed to the ER.

"His pulse was getting weaker and he lost so much blood"
"His ribs are broken as well as his left arm."
"Head trauma to the brain"
"Quickly to the ER".

"No, stop. I want to be with Alexis"
"I won't survive so at least let me spend my last moments with her" Jacob said
"The patient is delusional. Quickly to the ER."

In the ER, doctors and nursing were prepping for surgery. When the doctor was
about to open up the patient with a scalpel. Miraculously, Jacob grabbed the
scalpel out of his hand and held a nurse hostage. "Back away all of you."

"Please sir, we are trying to help you."
Jacob then proceeded to run out desperately.
He went into the elevator and collapsed as he waited for the destination. He
went out, crawling slowly and slowly toward Alexis's room. He left a trail of
blood. When he got to her room, he struggled to get to his feet to open the
knob. He collapsed again. He crawled to her bed, resting in the chair near her
bed. He grabbed her hand.

"Hey, I made it. You believe it.... Hahaha. So this it, I guess.

Jacob started crying.

"I'm sorry, this is all my fault." " I robbed from you the life you should of
have. It seems that I wasn't good enough for you. I didn't protect you. Sorry. I
guess growing old together wasn't part of the plan. You were the best thing in
my life. You were my first love. With his last bit of strength, he went up and
kissed her forehead and said "See you in the morning". "Goodbye my love."

Jacob sat back in his seat and laid motionless. Unknown to Jacob, a tear fell
down Alexis's face.

Beep..... beep...... beep .........beep
Beep ......beep .......beep
Beep .....beep.....
The heart monitor went flat.

Back at the studio, one of the models picked up Jacob's camera. She wanted to
see how she looked. As she went through the pictures, it turns out Jacob didn't
take any pictures. The camera roll was full of pictures of him and Alexis. The
last picture was of Alexis in the bedroom.
She was waking up and smiling. The model then put it down and walked away.

After the studio closed, the camera was still on the floor. Footsteps can be
heard. It was the steps of the mysterious woman. She looked through the film.
She actually stopped crying. When she reached the end, she put the camera down.
Suddenly, the roll of film became larger than life. They were floating in the
air. Whatever the picture captured was suddenly playing like a movie. The woman
then said:

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the
things you never want to lose.”

“The heart that truly loves never forgets.”

Suddenly, a knocking at a nearby window could be heard. It was by a little child
angel. With a flick of her wrist, the window opened.

"So how did the human male do?"
"How was the test"

"He has proven himself"
"His sacrifice proved to be the ultimate example of love."
"I was contemplating on whether or not to take his soul"

As it turns out, the mysterious woman was the angel of death and the little
child angel was Cupid. They were arguing over the soul of Jacob. Jacob was the
one in the coma and Alexis was the one who survived. Jacob had shielded Alexis
with his body. Cupid had argued that was enough for his resurrection. The angel
of death argued that it wasn't enough. What if Jacob was resurrected? Would he
stay? For a year, Alexis proved her love. The angel wanted to see his. Thus, he
created an alternate reality.

Back in the hospital, Alexis stood by Jacob's bed.

"Please Wake Up, Jacob.

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