Party Favor

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Notes combine to form a splendid tune.
The party-goers attend,
leaving with a greater gain,
than their already heavy purses.

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



Spheres reflected the light as they danced from note to note. They resonated the steady rhythm of a chorus of drummers. Their aftermaths combined together to form a pleasing tune for its audience. Overlaps filled the gaps of the song, its wordless tune flew up and wrapped itself around stray notes, reeling them into the dance. Around and around they spiraled, higher and lower in pitch, passing each other in duets. Trumpets sounded in the background, distributing other instruments to the empty-handed.

The audience swayed in unison before the beat grew too great for them. They threw their arms up and held hands with their neighbor. Spinning around in swirls of fabrics. Spinning tea cups were no match to the joy that they experienced.

They jumped and danced, pushing chairs and tables to make room for their overflowing spirit. Even the most uncoordinated and awkward attenders played their parts. They followed the choreography eagerly while the more finer dancers joined for the amusement. The thrill of being there in that specific moment dawned on them; Time wasn't limited.

The party-goers threw away their doubts and complexes. For that moment, they were the same. Gender and status had no role. No judgments were made. Happiness wasn't a reward, but a feeling given out as party favors, to the masses that so dearly required it.

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