Cabin In The Woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man who murdered a group of friends.


It was the last day of school and four friends called Ali, Nikki, Sam and Stacey where getting excited about going away for a few weeks. They were all going to Ali’s cabin. Hours had past and school was finally over. Ali told Sam, Stacey and Nikki to come to her house at 5pm. They all went home to get ready.

It came to half four and they all meet up to go to Ali’s house. They were all taking about the fun there going to have at the cabin. They got to Ali’s house and she was putting her bags in the car. They all walked over to her and give her a hug. Ali gave her mum and dad a hug and told them she’ll see them in a few weeks. Then they set of to the cabin. Hours had past and they finally got to the cabin. They all got out of the car and ran into the house to look around.

Ali went upstairs and found all the photos of her and her family when they used to go to the cabin. Nikki ran upstairs to look for Ali. She went to the bathroom and Ali was sitting on the floor crying. Nikki walked in and sat beside her. She started saying she never thought she’ll be back at this cabin. She stood up and wiped her tears and walked back downstairs and Nikki followed her.

That night it started to snow really bad so they couldn’t go anywhere so Sam went to the kitchen and got wine and glasses and put some music on. Ali got really tired and she headed off to bed while everyone else stayed up. Nikki and Stacey went outside for a smoke, and Sam stayed in the house. She was sitting dancing and she heard a smash in the kitchen. She jumped and just thought something must off fell from the table. She kept dancing and she heard another smash she got scared and ran outside. Nikki and Stacey asked what was wrong but Sam just said she needed fresh air.

They started talking and finally went back inside and headed to bed. The next morning came and Sam went downstairs to see where those smashes were coming from last night. She went in to the kitchen and Ali was cleaning up broken glass. She turned around and seen Sam standing there. She asked Sam what the hell where they doing last night. She looked at Ali and said she was sorry the glass fell out of her hands. Ali said it was okay but to clean up after her next time. Sam smiled and walked away. They all decided to go out for lunch but the snow was still really deep. Stacey said she’ll make a dinner. Ali and Sam went upstairs while Nikki helped Stacey.

Sam asked Ali if there was anything wrong with the cabin. Ali thought and told her nope. Sam smiled and said okay, and walked downstairs. She sat on the couch and fell asleep. She was having a really bad dream until Nikki woke her up and she screamed. Nikki asked was she okay and she said yes, and walked into the kitchen.

That night they all wanted to have a drink again. Sam said she would but she was tired and she headed to bed. Stacey went up to check on Sam and she was pretending to be asleep. Stacey walked out and went back downstairs. Sam got out of bed and she saw a shadow walk past her door. She opened the door and ran to the bathroom. After a while she heard everyone going to bed. She walked out of the bathroom and walked downstairs.

She sat in the living-room for a while and she heard a smash coming from the kitchen she jumped up and ran into the kitchen. She looked around and then she heard another smash. She got really scared and seen a shadow behind her. She took a breathe and turned around and saw someone looking at her. She ran upstairs and tried to wake everyone up but they never woke up.

Sam ran back downstairs and grabbed the car keys and walked slowly outside. She ran to the car and someone grabbed her she started kicking and screaming. The person grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the stomach and then the screaming stopped. The person trailed Sam’s body across the snow and put her body under it. The next day came and Ali woke up and went straight to Sam’s room but she wasn’t there.

She went downstairs and looked around and she wasn’t around. She ran upstairs and woke everyone up. Ali asked if they knew where Sam was. They all said no. Stacey looked at her mobile and there was a message from Sam. It said she left because she missed her family. Everyone was really upset that she went home. A few hours had past and everyone had something to eat and went to bed early.

That night Ali heard voices from outside she looked out the window and no-one was there. She closed the window and went back to bed a few minutes later she heard someone knocking it again. She grabbed her coat and walked downstairs. She opened the door and started to walk out.

She came to the gate and opened it and walked out. She saw red marks on the snow. She looked down and she noticed it was blood. She covered her mouth and followed the blood trail. She came to the end of the trail and nothing was there she looked up and saw a hand sticking out of the snow.

She got really scared and walked towards the hand. She bent down and started taking the snow of the body. When she got all the snow of she screamed as it was Sam. She started crying and then she heard voices. She got up and ran and then she stopped. She started looking around and then she heard cracking and she fell through ice into a lake.

She thought she was going to drown but after a few minutes she put her head up. She took a big breathe and looked around and she saw someone looking at her in the trees. She got out of the lake and ran to her car. She got into the car and tried to start it but it wouldn’t start. Then something landed on her car she looked up and it was Sam’s body. She started to scream. The person opened the car door and grabbed Ali. She kicked him and ran into the house.

Ali ran upstairs and went into Stacey’s room tried to wake her up but nothing was happening. She grabbed her arm and pulled her and she realized she was dead. She started to cry and then she ran into Nikki’s room. She saw Nikki standing crying. Ali asked what was wrong, Nikki said he tried to get her but she got away. Ali grabbed Nikki’s arm and ran downstairs. They got into the living-room and the door slammed open. They both fell to the ground. The person was looking around.

Ali got up and screamed and the person grabbed Nikki and tried to kill her, but she kicked him and ran away. Nikki and Ali ran outside but Ali got stuck. She screamed and Nikki turned back to help her. Ali was telling her to hurry. Then she paused and screamed to Nikki watch behind you. Nikki turned around and the person cut right through her head. Ali screamed for help but no-one could hear her. She managed to get free and she ran as fast as she could.

After hours she got home crying. She told her mum and dad what happened. All night she kept having flash backs of what had happened. She went to bed early and that night she heard knocking on her window. She covered her ears and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes again but the knocking got louder and then Nikki’s body smashed through her window. She screamed but then the screaming stopped forever.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Shauna10. All rights reserved.

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Great story! You need more detail, though. don't just say that this person said that, have them tell us. This type of story needs speech. We need to be able to connect with them or we just don't care what happens to them.

Fri, August 10th, 2012 9:19pm

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