Emma, Liam And Sean.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story between a girl and two brothers.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012





Once there was a girl called Emma she was the really popular in school. Every guy wanted to go with her, but not every guy was good for her. She never spoke to boys who weren’t popular, she really only spoke to the football team.

Even every girl wanted to be cool so Emma could talk to them. That all changed when a boy called Liam started their school. He wasn't in to football or anything cool but he stole Emma's heart. He didn't really want to talk to Emma, but it was the other way round for Emma.

Emma asked every teacher can she sit next to him but they wouldn't let her. Emma wasn't going to give up on him. Emma's friends told her he joined swimming. Emma thought that was her chance to get him.

Every Friday after school she kept going to swimming but he never talked to her. She finally gave up because he didn't want to know. One day Emma was at her locker and she turned around and hit into Liam. They said sorry to each other, and then they both stood up.

They got talking for a while and went for something to eat. After a few hours they were finally going out. On Monday everybody wanted to be mates with Liam because they found out about him and Emma. A few months later this new boy started at the school and Emma fell truly in love with him.

That day Liam told Emma that was his older brother Sean. Emma went into shock and just said oh is it. All Liam did was nod his head. Emma got so upset. At last class Sean got moved beside Emma and she got really happy. Sean started to talk to her, Emma felt so in love with him.

One day Sean asked Emma if she could help him study. That day Emma went to his house and helped him. A few hours later they stopped and started to talk and then they kissed. Emma stopped and ran home. She couldn't believe what she done on Liam. She rang Liam and told him they had to break he was so upset.

A few weeks later it was the week of prom and Sean went over to Emma at lunch and kissed her on the cheek. She turned around and he asked her if she would go to prom with him. She told him she would love to and then they hugged. Liam got so upset but Emma was happy with Sean and wanted to spend her life with him.



Emma, Liam and Sean.......

The sequel!


High school was over for Emma, Liam and Sean. Emma and Sean were still going with eachother. Sean left for a few months to look for a bit of work. Emma really missed Sean but they talked to eachother every night. Liam thought because Sean would be away for a few months that it will give him a chance with Emma.

The next day Liam went over to Emma's house and asked her was she busy. She told him that she wasn't, he asked her if she wanted to go for something to eat. Emma went inside and got her coat and walked back outside. When they got to the cafe Liam asked Emma if she missed Sean. She told him she missed him a lot.

Emma and Liam were eating their lunch and Sean came up behind Emma and scared her. Emma jumped and turned around and she saw Sean standing there. Emma started to cry and then she stood up and hugged Sean. Liam felt really sad that he couldn't get Emma back.

A few weeks later Sean toke Emma to a movie. They were enjoying their day out. After the movie Sean toke Emma to a restaurant. During their dinner Sean got of his seat and got on his knees. Emma looked at him and was so shocked and she started to cry. Then Sean asked Emma if she would marry him. Emma sat down beside him and whispered to him yes. They both got up and hugged each other.

Through the last few months it was all wedding plans. It was the day before their wedding and Emma stayed at her friend’s house. They were all saying about the wedding for hours. After a while the door knocked and Emma opened it. Emma looked outside and Liam was standing there. He toke Emma by the hand and toke her to his car. He told her he loved her and didn't want her to get married. She told him that it wasn't up to him. Then after a while they both kissed. Emma got scared and went back into the house.

Then it came the day of the wedding and Emma was ready. She went over to her mum and dad's house and they all went to the church. Emma was so nervous but she wanted to marry Sean. It came the time Emma had to walk into the church. She walked in and everyone started to smile at her. She got to the alter and Sean toke her hand.

They were almost done and Liam stood up and said stop. Emma told him to sit done and he said no. Sean asked what was wrong. Liam told Sean that him and Emma kissed last night. Sean looked at Emma and asked her was it true. Emma told him she was sorry. Sean pushed by her and ran out of the church.

Emma started to cry and Liam walked over to her. Emma looked at him and hit him and told him this was his entire fault. Then she got up and ran after Sean. She didn't know where he went so she ran to his house. She saw Sean packing his bags and she ran inside.

She told him she loved him but he didn't listen. He walked down to the ferry and Emma ran after him. He jumped on the ferry and Emma told him to stop. He said he loved her but he couldn't stay. Then the ferry left and Emma fell to the ground crying. She never saw Sean again.



Emma, Liam and Sean.......... The sequel..... Part 2


Months had past and Emma was still missing Sean. Liam kept trying to apologize to Emma but she wouldn't listen. Emma found out she was pregnant a few days before the wedding. She was going to tell Sean about the baby but he left her.


Emma had told Liam about the baby a few days after Sean left. He was really shocked to hear about the baby. Emma told Liam that she couldn't raise a baby on her own. Liam told her he will help her out but Emma told him she didn't want him near the baby.


Weeks had past and Liam got a phone call from Sean.He told Liam he was coming back and not to tell Emma. Liam promised he wouldn't tell her. He told him he would be over in two days.


That night Liam rang Emma and asked her if she will give him another chance. Emma thought about it for awhile and told him this was his last chance. The next day Liam went over to Emma's house and they went baby shopping.


After they finished shopping they went for something to eat. They were almost finished there lunch. Then Emma dropped something on the floor then she looked up and she was shocked at who she seen.


Liam asked Emma what was wrong but she never answered. Then all Liam heard was someone saying i'm home. Liam turned around and Sean was standing there. Liam got of his seat and they both hugged. Emma told Liam she had to go. Emma got up of the seat and Sean seen Emma had a bump. Sean grapped Emma by the arm and Emma turned around.


Sean asked what was that bump. Emma toke her arm out of Sean's hand. She looked at him and told him it's a baby then she left. Sean looked at Liam and asked was it true and Liam said yes it was.


The next day Sean went to Emma's house and he asked if he could talk to her. They were talking for a few hours and Sean finally asked about the baby. She told him she was eight months and the baby was his. He told her he had to go and meet someone at the ferry. Emma showed Sean out and told him she will see him later.


Emma wanted to know who Sean was meeting at the ferry so she followed him. She started to look and she saw Sean kissing a girl and holding hands with her. Emma was really upset and when they passed she saw her wearing a wedding ring. That night Emma went to Liam's house and asked to speak to Liam.


Emma sat in the living room and Sean came down. He asked what was wrong she asked him was he married. He said how did you know. Emma told him she saw him with a girl. Then Emma got up and walked out the door.


As soon as Emma walked out the door she feel to the ground. She didn't know what was wrong. She started banging Liam's door but no one came. Then she rang Liam's phone and told him to come outside. Liam dropped the phone and ran outside and Emma was sitting on the ground. Liam shouted for Sean and Sean came out and put Emma in the car and rushed her to the hospital.


The doctors came in and told her she was having her baby. She told them she still had three weeks left but the doctor told her the baby was coming. Sean went in to see Emma and he was talking to her for awhile and walked out again.


Liam went into Emma and told her that Sean said if he wasn't married he would of give her another chance. Then Liam walked out of the room. Hours had passed and Emma had her baby.


She had a baby girl and named it Sophie. Sean went in to see the baby. He started to cry and kissed Emma on the cheek and told her he had to go. Emma started to cry and Sean left. After awhile Emma saw a note on the ground that Sean wrote. It said give me a few months and i'll be back with you and Sophie.

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