He ruined me.

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Girl who got kidnapped.


Was I going to love the boy who ruined my life?


I was fifteen years old and had just finished school. I live with my mum and my older brother. My mum and dad got divorced when I was two years old. I’m kind of close to my dad and I see him every week. It was Saturday morning and I was going shopping with my mum. My mum kept shouting “Mia get up where going to miss all the shops. I got up and got ready really fast and walked downstairs, I walked out of the house and got into my mum’s car. We were going down a hill until I heard an ‘Eeeek’ from a car behind. I looked around and the man was trying his best to stop but smashed into my mum’s car. I flung forward and banged my head of the dash.

I started to wake up and my mum was saying “Mia are you okay”. I opened my eyes and gave my mum a hug. My mum helped me up and said “Come on we have shopping to do”. When I got out of the ambulance I bumped into the boy who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car who was also in the accident. I said to him “Hello I hope you’re okay” He smiled and said “yes I’m fine and my names Josh by the way” I looked into his deep blue eyes and said “that’s good and I’m Mia” He smiled and walked away. My mum grabbed my hand and we started to walk to the shops.

When I was walking down I felt as if someone was following me. The closer I got to the shop the closer I thought the person was getting. When we got to the shop I said to my mum “please don’t leave me” she laughed and said “of course Mia”. We were shopping for ages and finally started to walk home. I kept thinking someone was following and if I was right, then who was it? We got back to the house and my mum said “Mia come help me and make dinner” I said “I’ll be there in a minute”.

My mum and I were having so much fun making dinner. When we sat down to eat I said to my mum “Have you ever thought someone was following you and the more you worried the more you felt the person get”. My mum said “hmmm well Mia sometimes you think someone is following you but no-one really is” I said “okay mum”. After dinner I washed the dishes. I heard my mum’s mobile ringing so I answered it. It was her boss from the hospital. He said “Could you tell your mum we need her here as soon as possible”. I said “Sure I’ll tell her now” He said “Thanks”, and then hung up.

I shouted “mum you have to go to work fast” she said “okay “. My mum came down five minutes later. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said “See you tomorrow morning” She walked out the door and I said “I love you”. She turned around a smiled and blew me a kiss. I went up to my bedroom to read a book. I was starting to fall asleep, until I got a message from my older brother Noah. It said “Goodnight and see you in the morning”. I put my phone down and seen that It was 12 o’clock. I tried to go to sleep but I heard my front door opening. I thought it was my mum home but she had to work over night so it couldn’t off been.

I walked out my room door and listened to what the people were saying. I managed to see there were only two men. One of the men said “Look upstairs she must be here somewhere”. I then heard him coming upstairs. I got up and ran into my room, I tried to get out my bedroom window. I then heard my bedroom door slam open, the man grabbed me and tied my hands and covered my eyes. I got scared as I thought he was going to kill me. He threw me into a back of a van. After hours the van stopped and the back doors opened. He grabbed me by the hair and trailed me into a house.

He put me in this room and untied my hands and uncovered my eyes then he left and locked the door. The room was dark and cold. The room was that dark it felt as if someone was sitting looking at me. I got up and started kicking the door and screaming. I gave up and sat in a corner. I sat there for a half hour and the man walked in. He sat beside me and looked at me. I looked into his eyes and said “I remember those eyes” He laughed and replied back “I know you do”. He lifted his hand and lifted of the mask. My heart dropped and said “Josh” He said back “That’s right Mia, did you miss me”. I gave him a dirty look and smacked him in the face.

He looked at me and went down to my ear and whispered “You shouldn’t off done that”. He stood up and kicked me in the face. My head smashed of the wall and I fell to the ground. I suddenly closed my eyes. After hours of being knocked out I started to open my eyes and saw a few people in the room but couldn’t make out who they were as my vision was blurry. I then fell back to sleep again. After a while I heard the people leaving the room. I started to wake up and look around. I looked at my arms and I had holes everywhere, I knew from then they gave me drugs.

I cried and cried for hours then the room door slammed open. I closed my eyes so tight but I could feel his deep blue eyes staring at me. I heard him walking towards me and he made me open my eyes. He whispered to me “If you don’t do what I say I will easily kill you”. I looked at him and said “Fine whatever you want”. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room. I grabbed on to the curtains and pulled myself up. I walked over to the other side of the room and looked in the mirror. I had cuts on my face and my eyes were black.

I lay back on the floor and went to sleep. The next morning came and Josh walked into the room. He grabbed me by the hair and hit me. He threw me on to the floor and took something out of his pocket. I realized it was more drugs. I screamed “Please don’t I’ll do anything” He laughed and stuck the needle into my arm. I cried in pain but within five minutes I was out cold. After an hour I suddenly woke up, I screamed and started to cry as I realized he had raped me. I shouted “Josh come here now”. He walked in and said “What do you want”. I got so scared and said “Can I watch something on television please”.

He thought of it for a while and said “Fine”. He came back with a television and put it on for me. I was watching it and then I saw a news flash about me! It was my mum, dad and brother they were begging for everyone to try and find me. I started to cry and turned the television off. I realized I’ve been missing for one month. I got up and walked out of the room as Josh never locked it. I walked to this room that had a phone.

I rang my brother and told him everything. He said “Keep calm and go back into the room and I’ll use the tracker to find you”. I said “Hurry” then the phone was cut off. I turned around and Josh was standing there. He grabbed me and said “We can’t stay here now that people know where we are”. I hit him and he fell back on to a wall. I grabbed him by his throat and said “Why did you kidnap me”? I then saw tears coming to his eyes and he fell to the floor. I sat beside him and his deep blue eyes looked into my eyes.

He said “I’m sorry okay, the reason I took you was” then he paused. I shouted “Was what”? He said “Because I loved you that’s why but you wouldn’t go with someone like me” I grabbed his hand and said “You wouldn’t of known” I stood up and he grabbed me and said “You’re not going nowhere” I kicked him in the stomach and ran downstairs and ran to the front door. I took a breath and opened the door and the police and my family was standing there I ran over to my mum and hugged her. I turned around and Josh was put into a police car. I walked over to Noah and gave him a hug and whispered to him “Thanks”. He looked at me and smiled and said “That’s what brothers are for”.

Months had past and I kept thinking about Josh and the more I thought about it, I actually feel in love with him but never knew it till I got free. I walked to my brother’s room but when I opened the door I collapsed my brother shouted “Mia wake up”. He yelled for my mum and dad and they rushed me to hospital. After hours I woke up and my mum, dad and brother were in tears. I said “What’s wrong” My brother grabbed my hand and said “I’m so sorry Mia”.

I said “Sorry for what”. My dad said “Sweetie your pregnant”. I started screaming “No”. My dad broke down in tears. The next day I got out of hospital. I really wanted to tell Josh. I rang the prison and got a date to visit him. As the day came I told my mum I was going to a baby scan. I walked to the prison and waited for ages, and then Josh walked out. He sat down across from me. He said “Mia why are you here”. I smiled and said “Josh I’m sorry you got landed in here but I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m pregnant with your baby”. He said in a shocked voice “What! Your pregnant and love me”.

I laughed and said “I always fall in love with deep blue eyed boys” He smiled and gave me a kiss and whispered “I’m sorry Mia” I said “I forgive you”. He smiled and then he had to leave. I watched him walk away. As he left I thought to myself am I making a huge mistake to let him in my life and am I that stupid to fall so in love with the boy who ruined my life.



Submitted: August 11, 2012

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