I Didn't Mean For That To Happen!

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A house fire.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




I’m lying in a hospital bed. I can’t believe I let this happen. I let my parents down.


I baby-sit my little brother when my parents are working. I always take good care of him, but this time I let him down. As I was making my brother something to eat, he shouted into me saying he was abit cold. So I went in and lit the fire. Then I walked back into the kitchen. My brother was eating his tea as I did something, I wish I had not. I left him by himself only for a second.


I only went upstairs. I was looking for his favourite teddy, so I can put him down to sleep. As I was looking for the teddy, I started to smell something burning, As if something was left on the cooker! I believed I had not left anything on the cooker. I fetched the teddy bear and walked downstairs. I looked down the stairs and saw smoke everywhere and my brother was no where to be found.


I looked everywhere and even shouted his name. I got no reply. I couldn’t really see anything as my house was filled with smoke. I wouldn’t leave my house until I found my brother. I looked in his room incase he had ran in there, but he didn’t. I got so upset and started to cry. What was I going to do if my brother would never be found? I started walking towards the door and I kept getting weaker and weaker.


Then I heard the fire engine and I was about to open the door then I fell to the ground. My eyes closed. I heard people screaming and shouting my name, I knew I was safe, but where was my brother.


I woke up a few hours later in hospital. I couldn’t imagine how much trouble I’d be in if my brother was never found. My mum looked at me and water came to my eyes. I screamed out that I was sorry. I knew my brother didn’t make it out. I whispered to my mum, he didn’t make it did he. My mum hugged me and said he got out right away and called for help. I was glad he was okay. My mum made me help clean the house. I was okay with helping out because atleast my brother and I got out alive.


My house was all cleaned, but I can’t believe that I’ve give this memory of a fire to my little brother. I have a few burns on my arm. Even my little brother had a burn on his hand. How was I going tell my brother that it was my fault he got the burns, when he asks about it. I will never forget the day I almost lost my brother.

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