She Forgot It All

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A girl forgot everything.


It was a Saturday morning and Megan was getting up to go to work. Megan was one of those shy people. She wouldn’t really talk to anyone even people she knew. All day at work she was thinking what she was going to do with her life. Her boss came by and she stopped him and told him she wanted to quit. Her boss tried to stop her but she didn’t care anymore she just wanted out of that job and out of everything really. She got home and went straight to bed.

The next morning Megan got up and decided to go to her mum Trina’s house. She was sitting talking to her mum for hours and she finally told her she quit her job. Her mum was really angry but Megan didn’t care because it was she wanted to do. Megan wanted to go home, so she left her mum’s house and started to drive home. When Megan finally got home she decided to go out, so she rang a few of her mates. She started getting ready then her door knocked and it was her big brother Josh. He was crying his eyes out.

Megan was scared as she didn’t know what had happened. She brought her brother in and gave him a drink. Megan sat beside him and Josh grabbed her hand. Megan asked if he was okay, he goes yes he was fine. Megan begged for ages to get him to talk to her and finally he did. He said he had a huge fight with his girlfriend and she grabbed their daughter and left. Megan felt bad that he was like this and she was ready to go out, so Megan told Josh to come with her. They both went out the door and got into the car and then Josh’s phone went, it was his girlfriend Nikki. She told Josh to come home that she was there and they can work this problem out. Josh hung up the phone and looked and Megan. All Megan could do was smile and told him to go. Josh gave her a hug and said he was sorry and got out of the car and walked home.

Megan drove to the pub to meet up with her friends. She walked into the pub and her friends where all at a table near the back. Megan walked up and they all gave her a hug. Hours had past and they went up dancing. Megan got thirsty so she went to the bar to get a drink. She was sitting at the bar for a few minutes and this boy walked up beside her. He started to talk to Megan and they got really close. He grabbed her hand and took her to dance. Megan then started looking for her mates and she didn’t know where they went. Then the boy spoke up and said to Megan his name was Jay. They were talking for ages, and then Jay asked Megan if she wanted to go back to his. Megan said she’d love to and then they both walked out.

The next morning came and Jay had left a note for Megan, it said “had to go to work sorry didn’t get to say goodbye”. Megan smiled and got up to get ready. Weeks had past and Megan didn’t know why Jay hadn’t called. Megan decided to go out shopping for a while to get Jay out of her mind. She was shopping for hours and just as she was about to leave then she bumped into someone. She turned around to see who it was and it was Jay. Jay started smiling and said “hi haven’t seen you in weeks”. Megan said “hi” back. Jay asked if she was busy. She told him she wasn’t, so they both went for lunch so they could catch up.

After hours of talking, Jay wanted to be more than friends. Megan told Jay she had fun but she had to get home. Before she left Jay asked her if she could be his girlfriend she smiled and said she’d love to. Jay smiled and gave her a kiss goodbye. All night Megan was so happy that she was going with Jay. She went to sleep but after a while she woke up and felt really sick. She took tablets and went back to bed. The next morning came and she felt just as bad she started being sick but she didn’t know what was going on.

She got her breakfast and she clicked on to something. She ran upstairs and looked at her calendar and was really scared. She grabbed her keys and got into the car and drove to the chemist. She asked the girl at the chemist if they had any pregnancy tests. She went around the shop and came back with one, and asked Megan if she wanted it. Megan thought about it for a while and said “yes please”. After she bought the test she went home to take it. She finally got home and went upstairs, she waited for ages and she lifted the test and broke down in tears as the test was positive.

She got scared in case Jay would leave her but she counted back and said to herself that “this baby is Jay’s”. She grabbed her phone and rang Jay. When Jay answered the phone he heard her crying and asked what was wrong. She asked him “what would he do if I was pregnant”, he stopped talking and finally said “I don’t know why”. Megan took a big breathe and told him she was pregnant. Jay was shocked at first but told Megan he was happy. They both decided to meet up and talk about it.

They were in a café talking for ages and Jay put a bag on the table. Megan asked what is was and Jay told her to open it and see. Megan grabbed the bag and looked inside. She grabbed what was inside and took it out. She looked at it and it was a baby outfit, Megan started to smile and she gave Jay a hug. Jay took Megan to his mum’s house to tell her about the baby, but this was the first time Megan was going to meet Jay’s mum. They all started talking and Jay said about the baby.

Jay’s mum Alice started smiling and she said she was so happy for them both. After they left Alice’s house, they both went to Megan’s. They were talking about the baby and Megan asked Jay if he wanted to move in. He hugged her and said “yes”. The next day Jay moved in to Megan’s. After they finished moving Jay in, they decided to go baby shopping. That night Megan went to her mum’s house to tell her she was going for the scan tomorrow. She told her mum she was nervous about having the baby, but her mum told her she’ll be a great mum.

The next day came and Megan and Jay were getting ready to go to the hospital for the baby scan. They were waiting for ages and they were finally called. They walked in and Megan lay down on the bed while Jay held her hand. When the doctor brought the baby up, they both started smiling. The doctor had told them that Megan was 9 weeks along. They finally went home and Megan stuck the scan up on the wall. That night Megan and Jay were talking about baby names.

Months had past and Megan only had 12 weeks until she had the baby.  Megan and Jay were getting really excited but nervous as well.  They both found out that the baby was a girl and they decided to name her Lauren. Jay decided that his and Megan’s family should meet up and get to know each other before Lauren was born. The next day was the meal with both of the families. They were all having good fun, but then Megan didn’t feel right. She went outside for some fresh hair and after a few minutes Jay’s sister Tasha came out. Megan told her she didn’t feel too good and all of a sudden Megan fell to the ground. Tasha tried to wake her up but nothing was happening so she ran in and got Jay. Everyone got really scared but Megan was brought the hospital.

Everyone was waiting for hours to see what was happening with Megan. The doctor finally came out and told everyone there was something wrong with the baby and they might have to start her labour. Jay then shouted “she still has 12 weeks left”. The doctor had a think and said they could give Megan something to calm the baby down. The next day Megan was at home, she had to stay on bed rest until the she went into labour. Weeks had past and Megan had 3 weeks until Lauren came.

Everything was going good until one night Megan started getting really sharp pains in her stomach so Jay rushed her to the hospital. After a while the doctor told Jay that the baby is coming tonight. Jay got really excited and called his mum, then he called Megan’s mum. Hours had past and baby Lauren finally arrived, Megan and Jay was the happiest people alive. A few days had past and Megan was allowed to go home with her baby.

Megan and Jay loved Lauren to pieces and thought they were so lucky that she was here. Jay went to see his mum and Megan was in the house with Lauren. Just when Lauren had woke up the door knocked. Megan put Lauren into her bouncy and answered the door. When she opened the door her brother Josh, his girlfriend Nikki and their daughter Nicole was standing there. Megan was happy to see them and she invited them in.

Jay arrived home a few hours later and by that time Josh, Nikki and Nicole had already left. Jay lifted Lauren and started hugging her. Megan walked in and sat beside Jay. Megan said she wanted to get a part-time job to get more money for Lauren. Jay said go for it, so the next day Jay took Lauren to Megan’s mums while Megan looked for a job. That night Megan came home with a huge smile on her face. Jay asked if she got a job and she said yes, Jay give her a kiss and a hug. The next day came and Megan was getting ready for her new job. She was looking forward to her new job.

Weeks had past and Megan was having so much fun at her job. That all changed when one night Megan had to work till 9.00pm. She said goodnight to Lauren and gave Jay a kiss then she left. When it hit 8pm she felt really tired so her boss let her go home early and he would cover for her. She was glad she was getting home. It came 12am and there was no sign of Megan, Jay was getting really worried. He rang Megan’s boss and asked if she was working a bit later. Her boss said “she already left, in fact she left hours ago”. Jay didn’t know what had happened, so he rang everyone Megan knew and no-one had seen her.

It came to 1am and Megan still hasn’t returned. Jay couldn’t sleep because he was worried about Megan so he got up and watch the television. He started to watch the news and a newsflash came on saying some road near Jay’s house was closed due to a really bad accident. Jay got scared thinking it could be Megan. He rang his sister Tasha if she could come to his house to look after Lauren. Tasha finally arrived and Jay walked down the street. He came to the road where the accident was and he saw a car that looked like Megan’s. He ran over to the police and started shouting who owns that car. The police said “it was some young girl who was in her 20s and is called Megan”. Jay froze and started screaming. The police asked what was wrong. Jay said “that’s my girlfriend and where is she”. The police told him she was brought to hospital. Jay ran to the hospital and asked where Meagan was.

They told Jay that he had to see the doctor, Jay waited for a few minutes and the doctor finally came. He sat beside Jay and told him he was sorry but Megan was in a coma and then the doctor went away. Jay covered his face and started to cry and then Megan’s mum and brother walked in. They saw Jay crying and the first thing that came to their heads was she was dead. They walked over to Jay and asked what was wrong. Jay told them that Megan was in a coma; Megan’s brother fell to the ground her mum started to cry. The next day Jay went home to see Lauren. He didn’t know if Megan was going to be okay or what was going to happen. Jay was looking after Lauren by himself.

Months had past and Megan was still in a coma. No-one knew when she was going to wake up. A week later Jay decided to go visit Megan so he got Lauren up and when he was feeding her he got a phone call. It was the hospital, they told him Megan was awake but had some bad news. Jay rushed the hospital and the doctor took Jay into a room and told him she is awake but there is bad news she lost her memory. Jay put his head on the table and started to cry, he started shouting she won’t know anyone not even me, then he paused and said “not even her own daughter”. Jay broke down in tears again but then he went in to see Megan. He took a big breathe and went in. Megan started to yell for help. A few minutes later a doctor arrived and then Jay left. The doctor sat and explained what happened.

After a while the doctor came out and told Jay that Megan knows a few things about her life. Jay decided to go ring Megan’s mum to tell her what happened. Jay went back in to see Megan again, he sat beside her. All Megan could do was stare at him and ask him a bunch of questions. Jay told her why she lost her memory and even told her about Lauren. Megan was shocked she had a child but even more shocked that she can’t remember her.

Megan had to stay in hospital for a few more weeks. Jay found it really hard seeing his girlfriend in this way. Jay took Lauren to Megan’s mums so he could go visit Megan. When he got to the hospital, he couldn’t wait to see Megan. They were talking for hours and Megan said to Jay that she wanted to meet Lauren before she got out of hospital. Jay smiled and said “of course”. Megan asked how old Lauren is and Jay told her she was 6 months and Megan smiled. Jay told Megan he had to leave; Jay was about to walk out but Megan asked for a kiss. Jay turned around and smiled and gave her one and went home.

The next day Jay was getting Lauren ready to go see Megan in hospital. On their way there, Jay was thinking how would Megan like Lauren. When they arrived, Jay got told Megan can go home today. Jay was so happy and walked into Megan’s room and Megan was sitting there waiting. Megan saw Lauren and let out a big smile and asked Jay if that was her daughter. Jay told her it was and she got up and gave Lauren a hug. Megan knew she didn’t have that bond with Lauren because of the memory loss but she knew it will happen soon. They were all driving home and Megan got really scared about looking after Lauren as she knew nothing about her. When they got home Megan’s brother was there with his daughter. Megan started to scream and Jay grabbed her hand and told her who they were, after he told her she calmed down and told Josh she was sorry. 

Jay knew it was going to be hard looking after Megan but he had to because he loved her. That night Megan went to bed early. During the night she felt strange and started remembering some of her life, but she didn’t remember anything about her family. A few days later Jay woke up and Megan was gone, he didn’t know where she was. He went downstairs and seen a note on the table. The note was from Megan it said “I can’t do this no-more I know nothing about you or Lauren I’m sorry”. Jay dropped the note and rung Tasha to come look after Lauren. As soon as Tasha arrived Jay ran down the street to look for Megan.

What Jay didn’t know was she was leaving the place for good, she was getting a plane to leave to somewhere far away. Jay ran into Megan’s brother, he stopped Jay and asked what’s the rush. Jay took a breathe and asked where Megan was, Josh looked shocked and said “she’s leaving for England in an hour”. Jay looked at him and said “thanks” and ran to the airport. When he got to the airport he didn’t see Megan anywhere. He ran to the desk and asked what time the plane to England will leave at. The girl told him in five minutes, Jay got scared and ran to catch the plane.

Megan had just sat down on the plane when she remembered something. She remembered when she first meet Jay, when she found out when she was pregnant. She even remembered having Lauren and looking after her. Megan realized what she done and knew she had to go back. Jay arrived to the plane but he was too late the plane had already left. Jay fell to the ground and watched the plane up in the air and all of a sudden he heard his name being called.

At first he thought it was Megan but he realized she was gone. Heard his name again but this time it got closer, he knew he wasn’t imagining it. He waited for a few seconds and turned around and he saw Megan standing there. He started smiling and said “I thought you left”, and Megan told him what happened on the plane. Jay stood up and gave her a huge hug and they both went home.

When they got home Megan ran to Lauren and started hugging her and playing with her. At that moment Jay knew he got his family back and he was the happiest person in the world. 

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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