The child who never saw life

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A baby who died


The Child Who Never Saw life!


It was two o’clock on a Friday morning and a woman called Rose was going to work. When she arrived to work she felt sick and strange. She went and got a drink of water but that didn’t really help her. As the day went on she got even sicker. She couldn’t take it anymore so she went home.

She arrived home and didn’t know what was wrong with her. She rang her friend Jane for help, Jane said she could be pregnant. She replied back saying she couldn’t be. Jane arrived to her house a few hours later with a pregnancy test. She went upstairs to take it, and then Jane heard a loud scream come from the bathroom.

Jane ran upstairs and seen Rose sitting on the floor crying. She walked over to her and picked up the test and it showed it was positive. Jane dropped the test and lifted up Rose and toke her downstairs. Jane rang Rose’s husband and told him he had to come home quick. A half hour past and Rose’s husband arrived home. Jane told them she will let them talk.

A few minutes after Jane left Rose told her husband that she was pregnant. He looked at Rose and stayed still. Rose asked him was he okay and he started to shout at her and hit her. He told her to get rid of it or he would leave. He walked out and slammed the door. Rose started to cry and she got so scared.

A few hours later Rose’s husband came back and Rose was still crying. He walked over to her and hugged her and said he was really sorry for what he did. She told him it was okay and she wanted the baby, he told her he wanted it to. Rose went to the doctors the next day and he told her she was nine weeks pregnant.

Rose was really happy to be having her first wee baby. She already picked her baby names and started her baby shopping. She even asked Jane if she could be the godmother. Rose’s husband wasn’t happy about the baby but he wanted Rose to be happy.

Rose was four months pregnant and she couldn’t wait to be a mom for the first time. Rose and her husband went to the big scan and seen their baby move around. Rose asked was it a boy or a girl, they told her it was a girl. She smiled and put her hands on her stomach and said that’s my baby girl. That night Rose’s husband went out with his mates.

He arrived home at two o’clock in the morning, he walked upstairs and went into his bedroom. He saw Rose sleeping on the bed. He went over to her and woke her up, he told her to come downstairs. A few minutes later Rose went downstairs, she seen her husband standing at the door. She asked him what he wanted, he walked over to her and pushed her down. She started to cry and then he started to hit her and kick her. Ten minutes later he stopped and went upstairs.

The next morning Jane walked into Rose’s house and she saw Rose lying on the floor. She ran over to her and started to say her name she never answered back. Jane rang for help and an ambulance came and Rose was rushed into hospital. Rose finally woke up a few hours later, Jane hugged her and told her see was in hospital.

Rose screamed out what about the baby was she okay. The doctor walked in and asked Rose what was wrong she said is my baby girl okay. The doctor said he will check on a scan, A few minutes later the doctor was checking for the baby. The doctor looked to the ground and turned the scan of. Rose said is she okay? The doctor told her he was very sorry but her baby had died.

She started to cry out and Jane ran in, Rose told her the baby had died. Jane cried and went over and hugged her. A few hours later Rose was telling Jane she was going to name the baby Leah – Rose. Jane told Rose she would off been a great mom.

The next day Jane told Rose that her husband got arrested and Rose was free to go home. Jane toke Rose home and told her she would be down later. Rose walked in the house and went upstairs. She walked into her baby’s room and sat down beside the cot. She lifted the baby’s scan and one of the teddys and started to cry.

She looked up to the sky and said your free now my baby girl. You’re a wee angel now and you are looking down on me. She dropped the scan and stood up and looked out the window. She seen clouds moving and she held her stomach and said that’s my baby up there who would never see life.

Submitted: January 28, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Shauna10. All rights reserved.

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