Finally You'll See

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This isn't really the best thing I've ever written. It's about being true to yourself no matter how you get judged and hoping that people will finally accept you.

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



Finally You’ll See


The world seems so much better

With my eyes closed

And I’m not surprised

As it goes to show

You’re only what you make yourself

Nothing else

Nothing less

And I want to know

What I did so wrong

And I

Need to know what I did

To make the world

Misjudge and hate me

This is all I really can be


This is all you’re going to get

Have you understood me yet?


I’ll repeat it

Over and over repeatedly

Until you finally get me

Until you finally get me

And you can call you can shout you can scream

But I’m even louder

Listen up and listen well

To what I am about to tell

Until you finally get me

Do you get me?

And the world can be so blind

I thought I was the one who shut my eyes

I’m not going to listen to your comments

Until you finally have something nice to say

Until that very happy day

When pigs fly and I get away

From this dark depressing place

That I’ve been hiding in, hiding in

Until I open my eyes to see the world

And see such a fair well world

Where no one judges and destroys

Where everyone’s like the friends I have

The people who have never done bad

They know who I am

They don’t have to look too close to see

I am me

Only me

This is all I really can be

Maybe one day finally you’ll see


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