I Wasn't Meant To Be With You

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It's about a guy seeing the entire story in his head not ever thinking about her loving anyone else. She loves him and if this other guy didn't exist they'd probably be together but out of his love for her he lets her go fed up of hurting her.

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



I'm so sorry for the things I said

The way I lied, the toes I tread

The lines I crossed, the part I played

Was meant to give the story an edge

Something to show his other side

So he could prove he cared for you

I'm sorry I cannot stay for the end

As soon as I leave the towns limits

You can all carry on living

The life I thought I'd play a part in

I wish you good luck with him

Let me be with you in spirit

So it won't hurt us

You wanted them to accept me

I'm sorry my darling it'll never happen

I purposely shut myself down

I didn't let you in

Show you the love that existed

Unknown of

Hiding from the truth

I wasn't meant to be with you

He told me what you said

When I span around, furious, stalking away

You whispered 'I'm sorry' when I was to blame

And you wept silently, hoping he wouldn't see the tears

I care too much to keep you apart

But it doesn't change what I feel for you sweetheart

Someday maybe he'll be gone

And I'll come back to where we started

I know you'll greet me

With maybe half open arms

'Cause he's too much to forget

But I'll heal your wounds so they're barely scars

Keep on dreaming right?

I would if I could sleep at night

Tell him because he's always with you

Tell him because he makes the decisions

Tell him because he's the one you run to

Tell him I'm giving up out of my love for you.

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