More Ideas...Because There's Still Not Enough Room In My Head

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More ideas! The title speaks for itself- there's still not enough room in my head and I'm destroying the planet by writing all of this stuff down on paper.

Not that I pretend to be an eco warrior because I'm nothing of the sort.

Anyway these are some more novel ideas and I've layed it all out differently this time so it's less messy. I looked at the first one and I was like ugh it's all over the place. I know it's the ideas that count but I can make them look pretty too can't I?

Submitted: March 27, 2011

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Submitted: March 27, 2011



More Ideas!

Welcome To Hell


Ro, Crysta, Freya, Mills (don't know what the boys look like yet)

Welcome to Harrison Evans Lawson-Lewis Boarding School- better known as Hell.
Mills has just moved to Hell and is starting to discover exactly how the school got its nickname. The students who attend are far from angelic and Mills has been accepted into the most mysterious group of them all. The leader of the group Johnny is still struggling with the disappearance of his girlfriend Crysta Hawkins, the former popular girl who did a vanishing act three months ago without saying goodbye and no one will admit to knowing why. It's clear they each have a secret though. Seb, no matter how hard he tries, cannot stay faithful to his girlfriend Freya who desperately needs help with a secret of her own. Cole and Dean the used to be best mates seem to hate each other for no apparent reason, and Cole's little sister Ro the school tearaway, is stirring up things the way only she can.
Mills finds herself uncovering things that were never meant to be uncovered and falling for someone who shouldn't be fallen for, and the question remains- will they ever find out what happened to Crysta Hawkins?
Welcome to Hell...
Mills (Millicent Grey) Johnny (John Johnson) Crysta (Crysta Hawkins) Seb (Sebastian English) Freya (Freya Djhalili) Cole (Cole Frost) Dean (Dean Evans) Ro (Rosie Frost) Amy (Amy Rowling)
Crysta was the pretty popular girl that everyone adored. Then she went missing. Johnny is understandably devastated because he doesn't know whether she's broken up with him or she's just been kidnapped my some people in black with a van. Then Mills comes along. He begins to have feelings for her but can't act on them because his relationship status remains 'it's complicated' until they solve the mystery of Crysta's disappearance. Mills wants to know more because she likes Johnny and well, Crysta's possibly his girlfriend. No one knows why Mills moved school and turned up on the doorstep of Hell but they accept her because their cool like that. But they won't tell her what they know about Crysta. They all have secrets, Freya's being one that threatens her health. She's still trying to escape her past and trying to get over Crysta, her former best friend, leaving. If you're wondering who Amy is she doesn't play a huge role but she'spart of Freya's mysterious past.Seb, Freya's boyfriend, is completely blind to her issues- boys are greatlike that- because he's too caught up in trying to stay away from every girl that catches his eye. Cole is the older popular guy who can pretty much torture puppies and still have the entire school worship him. Dean is the equally cool older popular guy who isn't seeing eye to eye with Cole for a few reasons. First of all Dean did something pretty psycho so Cole has disowned the psycho ex best friend. Secondly- his goings on withRo. Ro is Cole's little sister (but don't ever call her that) and she owns the school. She's beautiful, popular and an all around perfect ice princess. She's also kind of evil.
On a whole this novel is about teenage life in general but a bit more...extreme and over the top. Not to the point where it's Hollyoaks because I would rather kill myself than write something like that. No really it's teenage life but spiced up a bit. I mean there's a disappearance there's blackmail and a lot of other stuff that I can't mention or I'll give it all away. The ending is dramatic and definitely not soemthing likely to happen in real life but it's not so over the top you won't want to read. I actually can't wait to write this, I've already started a little!

I'll Be Famous

(L-R) Alex Jess and Paul from The Real Hustle (UK)

We all dream of winning the lottery- but what if you didn't have to?

You have to be willing to lie, cheat, steal and become a selfish human being. Then you use every trick in the book to get other people's money in your pockets. Most importantly- you have to get awaywith it.

Seven friends have started something they justcan't stop.

What would you do if things got out of hand? What would you do if proposition bets became full blown scams and scams eventually became theft? Would you listen to the people you called friends or would it be too late? Would the money start to mean more than people could ever mean again?

The ultimate question is- how long can you get away with it?


Ty (Tyler Osmond) Kitty (Katherine Tucker) and more but this idea is like, pretty underdeveloped- characterwise I mean.


Okay so if you've heard of the TV programme The Real Hustle then you know what I'm about to get at. The Real Hustle is a show where three people Alex Jess and Paul hustle people out of their money to show us at home how to make sure it doesn't happen to us. There are different versions of it all over the world but the UK one with Alex Jess and Paul is the original and the best. Whenever I watch it I think "God it would be amazing to just use that trick- if only I had the guts." That's how the idea came about. I just thought what if a bunch of people with money issues watched the programme anddecided to go ahead and do it? Then I thought what if it got out of hand and hustling turned into pure theft? At first I didn't even think about making it into a novel but then I saw so many different plot opportunities. I think it's something new, something different to my usual young adult stuff.

The Third World Trilogy
These novels are set in another dimension. The world is known as the Second World because years ago there was a war. Afetr the war the world was divided into two types of people- the Nobles and the Domines. Then the people who were left, the rebels, became known as the Third World despite living on the same planet. There is one president for the entire world so every time a new one is elected the rules change. This sort of explains why every novel in this trilogy is so different. These novels don't follow the same characters- each novel is about new people and has a different storyline.

Novel One: Status Quo

The world is divided into two types of people. There are the Nobles and there are the Domines. Domines and Nobles are now required to marry and have children. Their children must be taught to kill then sent to the Third World. Lillian and Jared are both Nobles who want nothing more than to be together. They're also both required to marry Domines. Can they find a way to convince the world that they deserve to be able to choose for themselves?

Novel Two: Greater Good

Once you reach the Third World you're never heard of again. Keegan is a Noble-Domine hybrid required to go and destroy the Third World.Riley is a hybrid required to do the same. They both have no intention of doing so. The two don't want to kill- they just want to find happiness. When they discover a way to avoid the third World will they do it despite their feelings forone another?

Novel Three: New World

You've reached the Third World- but will you destroy it? Elijah and Lorelei are in love- but they're both hybrids and it's forbidden. The only way for them to be together is to go to the Third World and destroy it, ending the war and the rules forever. Or is it? Instead of marrying Nobles or Domines to stay they decide to set off to the Third World together. They discover the future presidents plan to make it illegal for hybrids to marry anyone but another hybrid and for it to be madatory with no exceptions that they go to the Third World. Then there's the man planning to beat him who wants it to be illegal for hybrids to have relationships or marry and for Domines to marry Domines and Nobles to marry Nobles. Whose side will Elijah and Lorelei choose?


In each novel there'll be two main characters one female and one male. InStatus Quothere's Lillian and Jared, in Greater Good there's Keegan and Riley and in New World Elijah and Lorelei. There'll be other characters but I haven't named them yet and they don't play big enough roles for me to be able to explain them really well. This is another novel that's underdeveloped characterwise. There's the presidents obviously and two pretty important characters in Greater Good but I don't have names or personalities for them yet!


Um I don't have much extra info to be honest. Everything you need to know is above.

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