Never Gotten Over

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It's a tale of watching someone hurt themselves over a guy and being reminded of yourself in the same situation. It opens old wounds that never healed properly.

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



I’ll try
To sympathise
Don’t cry
It’s not worth it
And stop telling me
I don’t know anything
I’ve been through worse
It was heartbreaking
And now it’s so antagonising
Watching you in pain
When my experience was one
So bad I should be dead
Why oh why
Does my heart still beat?
How can it?
When it’s in more than one piece
And how
Can I still breathe?
I thought I choked to death
On every tear I shed
So why
Am I able to?
Stop myself from telling you
I realise now I must
You’re overreacting
Your hearts not breaking
You’re being stupid
It isn’t worth it
Never was worth it
Stop crying yourself to sleep
Suck it up wipe your face
Stop biting your lip
To get rid of his kiss
I’ve been through hell and back
His last words are etched on my heart
That last day on repeat in my mind
But I’m just fine
It feels like the end
But it’s just ‘cause you’re young
My goodbye still lingers on my lips
My tears still swim in a pool un-cried
Because I don’t have the time
To dwell on it
Or maybe I’m scared
I’m telling you you’ll soon regret
Wasting your life wanting him
He’s sure of his needs and I know of yours
I can help you just admit you’re wrong
Grieve for a while as I should have done better
But don’t throw away all that you have
Good has come of what’s been said
I’ve accepted I’m still not over it
And now you’ve learned
I wipe your tears but mine fall
I cover your mouth but words escape mine
I try to soothe you but it’s me who’s comforted
I pick you up but I’m the one on the ground
I tell you the truth but you tell me straight
Of the love I’ve lost that I’m still not over.

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