Played By A Broken Soul

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Not exactly about my own experiences but i've seen this happen. The story shows another side to cheating. He may have played them but with her it was just a lapse in judgement. We have to learn to forgive and forget.

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



Played By A Broken Soul

I want to rip you, tear you, limb by limb

And puncture the heart that's so unwilling to give

It might sound morbid but he deserves it

For what he did

I'm gonna break him down

I trust it wont take long

And then we'll hit the town

Because the deed is done

And we got revenge on the boy who thought

That he was above us and he deserved love

We'll give him the space he wanted

Repeat the line he threw at all of us

And in the end when he's battered, broken

We'll praise each other but fight over tokens

Souvenirs of the love we've lost

Because before he opened his mouth

We had fallen and couldn't get up

Face down on the track

Forgetting it was five o' clock

Now we're united, brought together by him

But the scars we wear aren't the same

Because he played them in a different way

With me, the love was there, he just lost faith

And I saw him yesterday

Wearing the cuts we gave him

And while they smiled triumphantly, I felt small

I threw my arms around him, and ignored the protests

I loved him for being so amazing

He could go do what he liked

And when he was healed ready

Satisfied, he could come back and start living life

And I ripped him, tore him, limb by limb

But deep down we knew my intentons were true

I punctured the heart that held love for me

But as his blood spilled, the carpet soaked the truth

I broke him down and found nothing but regret and pain 

But overlooked it, they needed relief

He understood that what he did was wrong

But I felt guilty like I'd played him

The kiss was wet with blood and tears

Salt and sadness, past and pain

Whether his or mine

I felt at home again

I was satisfied

We were ready for the new life.

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