Promise Perfection

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Nobody's perfect. Why is he so adamant that you should be perfect when he is SO not?

Submitted: December 13, 2009

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Submitted: December 13, 2009



Your broken promises
Regretted promises
I’m sure you wish
You’d never spoken
My unexpected questions
I didn’t expect the declinations
You couldn’t think of an excuse
Couldn’t avoid me
That was fine you thought
You’d just avoid the subject
But there were reminders
Like when we passed the bench
Where we first met
I swear I’ve never seen
Someone so selfish
You want my love but
Can’t be done with the lowlights
Nothing’s perfect
Why won’t you accept that?
You’re going to have to trust me
I’m still willing to try
Even though you went down
On every single promise you ever made
To me
I still think you have some good left
Maybe I’m naïve
They tell me every time
You let me down
I show up look around
I’m not blind boy you’re just not loyal
All I want is one little promise
And for it to be kept
Let’s just try this one more time
I’m just praying my heart won’t break
For good
Sadness hiding behind my smiles
Craving for your love
I cannot be perfect
I can tell you you’re far from it
Tell me the last time
You did something for me
Remind me of another time
Take me back to our start
When did we ever
Just sit with each other
Have we ever
Had a moment like that
Why is it always
Like playing parts
Are we keeping this up for them?
Or for us
I’ll make you a promise
I'm done with this

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