Seeing Red

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Nadine Elliot is a vampire, with anger problems so severe she can’t control herself at times and lunges for the nearest throat. She’s unique and also graciously gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of those around her which is a permanent headache. She can also feel the presence of others and make hers unknown so that even if she is seen she won’t be acknowledged. Nadine lives with the Elliot family and together they live among humans, so she is constantly putting innocent lives in danger and always on edge. Sick of being a monster and a nuisance she would happily leave this lifestyle and join those who live away from mortals but there are many things keeping her there; a stubbornness to not be defeated and to conquer her problems; a craving for the familiarity of how she’s lived for so long; her love of her family who although aren’t blood relatives are all she has. And when Melanie Newgreen suddenly appears in Nadine’s life the vampire is suddenly overcome with a fierce need to protect her from the cause of her bruises and scars, the complications of her relationship with vampires and from suffering the same fate as she did herself.

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Seeing Red

Submitted: January 31, 2010

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