The Nice Girl's With The Emo

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About being normal and nice, and people liking me. Wanna go out with the emo- big trouble. Big hoo-hah, OMG's and such. Love doesn't even come into their minds, though everyone's asking why? Why do they think?!

Submitted: February 03, 2010

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Submitted: February 03, 2010



I want to go out with that boy

The one who makes me laugh

Asks to borrow my eyeliner

And if his fringe is messy enough

The boy they call strange

The guy that is my best friend

We’re so in love

But my friends know nothing about it


They think I like the guy with highlights

Talks all day long about football

With my boy I can talk about secret things

Share my emotions through writing

And not feel embarrassed

After all he has people laughing at him

He’s not gonna judge


So he’s emo

And I’m so not

But why can’t the funny girl

That everyone likes

Go out with the boy she loves

The pale faced outcast

Yeah he’s got piercings

Anger issues

But he’s so more deserving than

The typical sport fanatic

Can’t you see I don’t fancy him?

I want to be with the guy

Head banging in the background

In the black skinny jeans


No one would ever think

But soon enough they won't have to

I'm gonna get with my emotional boy

Nice girl with the emo

Everyone knows me as

The girl everybody knows

From now on I'll be known as

The girl going out with the scary weirdo

I bet they visit graveyards together

Why's she going out with the corpse?


Ever spoken to him?

I didn't think so

Ever talked about him?

That's what I thought

Are you my friend?

You are? Well accept him

Do you know how much this means to me?

Let me spell it out then


He listens intently

With actual interest

I can tell him everything

But he already knows it

He's beautiful but no one sees

Underneath the white make up grease

He's funny when he wants to be

Always when he's with me

He doesn't mind you at all

But you won't even speak when he's around

His death like silence in the corridors

Doesn't apply when he's spoken to


I'm in love with my best friend

The 'zombie boy' the 'living dead'

So people like me and I have friends

Doesn't mean I can't love him

The smiley girl and her best friend

Walked into school hand in hand

Guess I'll have to put up with it all

The nice girl is going out with the emo.

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