The Tyre Swing

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A sweet little song about friendship turning into love. There's a tyre swing on a tree by my house, I made it with my friends so it's a nice little song.

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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Submitted: November 27, 2009



 Last November
When the ground was frozen over
But you still insisted
It wasn’t too cold to hang out
We went up to the field
Looking through the junk by the cemetery
And we found some rope and a big old tyre
We tied it to our tree
It marked the start
You kissed me
As we tied the knots
With numb fingers
The frozen branches tangled in my hair
We climbed the fence, looked over
You picked me a flower from next doors garden
My lips were blue
Your cheeks were pink
The flower was purple
The kiss was perfect
It was summer but it still rained
Filling the tyre with acid water
As I swung it soaked your jeans
And I got mud on my brand new shoes
But we hadn’t a care for clothes
The puddles seem so beautiful
When you’re in love and with someone
And you’re at the place where it started
You climbed we worked to make it safe
You fell didn’t cry though it hurt
The rope burned our hands
We carried on regardless
The rubber black as your hair
Cracked but still didn’t give way
You kissed me
As we stood in the downpour
The bark still bears our initials
Then light came from behind the clouds
We barely noticed
I do not recall
My hair drying in the sun
But I remember the shirt you wore
You kissed me
Last November
By the tyre swing
That hangs on the tree
Bearing our initials

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