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The typical scenario but amusing actually. There are references to Wotsits the cheesy crisps and Star Trek and the mysterious book whose ending is so debated over. So yeah they love each other but she doesn't know if he loves her back.

Submitted: December 18, 2009

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Submitted: December 18, 2009



Your favourite colour was blue
And wheny ou told me thisI smiled
You asked me to explain
Why my reaction was to laugh
You caught me off guard
With this trivial fact
You wanted to share with me
A little piece of your life
I let you know
I wrote sad songs
And you told me
You’d love to hear some
We both agreed
We couldn’t stand pins and needles
We always got them
After assembly
You admitted you cheated in Maths
You had a calculator under your desk
It made me giggle
As if everyone hadn’t noticed
Why don’t I
Just tell you all
I’ve been amazed by you
Right from the start
When I dropped my book
You picked it up
And we argued over
Whether the conclusion sucked
I still think today
That it so didn’t
But more importantly
That you were slowly letting me in
Word by word, bit by bit
Is it so much
For me to casually say
I’m so in love
Then suddenly realise
I forgot to add ‘with you’
On the end
I’m buying time
Telling myself I’m waiting
For you to let me know
Whether you feel that way
Knowing you
It’ll be after something like
“The latest episode stank”
What’s so strange about those crisps?
Who cares that they’re bright orange?
And I happen to like them
I could say a lot about your box of Star Trek
This is so stupid
Our conversations so odd
We’re trying not to go near the subject
Did you see the film where they both fell in love?
You finally listened to my songs
For many weeks now I’ve been putting it off
Did you realise they were all true?
The way I blushed when I sang to you
Every lyric mentioned you
The way you smiled, the way you laughed
Only just stopped myself from playing the one
Where I go on about how much
I loved the ending of that book
Why don’t I tell you?
I don’t know myself
Maybe I should ask you
Making it a hypothetical case
You’re so opinionated
I know you’ll surprise me
As soon as the question escaped my lips
And I’d stuttered the case about John and Kate
You leant towards me and whispered those words
“I love you too but that book still sucked.”

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