We Fight Once Again My Friends

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Something I wrote about World War Two while learning about it in school. The subject really touched me and I felt the need to express how I think it was to live in that terrible time.

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



We Fight Once Again My Friends

Shrapnel scattered along the street

Shattered glass brick and slate

Unspoken sadness hanging in the darkness

Never ending night.

Day's break from blackness

Sirens rattle covered windows

Metal sheets protect from explosions

From bombing planes, heartless men

Thirsty for approval they kill.

Death refuses to be ignored

He stalks the shadows, so easily found

For we cannot be seen by them

Who fly overhead.

Trains that take them to safety

Give out mixed emotions

Children who wish to stay with parents

Crave safety, security

But fear for family.

Fight for our country

Fight for our family

We are fighting

Though we want peace

Ironic in the saddest way

That we are fighting

Because we want the fight to end.

We cry for something to do

In this depressing time

A sound escapes our mouths

Though it's lost in the noise

Millions wait with baited breaths, eyes closed

Fingers crossed, hearts mangled though beating

We have won.

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