Suppressing The Memories

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Wrote with a friend, and for a friend. Nothing personally about me :)

Submitted: July 13, 2014

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Submitted: July 13, 2014



All these feelings I can suppress

But the memories that I possess

Sometimes I hear her voice behind me

It saddens me to some degree

As I walk in the streets I see her in an other girls face

Deffinitely a face hard to erase

From this world I start to sunder

The more I do the more I wonder

Is it too much to ask for love without an expiry date?

I can't move forward, I'm in this constant state

So much loneliness inside of me

And then the sadness, vast as the sea

When someones favorite movie is the same as hers

The same histerical sadness then recurs

Though only sometimes the feeling, I can suppress

But those damn memories that I possess

No matter what I'm doing, in everything


I hate remembering.

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