I Long For My Childhood

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just a small poem...... an escape route perhaps

Submitted: October 17, 2010

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Submitted: October 17, 2010



Wish I was a child

Just this one more time,

To go back to the past of mine

Where I didn’t have to make choices

That defined my life.

I could live my life,

With a smile upon my face,

Unable to see the vices, that roamed free.

Every little surprise seemed

More pleasant than the former,

And I wondered if life itself was

More beautiful than thee.

But someone knew better ,

To save the cruelties for later,

When I could bravely face it.

Before I knew, the time had come,

And I stood before the storm,

At last.



Oh! How I wish I could be the child,

This time just once.

When I could question every

Little move, no less enthusiastic

With the next, even though

left unanswered, for I knew

I would get them one day.

I turned every leaf to see,

If the answers were beneath

the trees, picked every fruit

I could, to search for answers

within the seeds. I opened

every book, though I couldn’t read.

And I would console myself, yeah

When I can, I’ll find

all the answers I need.

But now when the answer stands

Right in front of me,

I don’t want to accept it.

Now I just wish I was a child.

Could I go back to the past?

To live my life free?



Bound by lies and gagged by truth

I find myself in an island

Of rush. Where success comes

Before life and prizes before

Breath. Where dreams become

Nightmare and your shadow

The dreaded foe.

I wish I could go back to

The time, when my shadow

Played games with me, moving

My steps that left me wondering

Why he was copying me?

To that childhood I wish to

Return, can somebody help me?



A voice then whispers in my ears

Being a child is a matter of choice,

A child at heart is all

You need to be.

© Copyright 2019 Shawn Giomedd. All rights reserved.

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