A Girls Guardian Demon

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Tiffany is a young troubled girl when she meets a young boy named Droth. Droth is kind and clever, caring yet... Evil. As Tiffany comes to realize Droth is no ordinary boy, but a guardian for her
sent straight from Hell.

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



He's Hell for you, Guardian for me.

I still remember the day he first appeared. The memory... It's so vivid, so filled with emotions that it seems permanently seared into my mind. It was Autumn, I remember because I was wearing my jackolantern and black kitty cat stockings. I loved those things and couldn't wait for the season so I can pull them on with my black hoodie and buckle boots. I thought I looked so cool, like the older girls in 5th grade. Usually I'd stomp through the leaves happily as I headed home but that day I just remember my eyes burning and my sight swirling from my tears as I navigated under the gold and orange leaves hanging from the trees that otherwise would captivate me. My mom and dad had broken up, were getting a divorce. I never knew their relationship was going poorly, I suppose I was too young to realize that. One day my mom sat me down and told me that daddy was not going to be living with us anymore. I cried, I loved my dad. I am more partial to him than my mom I think. What made the confusing situation worst was the sudden flare of fighting and arguing. It was like being on a calm sunny beach one moment and suddenly being swept up into a raging hurricane that everyone says you should have seen coming.

I was emptying my backpack on my pink fuzzy rug in my room, getting ready to busy myself with my homework which was coloring and filling in the words of a story book. My mother and father were yelling at the top of their lungs in their room. It began in the kitchen, with the sound of pots clattering then after a shattered glass, I think my mom threw, then the fight went into the bedroom. I knew my dad was packing as he yelled, and the rage in both of them made me wonder if I'd ever even see my dad again. My eyes burned as tears dripped on to my story book, me trying to persevere and act normal. My hands shaking with the crayon hovering over the book as I listened. A door slammed and I flinched, the defense broke and I cried. Through the blur of my vision I saw a shadow sitting at the corner of my bed. I realized it was the shape of a boy, my age. I wiped my tears from my face gasping, shocked someone was in my room and also desperate to not let him see me crying like a baby. I didn't really think it was weird he was there, the innocence of youth I guess.

He had an olive skin tone, dark black hair cut short on the sides with a bit more on the top and slightly spiked, his brows made shadows over his eyes which made it look like he was wearing makeup. He was wearing black overalls, boots and and a white and black stripped shirt underneath like a prisoner from a cartoon. "Hi" I said with a tremble in my voice from the crying. He smirked "Hey." He replied back standing up. "What's your name? I'm Tiffany." The boy looked up as though thinking and then replied "I'm Droth." "How come you're in my room?" He shrugged and made a noise like "MmmmMmm" (I don't know) and moved over to my shelf of plush toys and fiddled with them. Some fell to the ground. "Are you my daddy's new kid?" I had no idea how getting kids worked and assumed my dad was going to have new ones instantly. "No. Don't be silly. Don't you know where kids come from?" "...yeah. " I didn't want to look dumb. "Why's your mom and dad yelling?" He asked as he made a teddy bear dance on top of a baby blue elephant. "They're getting de-voiced. Duh." Flipping the tables of stupidity " I don't think I'll see my daddy again." Tears welled up. "Yeah you will. He just won't be with your mom. He'll be with another lady." "What do you me-" my door opened and my dad came in.

"Hey star angel, I'm sorry you had to hear that." I cried and ran to him, as he embraced me in his arms. "Daddy loves you ok? Always remember that. But daddy and mommy are having some problems. I'm going to have to go away ok? But soon I'll come back and take you with me every other weekend to all kinds of fun places." "Like Disney world?" He laughed "Sure. One day." I rubbed my eyes. "Me and Droth?" My dad looked confused so I pointed behind me where the boy was. My dad looked like he understood. "Oh is that one of your toys?" "No, its-" I swing around in my dad's arms and saw I was just pointing to the pile of plush toys the boy knocked over. "It's a boy. He was here." My dad looked sad. "Tiff, I promise you'll still see me ok. No need for Droth to keep you company" looking back I see now my dad thought he was an imaginary friend I made up to cope with it all. He put me down. "I love you Princess. Do you still love daddy?" I nodded and we hugged. As I opened my eyes with my head over his shoulders, he had stopped down, I saw, under my bed, Droth. His black eyes now completely in shadow with a twinkle of light in them like a monster. He had his fingers to his lips. Shhhhhh

That's how it began... Life changed then on.



Droth the Lover

Droth was trouble at first. He'd write on my walls in crayon, rip up my toys and make a mess. I'd ask him why he was doing it and he'd say "Trust me. It'll make your daddy come back faster." I liked the sound of that so I let him do it. I set rules of not touching Roger the sailor rabbit I loved and a golden unicorn my dad and mom won for my at a fair. He obeyed. He always did. My mom would get angry when she saw my room in such a mess. She'd sit me down and lecture me on how it's ok to be upset daddy was gone but not ok for me to do what I was doing. I told her it was Droth and she'd just get angry, saying I was making him up. Droth said that it all meant it was working. A few weeks later my mom was fed up and sent me to my dad for a week. It had worked! Droth was right... He was also right about my dad being with another lady. Her name was Elsa and I hated her. I don't know why. She wasn't really mean. I just didn't like her and I felt uneasy with her being with my dad. My father would arrange for every other weekend and so I commanded Droth to stop messing up the room. He complied.

The years went by and I realized Droth wasn't just really good at hiding. He was supernaturally good. Everytime someone would walk in he'd vanish in a blink and appear with his back flat against the ceiling, holding on or in the closet peeking out from the cracked door. Or suddenly outside looking into the window from under the blinds, black eyes with beads of white light in them staring back. There was a time where I thought I was crazy, that maybe I WAS making him up. Maybe I was Droth.

But when I was 12 having a sleepover, I remember talking to Droth. He had aged too. He was still my age and I was beginning to realize he was handsome. Slicked hair, slim features, he wore a plain black T-shirt that clung to his atheletic frame, black pants with those Goth chains hanging from the pockets and some boots. If he'd only let the other girls see him he'd be popular. I was happy he didn't. I didn't want the other girls to take him away from me. I flicked my black curls behind me as I sat crossed legged in my bed with Droth. My blue satin nightgown pooled around me. "Well, if you don't try you won't find out if you like it right? It's not hard if you think of it logically. You can't win a slot machine without pulling the lever." Droth was sly, a logical intellectual type with a straight forward almost brutal way of thinking. Some would say he's Machiavellian, I just like that he can get things done for me. "Yeah... I guess you're right." My friend Isabelle came back from the bathroom, she was blonde. A popular girl in school, straight A's. I hated her at first but she stood up for me back when my chest wasn't grown in and the other girls would call me "training bra Tiffany". She wipped her wet hands on her pink pajama pants and white top. "Who are you talking to?" "No one. I was checking my phone." I had my phone in my hand. "Oh. Whoa, who is he?" My eyes bulged. Was Droth still here? I looked around the room, "On TV Tiff." There was some sitcom on TV and on screen was Droth, combing back his hair smiling as the audience oouuhed. "He's hot. What show is this?" My mouth hung open in amazement. No one ever saw Droth before. Now he was on TV? "I'd take two slices of that please" Isabelle said laughing. I laughed along, slightly nervous as he turned to the camera and smiled.

That night Droth came into the bedroom with us and I had my first... Threesome? Not sure since I'm not sure Droth counts. But I had been curious if I'd like girls when I befriended Isabelle and Droth had gotten Izz so hot when he was on TV she was more than willing to go for it. She seemed to be in a hypnotic dream state, Droth was gentle and loving with both of us. Experienced somehow it seemed. It was fun but I realized that I liked boys way more thanks to Droth helping with the experiment. We pulled the lever and I realized I didn't like the game. Isabelle didn't seem to remember the experience but talked about having a dream about the guy on TV. I smiled. I became curious about who and what Droth was for the first time. I went to the library and read about Tulpas and Incubi and realized Droth was a demon. His personality was manipulative, toward others never toward me, and he was unsettling sometimes though not intentionally but the way he would hide and his neigh evil suggestions of dealing with our enemies. I knew what he was before long. We are supposed to have guardian angels. I have a guardian demon.

Droth confirmed. Stating matter of factly he knew he was from Hell but thought it was too unsettling to reveal. I couldn't argue with him there. The years went by and I eventually met a guy named Louis. He was like Droth. A bad boy, but seemingly gentle. He was a dirty blonde Goth that smoked a pack a day and carried a knife in the shape of a spider. They always say never date a bad boy.... I thought it was just a saying. I was wrong. I almost died for that decision. Thank... Satan? For Droth. Droth saved me that night.



Droth from Hell

Droth had protected me from bullies before. I remember when Jason threw a rock at me and black and blued my eye. I was sitting down with an ice pack over my eye watching him play on the slide as I sat in the nurse's office. They believed it was an accident. I knew he did it on purpose. I saw Droth walk behind Jason on top of the slide. Grabbed Jason by the head and slammed his mouth on the iron rail. He then threw him over the side. Jason needed stiches and I told him my friend did it and he'd do it again if he messed with me. He believed it.

He'd even helped me deal with Samantha in highschool, a prime bitch that started the "Training bra Tiffany" deal. Droth trailed behind her as she sauntered down the hallway, all the guys googling after her. He cut a hole in her purse (she didn't carry a backpack like a normal highschooler) and caused all her tampons to fall out. The guys went mad in laughter. She was red faced for a week blaming the rat filled school for the hole. Droth went too far when he decided to shear all of Samantha's hair off as well. I made him stop there but I wasn't disappointed with Samantha's silence for the rest of the year.

Louis was worst than any bully. He was sweet at first but then it became evident it was a lure. To trap girls in relationships. He'd make me meet with his dangerous looking dealer to get his drugs so he wouldn't get caught with a third offense, made me go on long road trips where he wore a gun under his shirt and made me wait in the car outside of clubs or bars and book it after he returned never explaining what he was doing. I found latter he was robbing people, sticking them up in bars and clubs. Picking out the drunk ones. I confronted him and for the first time Louis hit me. Hard. Told me to mind my own damn business. It wasn't the last time. He'd hit and beat on me constantly for doing the slightest mistep. Questioning him on his long absences, his drugs, not making dinner. I had Stockholm. I wanted to leave but couldn't.

I sat on the side of my bed crying one night when Droth crawled from underneath it like a spider and stood up like a Michael Jackson dance. I had told him not to attack Jason because somehow I still liked him. "Had enough?" Droth asked, he didn't seem pittying. But indifferent. Like this was all a phase for me. "Dro, I don't know what to do." "Leave. Take his money from under his matress, call the police and have them find his drugs here and get him arrested. So many things I can think of." I couldn't do these things. I'd feel evil and I couldn't let Droth do them either. He'd melt into the floorboards as Louis arrived, staring at me accusingly.

One night I found out Louis was cheating and confronted the girl, who then told a drug dealer who then cut off Louis. He was pissed. He came home and wailed on me, the worst beating I've ever received was by Louis. He pistol whipped me and threatened to kill me, said that the girl was the dealers girlfriend and it was an affair. How he'd get killed now. He shot the mattress I was sitting on, my nose in blood and my eyes nearly swollen shut. My body ached and was covered in bruises. I could see Louis was convincing himself to kill me, looking in the mirror talking nonsense. My heart hammered.

Suddenly a hand shot out of the mirror and grabbed Louis by the throat. Louis eyes bulged in horror as he stared at Droth where his reflection should have been. "DROTH! NO!!" Louis looked shocked as he realized I knew what this thing was. Droth pulled him into the mirror shattering glass everywhere. Over and over, blood and glass sparkling."DROTH STOP! YOU'LL KILL HIM!" I ran to them but Droth magically slammed the bathroom door shut before I got in. I heard Louis screaming and the house shook under each ungodly blow. The door was jammed shut, I felt a dark sinister aura fall over the house and the screams stopped 3 minutes before the slamming did.

Droth phased through the door. "I had enough." He said.

The police thought I was the culprit. Said I had finally snapped under the abuse. The judge let me off under insanity. I was sent to a Looney bin. With all the crazies. Droth always by my side as they fed me pills. I was fine until one night an orderly came in and raped me. "Had enough?" I nodded. That night I woke up to screams and smoke, red orange fire licking at my cells door. The door flew open and there in the flames Droth stood silhouetted in fire. His hands out stretched to me. "We've had enough." He said smirking. I smiled and took his hand. "Want to see something cool?" I nodded again. He cracked his back muscles and bones and I could see something squirming under his shirt. Then from his back ripped two large black wings like a bat. Two and a half meters tall and three matters wide, they flexed and flapped in the glow of the flames. "Cool right." "Yeah Dro. Really cool." I said sincerely in awe. He flapped them once and parted the flames. He held my hand as we walked down the single path unignited. We left the flames and screams behind us. When we escaped to the front lawn a police car was already on scene. A chubby middle aged cop pulled a gun, pointing at us "Freeze!" He said before he dropped the weapon in fear. He saw Droth next to me, his eyes glowing white embers as his wings cast a shadow across the lawn. Droth embraced me, and with a mighty flap that sent a gust powerful enough to show the car alarm in the police car, we were aloft. High in the sky. The officer fell to his ass in terror as he watched. Piss pooling in his pants. He grabbed his radio... "D-D-Dispatch? I need backup..."

Life had been hell for me, I'll admit. But now I think it's time we repay the favor. Me and my guardian Demon: Droth.

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