A Cry For Help (His Story)

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Is about a boy and his choices

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



Bryce stood there bullying others. Everyone was scared of him because of his size. He was not fat,but he was built like a werestler. He looked like a colege kid on a high school

campus. He loved on kids two times smaller than him. It was what brought him pride. He thought that if he would bring pain to someone they would respect him. Bryce grew up in

an abusive home. His father stayed drunk, his mother stayed high, and his older brohter was in jail for molesting him for ten years. He had no one he could trust, except for a pet

bull dog named Killer. Killer was all he trusted. He knew he'd never hurt him. Killer was trained to hurt his big brother when he snuck in his room at night. Bryce's parents would

beat him ten times a day a piece everyday. He never shed a tear in front of them. When CPS was called , he would give them a story about the perfect parents in his dreams. So

they never took him away , but they should have because he will soon go way to far. His parents beat him as usual, they pushjed him to far. So his anger came out. They next day a

young boy walked onto school campus and Bryce yelled "Hey kid stop right there". They young boy just kept on walking. That made Bryce even more mad. Bryce got  up and

punched the kid in the head, he feel to the ground. Bryce started punching the kid in the face over and over. They boy strugled for a few minuets then stoped. Bryce stood up.

Someone rushed over to check the boy's paulse. "He's dead". Bryce started to freak. The cops were called and bryce was taken to jail. He went on trial and was tried as an adult for

second degree muder. Bryce was only fifteen years old, and was sentenced for thirty years in jail. Everyone missed Bryce's calll for help. He not shares a cell with his older brother.

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