I went back for her

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a girl loosing a friend but ends up saving her.

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



You were the one most kids made fun of for wearing high heels all the time. They said you weren't normal and somehow deep down i believed it too. You are a bossy, controlling,

and a diva girl. Everything has to be your way. Its your way or the highway. Your personality clashed with mine. I am a loving, caring, and sensitive person and you used me. One

evening I made it clear that i didn't want anything to do with you and we went our separate ways. I had felt better about myself. i was now friends with everyone. i felt free and most

of all uncontrolled. I loved my new life and loved being free. When we saw each other in the hallway we acted like each other didn't existed. One day i couldn't help to see but you


were fighting with a girl three times your size and you would never win. Shes the school bully. She started to beat you and blood flew everwhere. You were yelling for help but on

one heard.  No one but me. we hated each other I can't save you. "Stop" i yelled. i stopped the bully from beating your face in. In my mind i told myself i can't believe you went back

for her. We were once friends and now i just saved your life. Whats was going to happen now? i'm not sure but now when we see each other in the halls you say hi and i say hi

back. you know you owe me but i don't think so. It was all because i went back for her.

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