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This is just random,I hope you like it, it does involve some morbid scenes and a few curse words, so viewer or reader beware.

Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



I glance up at the mansion through the dirty windshield of my black Chevy Camaro. I pull into the nearest parking spot to the mansion. Im wearing a skin tight long sleeved black under armour shirt and Black jeans with a belt where i kept my knife hooked on the inside, cleverly hidden from eyesight. I glance at all the lights, and fancy cars and limos. I sit in the dark organizing all of my thoughts and piecing together the last details of my plan. I suck a deep breath in and open the door. I take my first step toward the Mansion in my Black hightops. I have my hair tied back in a high ponytail. I push my bangs over to the side. I have been waiting for this moment for months, im not about to let it slip through my fingers. I can feel the party goers eyes on me, I see the girls smirk at how under dressed I am. I see how they are in fancy ballroom gowns so tight they can hardly breath, heels, and fancy jewelry. you may be smirking now but in 25 minutes you're  not gonna be able to run very far from what will happen. At that i give them my own little smirk and continue my confident, focused walk. I casually grab a glass of champagne off of a silver tray. I saw how the light danced around the rim of the glass, reflecting off the gold champagne. I take a sip as I climb my way up the stairs. I push my way past a couple making out. Humans truly are disgusting. I reach the top and continue further down the hall. I make my way down the second hallway and walk up to the last door on the left. I stand outside hesitating. I stare at the gold stripped wallpaper, and the white ceiling. I look at the light brown pattern of the carpeting and I think of how Damon would have loved the carpet. I grimace and open the door. I look around and the lights were off. But it didnt matter because the big bay window let lots of light seep in from the full moon. The scene was depressing, resembling a haunted tortured look. I looked at the grand piano on the right side of the white door and the dark brown furniture, almost black in the dark. I set my wine glass on the side table and shut the door. I slowly approached the figure looking out the window. It was Jeff. My Hatred boiling inside and I imagined me ripping out his pathetic heart. I need to calm down, all in good time. "Hello Jeff." I spoke trying to sound empty and conversational. His cheek rose as if smiling. "Im glad you could come and crash my party, Michelle." he said smiling, still staring out the window. "Did you bring Damon with you?" "Oh wait, Thats right, I killed him." "Im sorry, curse my old memory." I growl, then cough trying to cover it up but he heard it. He smiled and turned around his cat eyes reflecting the moons light. Just looking at him made me want to lunge out and kill him now but I need to wait just a little bit longer. "How have you been Michelle?" Obviously your getting more naive thinking you could walk in here and kill me with that pathetic little knife you have tucked in your belt. Is that seriously the same knife I made you when we were kids? You kept it even after I killed your best friend?" "Yes, because I want to kill you with it."  He laughed. Then his face grew serious. This is it, I tell myself, now. "I came to play a little game with you Jeff." "Doesn't that sound like fun?" I grow more and more angry as I repeat the same line he told Damon before he killed him. I take a step towards him and I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I look down and see a big kitchen knife sticking out. I look at him with fear in my eyes and he smiles. I freeze then stand up, laugh and rip it out. "Did you honestly think that's stop me?" I lift my shirt up and I watch my skin stitch back together and smooth out like it never even happened. I wipe the blood off and grow serious once more. "Now it's my turn!" With a swift motion he throws another into my stomach I pull that out as well and we both watch it heal itself. "You just don't listen do you?" "Let's see how fast you heal." I throw both knives back at him. One landing in his stomach the other in his left shoulder. Jeff was Broad shoulderd, tall, had brown hair and olive skin. His gold cat eyes piercing into mine. He fell to his knees breathing hard. "You Bitch." He gasped. I walked up and bent down so that my face was next to his. Since you don't have a heart, I guess you won't need this. I stuck my hand in his chest and ripped his heart out. He dropped to the floor. I dropped his heart on top. "Since your going to hell say Hi to Zach for me when you get there." I start towalk away and a minute later thrown into the grand piano. The silence is shattered with the sound of wood breaking and the joint of the keys. I grimace and pick myself up. I look up and see Jeff. "Did you forget cats have nine lives?" I smile and walk over. He's no longer in a joking mood. "What's the matter Jeff?" "Don't tell me your not playing anymore, I was starting to have fun." I say being a smart ass. "No that's not it, when I died, I ran into Damon, you know cuz he's dead too." He smiles. "Only difference is I came back to life and aww he didn't." I growl an run at him. He easily picks me up an throws me across the room. I slide down the wall and growl. "What's the matter Michelle?" "Cat got your tongue?" I growl I run and throw the knife in my belt at him. It burys itself into his chest he goes to rip it out but I drive it through until my hand and the knife are out the other side. He gurgles. I whisper in his ear. "Whys the matter Jeff cat caught your tongue?" I rip my hand out and he drops to his knees again. "This is for Damon." And I snap his neck. I wipe the blood off on my jeans and walk towards the door. I pick up my glass. "Seven always was my favorite number." I tell his body. I hold it up still facing the door and slightly turn my head, "Thanks for the drink." "You look awful though you should probably grab one." I quickly walk out I drink the rest in two gulps and leave the empty glass on a silver tray passing me. 30 seconds I walk out the front  door, I start counting down just as I reach my car door I hear the big explosion and screaming. I watch the girls who smirked at me before tripping as they tried to run away from the explosion. "Six." I climb in and pull out. I allow a single tear to slide down my face. "He only has six lives left Damon, I promise you I'll do my best to take them all." And with that said I speed down the road, leaving the mansion and the cloud of smoke behind me.


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