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Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



I looked up at the darkening sky, the light drizzle of rain washing my salty tears off my cheeks. I looked around at the tall evergreen trees blocking my view of any sign of society. I could hear the rain pouring harder. I fell to my knees. The rain bouncing off the trees. I saw flashes of the scene, lit by the Lightning. The dark consuming me. Metaphorically and literally. I looked down at the body. The lifeless body of my friend. No, my brother. I held him in my arms, and I let my hair fall around us like curtains. My hand over his chest where just one if his many wounds were. Where the blood still flowed slowly, oozing through my fingers with the sensation of his life seeping away into the ground. Dripping off his wet white T-Shirt I gave him for his birthday this year. I screamed out in fear, anger, sorrow, and mostly guilt. He's dead because of me. His death is in my hands. Literally. The rain was really coming down now. I could barely see 3 feet in front of me. The blood was washing away and I threw my head back and screamed even louder. "Why!" I yelled, at a God who may or may not exist. "Tell me why the fuck you hate me so much!" I was spitting out water and choking. I looked back at the body of my Best Friend who gave his life for me. I hear a howl in the distance. Please no not him, don't bring it back. I'm not ready for round two!

And with that said crying, mumbling, panting and spitting I frantically drag his body with me under a tree. I'm covered in mud and grime and I just start crying all over again. I wept as I held him in my lap stroking his cold face. I cry over how I killed him. What have I done. I hold his lifeless hand. I guess I'm trying to get the comfort he used to give me. I had a flashback to when he was only twelve years old. I was eleven. I started crying because the thunder scared me, and the Lightning startled me. My dad yelled at me from the other room, stop being a little girl and man up you pathetic no good waste of a daughter. If I had a son I bet he wouldn't cry. I run into my room and my best friend A.J follows me. "Cam don't listen to him," he told me, "your wonderful just the way you are." I smile and yelp as thunder cracks across the sky like a whip. I am immediately embraced by A.J and he tells me thunder can't hurt you when I'm around. And the Lightning is just the fireworks of a storm if you really pay attention to it it changes color and its really cool looking. For the rest of the afternoon we sat by the window watching the Lightning and hugging each other until the thunder no longer scared me. Then when the storm went away I walked him back to his house. And before we said goodbye he promise he'd let nothing hurt me. 

I streak of Lightning brought me back to the present and I looked down at A.Js body and cried I cried for what seemed forever until it was dark out. It must be around seven now. But the rain didn't show any sign of easing up. We were sitting in a puddle and my body was sore and my throat felt like I had swallowed glass. A pine cone fell next to us reminding me of my birthday this year. I was turning 16. It was just me A.J and my dad. My mom passed away giving birth to me that's one of the main reasons why my dad hates me. And doesn't let a day by without showing his much he hates me. Insults and beatings. I had to buy makeup so kids at school wouldn't find out. A.J was the only one who knew and I made him promise a long time ago not to tell or do anything. I couldn't help but feel like I deserved it whenever he did cruel things to me. I'm a murderer. A.J went inside to get some Lemonade and I was left alone with my dad in the pool. He had been quiet all day. But now he looked dead at me. Then he started towards me he looked scary. I saw what was coming I tried to get out but it was too late. He grabbed my hair an pulled me under I struggled to get away to get air he just held me under I couldn't breath. I started to struggle less and I had given up I deserve this. I look over and see A.J jump in and wrestle me away from my dad. He pulls me out and I suck in air. He pulls me out and he starts yelling at me. "You promised me you wouldn't give up on life!" "You promised me! Why did you stop struggling!" He wrapped me in his embrace and I started to tear up he wiped my tear away. I'm sorry I say and I look up just as my father hits him in the head with a metal pole I scream and A.J starts to run. I try to chase after him but my dad grabs me and yells after him don't you ever come back. 

After that I stayed up packing my bags, that's when I came up with the decision to run away. I was almost to the woods when A.J walked over "I'm coming with you." he told me. "I told you I'd never leave you alone and I wont." I stand there for a minute I nod and we both start going towards the woods and we entered. Not planning on coming out. That's when a wolf attacked us and he threw himself in danger to protect me. I look down at his body. He gave his life. To let me live. Just like my mom. And I cry again. I don't love him in that way but I love him in a way that would never let me forget him. I feel his body move and I look at his feet. A wolf is tugging at him. I scream "No!" You have already taken him from me I wont let you do it again. I pick up a stick and I swing it I stand up leaving his body under the tree. The wolf backs up and then charges at me. I raise the stick pull back and with anger and fear I seing it so hard I hear it crack against its skull. It helps and falls to the ground twitching. I look at the blood on hi fur from earlier today. "As much as I hate you I can't sit hear and watch you suffer you peice of shit." I raise the stick above my head and screaming I slam it down stabbing its heart. A few seconds later it's dead. I leave the stick in it. And I walk back over to A.J. "I promise I won't leave you alone. I think back at the times he has comforted me and held me and encouraged me. He was always there for me. I look up just as a streak of Lightning strikes a tree. It goes up in flame and it catches another tree. I know that we are about to have a forest fire. Even the pouring rain didn't help. It was coming up on us fat. I move us out into the clearing I pull him into my lap. "I'm not giving up on life I'm giving it for you."  I whisper in his ear. "I love you A.J. Dowsin, an I always will. I look up and the flame surrounds us. It burns me as it licks my skin and clothing. I hug A.J. And I think of when we were kids and he touched the stove on accident and started crying. I brought him an ice pack and kissed his hand to make it better. I kiss him on the cheek. I'll make it all better. And with that I close my eyes and I fall into a deep sleep one I will never wake up from. One I will never be disturbed. A peaceful sleep. A sleep right next to A.J. I feel him grab my hand its light around us. We are in a meadow with lilies we smile at each other come closer and cradled in each other's arms we sleep.


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