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There is a little elephant, who grows into gigantic proportions!

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Submitted: September 25, 2013



Underneath the willow leaves, there was a small cave. In this cave, lived Jumbo. He was an elephant who despite his name was tiny. So tiny in fact that when he ate the dandelions he could barely reach the top, with his skinny grey trunk. One day he was rolling around under his tree, when he rolled into the side of a glass bottle. It gleamed in the sunlight, dark green and mysterious. Curious as he was, he wrapped his trunk around the stopper, and pulled with all his might. With a pop the cork came loose, and sent Jumbo flying. He went up and up and UP! Finally he smacked into a tree branch, but before he could fall to the ground he caught hold of one of the long stringy leaves. Dangling in the air, the small elephant sat their for hours. Jumbo was helpless. The sun was almost setting, and he was still hanging there. Then the air began to stir, and suddenly a giant gust of wind blew little Jumbo's branch to the tree trunk. There Jumbo finally was able to make his way down. Determined, but more cautious the small little elephant tied a rope around his belly and tied himself to a fallen branch, just in front of the green bottle. Once again he wrapped his trunk around the little bottle. Jumbo closed his eyes, and remembered the elephants before him. Strong, tall, wise. All the greatness of Africa that was his family. He dug deep inside himself, and... pulled!  POP! The cork flew out of the bottle, inside was a liquid that smelled like sugar, dandylions, and happiness. Jumbo stuck his trunk into the bottle, and sucked out all the juice. A fuzzy feeling started in his tail, and moved down to his toes. Then his ears began to tingle, and the the tip of his trunk began to twitch. Then things began to shrink! smaller and smaller they became! The rope around his tummy snapped. Dandilions that were as big as trees became the size of his toenail. Jumbo was now jumbo-sized! Huge and happy the smiling elephant, went off to find the peanut shop and possibly his future.

The end!

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