Through the music

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

a girl falls for the guy who made a cd. She hasnt ever met the guy though.

Obsession can be whatever you want it to be. Hopelessly focused, the small girl in blue wanted nothing more than to just keep imagining who had made the cd. She had bought it second hand at a small shop in town, and what was inside was not what was on the cover. It was filled with songs that conveyed hurt, love, lost passion, bitterness, and hope for forgiveness. She was hooked from the moment she found the similarities. She felt what he had put into song. Not yet 16 she experienced the heartache that was his breakup. Pulled into it she mentally not stop seeing this shadow of who had created it. The girl had fallen in love with something that had been meant for another, and discarded at a moments notice. Such is the way of thrift shops. 

So, With that, the girl took the melodies and burned them into her soul. She ventured down the road of desperation and obsession. Putting together the vague outlines of his character, a list was created. A list that would eventually fit the man of her dreams. So she folded it up, and sealed it and the music in an envelope, and stowed it within the pages of pride and predjiduce. 



Four years later, Rose sighed in frustration. The barista was being annoyingly slow and was making a point of ignoring her. Avoiding her pointed stare, he dodged into the back leaving her coffeeless and irritated.

"Fine" she muttered to herself and wheeled around with the full intention of boycotting starbucks. What she got instead was a splash of steaming bean all over her brown cashmere sweater. She jumped back with a yelp and started frantically wiping at the mess. Glaring up at the perpetrator, what she got almost stopped her mid crisis. Almost. After all, hot coffee burning your body normally distracts one from oggiling gorgeous strangers.

Rose knew somewhere deep beneath the anger that it was her fault, but pain blames others.

She froze their quick appoligies with a demanding: 

"Are you mental!? Standing so close to someone with a coffee is so..SO idiotic! You didnt happen to think that I would turn around!?" And before they could reply she had stomped off to the bathroom. 

She peeled the sweater over her head, and not suprising now her tank was a lovely shade of brown. Wonderful. From her backpack Rose pulled out the ratty workout shirt she had used an hour before at Tonys Get Fit Quick class. Ew, the sweat smell was awesome. Running cold water over the shirts ran most of the coffee out of them so now instead the deep russet, it was light copper.  

Submitted: July 15, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Shawnara . All rights reserved.

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Evelina Duile

Oh, this is so good!!! I'd really like for you to continue this. I love the entire concept because you can go in so many different directions with a story this. I love the last line: "The girl had fallen in love with something that had been meant for another, and discarded at a moments notice, such is the way of thrift shops." That was pure poetry. Great job!

Mon, July 15th, 2013 7:51am

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