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Doing the dirty work...

Submitted: February 15, 2007

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Submitted: February 15, 2007



I’m the man that nobody sees, but who keeps the company going like clockwork. I do the dirty work, no questions asked, no orders needed. Let’s just say I’m a bag man, a cleaner of the business’s trash. I’m privy to more secrets than any VP, RSM or MD. Discreet and trusted, I know the small secrets and the big ones. I clear away the accounts that can’t be made public, I know the affairs of the staff and the attempts to mend relationships. I am intrinsically involved in all that is ever done, but I require no publicity, I ask for no glory. I am content in my job being done well. Knowing that without me the dirt would be there for all to see.

Some try to hide their secrets but I can access all areas and use a patient plodding approach that gets the job done, thoroughly and permanently. You won’t see me coming, but I will know you. I know about the sales rep’s dodgy tax returns, the MD’s sleepless night’s, the constantly dieting PA, the legal director’s impending pregnancy.

Sometimes I will be called in for an emergency job, but most of the time it is routine housekeeping, the basics of a living company, preventing it from being buried in it’s own filth. Saving it from your work.

I don’t need you to thank me, your advice or your recognition.

But if you could just empty your left over coffee before you leave, it’d make my life easier.

Keep the trash coming.

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