just cant get away part 9

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part 9

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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Submitted: July 16, 2011



Just can’t get away part9


BJ – surprise!!!


Shanice – oh hell no *runs down the hall*


BJ- no shanice wait im not even here for that come inside with me please


Shanice – you gotta be out yo rabbit ass mind if you think…


BJ – please


Shanice - ………….okay but don’t touch me AT ALL


BJ – alright *holds up hands*


They walk into the room


Shanice – okay you got 5 minutes to tell me what the hell you want and im gone


BJ – look I need your help im bout to get into some deep shit and I need some money and you’re the last person I know


Shanice – nigga is you serious after all the stuff you done put me and my man through you coming to ask ME for money HELL NO


BJ – please shanice I cant go to anybody else I really need this right now if I don’t pay this dude my life is on the line..


Shanice – and that’s exactly where it needs to be


BJ – look I know you not really tryna hear me right now but I know ive messed up with you in the past and I know a lot of shit ive done to you has been fucked up and I mean really all I can say right now is sorry if you help me out ill leave you alone and let you be happy


Shanice – I really cant believe you right now.


BJ – I know I know but PLEASE!!!


Shanice - *gives off along sigh* I can’t believe this how much is it?


BJ – $6,000

Shanice – $6,000 WTF!? You want me to go into me and trey’s joint account and give you $6,000 I don’t know if I can do that.


BJ – man come on shanice you know trey aint gonna miss that money. Yall got dough


Shanice- it doesn’t matter he still gonna wanna know what the hell I spent 6,000 dollars on and I don’t wanna lie to him. Do you know that he will flip the fuck out if he found out I let YOU borrow that let alone that im even here right now.


BJ – I know I just need this one favor please and BTW I saw you chillin wit homeboy that night at the club  and I don’t think trey would be happy about that either….


Shanice – *giving off a shocked face* so what you spying on me now???


BJ -  nah I just so happened to be there so whats that about..?


Shanice – look stay out my business that has nothing to do with you!


BJ – well im just saying if you don’t help me out I can turn this all around in the blink of an eye.


Shanice – like you would ever get a chance to talk to trey pshh please you don’t stand a chance..


BJ – I never said I was gonna talk to trey but, I have pictures and video of you that night soooo…


Shanice – yo that’s real fucked up if you would do that like seriously


BJ – no whats fucked up is how you acting all goody goody and you doing that nigga so wrong


Bj knew that if he made her feel wrong for hanging with David she would give.


Shanice – okay look ill give you the money but leave me alone after this I don’t want any phones calls text messages none of that and you better not open your mouth about me and that guy I swear..


BJ – ok its cool just give me what I want and im done!


Shanice told bj that she would go to the bank and get the money and that she would put it in an envelope and leave it for him at the front desk at the hotel she didn’t trust him being in the car with her even though he seemed to be nice that day she never knew what tricks  BJ could pull from his sleeve.




Tracie – girl I know you excited your man is in town




Angela – so what yall got planned after the show


Shanice – I don’t know he wouldn’t tell me all he said was be ready for him


Angela – ohhhhhhhhhh shanice finna get some sex shanice finna get some sex


Shanice – lol shut up but you already know its been too long uhh omg I cant wait


Tracie – PAUSE! don’t be acting like you haven’t been getting any already …..


Shanice – I haven’t though


Angela – uh huh don’t trip we already know the deal what about 4 nights ago when you were at Davids house aint no woman gone be spending the night at no mans house for no reason you gave up the cooch just admit it.


Shanice – okay look I couldn’t help it it was just one time it wont do any harm


Angela – okaaaaaaaaaay don’t start tripppin when david start hunting you down cause you done got him hooked off that ONE TIME!!


Tracie - but wait this isn’t the shanice I know girl l your changing and when the hell you gonna break it off with him anyway wasn’t that supposed to had been done?


Shanice – yall stop tripping please I got this under control !!!


Angela & Tracie – okay!


They all get dressed at shanices house and get ready to head to the show to see trey perform they get to the venue and hang out backstage before the show started.


Trey – what up doe!






Trey – I miss you too baby yall come this way yall can chill in this room with the others while I get ready


They walk into the room and shanice had a look on her face as if she just saw a ghost angela and Tracie were looking at each other in shock.


Trey – David this is my fiancé shanice and her friends Angela and Tracie, shanice this is David and his people. Baby this is the guy that helped me find our house he pulled a couple of strings for me to get it so I hooked him up with some tickets.


Angela and traice – nice to meet you david


Shanice – hello nice to meet you


David – nice to meet you all also, trey I must say you have a beautiful fiancé im sure she’ll make a great wife!


Trey – thank you bru.


Trey pull shanice angela and tracie to the side


Trey – yall look strange what’s up am I miss something?


Shanice – what you talking about baby


Trey – ion know the looks on yall faces what yall don’t like somebody in here or something?


Shanice – umm why would you think that we don’t know any of these people babe you okay??


Trey –  yea im good ion know I guess im just trippin anyway *pulls shanice close* girl im so happy to have you wrapped in my arms right now you just don’t know but wait till later its gone be on!!


Shanice – oh gosh try to leave some feeling in my body lol


Trey – I don’t know if I can promise you that..


Shanice – yea I bet freak.


Trey – you know im nasty hahaaa but lemme get back to getting ready see you after the show.


Trey and shanice kiss each other bye and tracie  shanice and angela talk about how they couldn’t believe david was there and how him and trey know each other.


Angela – see girl I told you that shit was gone backfire on you


Shanice – OH MY GOSH!


Tracie – giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl you got this one


Shanice – I cant believe this right now I have got to be dreaming


Angela – well *pinches shanice* sorry to burst your bubble but no hunny this is real and its happening so what are you gonna do


Shanice – I have no idea.


David was on the other side of the room looking at the three of them he knew what they were talking about he shot shanice a quick text that said “you look beautiful” shanice read the message and left the room it was already awkward enough and she didn’t want trey to catch her texting David.




Trey – ive missed you so much


Shanice – I miss you too it sucks that you can’t stay longer though


Trey – I know baby I would love to be here with you everyday instead of all these different cities.


They kiss for a long time


Trey – so I see you been blowing money fast huh lol


Shanice – hahaha what are you talking about


Trey – I saw where you took 6,000 out the bank all at once 


Shanice – well I had to get something done to my car and I went shopping and did some other things


Trey – well why didn’t you just use the card instead of going to the bank?

Shanice – for some reason that day my card wasn’t working right so I just took out some cash.


Trey – I guess don’t break my pockets


Shanice – lol sorry babe


Trey – nah you know I got you whatever you want it’s yours.


Shanice – hmm whatever I want ?


Trey – yup whatever you want


Shanice – well right now I want you


Trey – and I want you too


*shanice phone rings*


Trey – uh uh none of that tonight its just me , you , and your heavenly screams


Shanice – haha fine with me 


Trey turns off both of their phones and they head up to the bedroom and make love until either of them couldn’t take it anymore! The next morning trey woke up early he saw shanice sleeping so peacefully so he didn’t want to wake her.. he reached for his phone and went to the restroom to get cleaned up he saw that there were a few  text messages on the phone he opened the first one.


Text messages


Message 1 – from angela – girl I cant believe that shit im still trippin hit me tomorrow!


After the first message trey realized he had grabbed the wrong phone he and shanice had both had the same phone he was about to go switch them until he saw the names david and BJ on the message list so he went on to read the messages thinking why the hell is she texting david


Message 2 – from David – you were looking so beautiful tonight I wanted to pick you up and wrap your legs around my body and just do you right there on spot… bringin back any memories ?


Trey was beyond pissed at that moment


Message 3 – from BJ thank you so much for that favor I owe you big time and don’t worry I wont open my mouth secret safe with me.


All trey could do was think why and how and wtf was really going on. He sat in the restroom for about 30 minutes just trying to figure out what to do so he came up with a plan. Trey got himself together as if everything was normal he turned her phone off put it down and got his. He got dressed kissed shanice knowing she would wake up and then they said their goodbyes for trey to head off to the airport.


Later that day


Shanice had plans to meet up with david at his house she was going to breaj it off with him for sure this time! She wanted to let this all go she knew that all she wanted was trey her one and only love nobody could compare to him that’s all she could think about on her way to davids house.she pulled up and rang the doorbell.


David- hey whats up


Shanice – hey  


David – can I get you anything?


Shanice – no im fine for now


David –  hmmmm for now huh so you tryna get a round 2 *getting close up on her about to kissher neck*


Shanice – hahah no I actually …


*doorbell rings*


David – ill be right back I don’t know who this could be I wasn’t expecting anybody


David opens the door


David – OH SHIT !


Shanice – whats wrong david is everything o….


Trey – SURPRISE!! I guess im late for the party huh…..



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