Just cant Get Away (part2)

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part 2

Submitted: June 29, 2011

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Submitted: June 29, 2011





It was about 3:00AM When Trey and Shanice fell asleep, but they woke up early due to both of their phones continuously going off and plus JJ was awake and wanted breakfast. Shanice checked her phone and saw she had a couple of texts and missed calls from family and friends (thanking god BJ didn’t hit her up) and trey had a few business calls although this was his off time he still had a few business related issues to take care of work never stopped!


Shanice – Baby im gonna run to the store and grab a few things to fix for breakfast unless you guys want to go out…


JJ – mommy I don’t care I just want pancakes (smiling)


Trey – baby you know im for whatever


Shanice – haha yea I know fatty.. well im gonna head out ill be right back.


Trey – aight boo. Come on lil man lets try and hook up the x-box real quick.


JJ- YAY! Okay !


She grabbed her keys and headed out the door. Shanice knew her way around a few areas in ATL since she had a few family and friends their so she visited often. She made it to the store ran in and got pancake mix, eggs, and a few other things that they may want later in the week. She got everything she needed and was going to make a quick call to trey and see if there was anything that he needed while she was there, searching for her phone she realized she left it at the house… she fell into a panic mode hoping that BJ didn’t call. She rushed into the quickest check out line and rushed out the store.




Trey – well looks like we are missing a plug so we have to wait till later to play.


JJ – Awwwwh maaaan *long sigh*


Trey – I know but lets just watch tv till mommy gets back I know she bout to hook up this food.


They begin to watch tv and what do ya know shanice phone rings and guess who it is…BJ.. trey ignored the phone the first couple of times thinking it was just friends of hers nothing major then the calls began to come in back to back so he went to check it and make sure everything was okay with whoever was calling….


Trey – Hello


BJ – well aint this some shit HAHA look who answers the phone


Trey walks farther into the house before he says anything so that JJ wouldn’t hear the conversation. Shanice and Trey didn’t really like to argue or have certain conversations around him if they could help from it.


Trey – my nigga what the fuck is you doin calling my baby didn’t we establish this shit back in Cali i..


BJ -  Man nigga shut that weak shit up just watch yo back lil nigga and remember them legs you be between every night was once mine and imma get it back whether it be easy or hard im getting whats mine


Trey – aye bitch chill out with that you aint getting shit that belongs to me that’s mine ALL mine and unless you wanna get yo ass hurt I advise you to stay where you at or its gone be some real problems off top Bitch!


BJ – HAHA lil nigga you funny just remember to watch yo back and take care of my son while im not there *click*


Phone hangs up. Trey was beyond mad he went through shanice’s phone to see if he had called before and shanice just didn’t tell him and he saw where he had called while they were at the restaurant the day before and it all came to him as to why she had the weird look on her face and why she was so uptight last night. Trey heard shanice opening the front door but he kept his cool while JJ was around but he was boiling inside. At the same time shanice was worried about if BJ called while she was gone but didn’t show it!


Shanice – hey guys im back I tried to get here as fast as I could because I know you guys are hungry (making an excuse for how she got home so fast)


There was silence


Shanice – whats wrong you guys why do you look lost trey and I though yall were gonna play the game.


Trey – im good


JJ – we were but there is a plug missing so we were just watching TV until you got back with the food.


Shanice – oh okay. Well im gonna go cook


Worried about that look on treys face but shanice didn’t say anything she prepared the food and noticed that her phone was moved and her heart dropped as she checked her call logg she saw where she had many missed calls from BJ and the one call that was answered she knew that trey was pissed now. She let it ride though until trey said something about it.


Shanice – Guys the food is ready


They washed their hands and ate in silence for a moment


Shanice – babe you got anything planned for today ?


Trey – naw not really just a lil of this and a lil of that


Shanice – okay but ummm why are you barely eating your food thought you were hungry.


Trey – oh you know but that’s a different subject we will talk about that in a minute.


Shanice eyes got big she knew it was coming but she didn’t know when.


Trey – ayo lil man why don’t you go to your room for a while


JJ – okay but I don’t have my toys


Trey – ill bring them from the storage house in a lil bit just go ahead to your room and wait for me aight.


JJ – okay


Shanice gathers all their trash and cleans up the mess  nervous about what trey was going to say to her knowing his temper when he was mad could get a little over the top. Trey took the toys into jj’s room and made his way to talk to shanice.


Trey – so why didn’t you tell me that was him on the phone yesterday what did I tell you about lying to me …


Shanice – baby i..


Trey – got this nigga calling you thinking he running shit. He don’t run shit im yo man you come to me when you got a problem YOU COME TO ME!


Shanice – Look baby im sorry I just didn’t want you getting all upset I mean we came here for better and I just wanted to give you some peace.


Trey – shanice how was I supposed to have peace when this nigga talkn bout watch my back and shit obviously he got some shit planned out and I sholl aint finna be no bitch nigga and back down like I told you last night im gone protect my family no matter what whether you like it or not soon as something pop off this shit gettin handled. You know I don’t play


Shanice – baby please don’t do anything crazy just forget about him he aint gonna do nothing.


Trey – im not backing down from pussy nigga shanice that’s just that. Imma leave it alone for now but like I said when something pop off its goin down.


Shanice – but baby…


Trey – that’s it shanice ive said my piece no more to say. Now I gotta get ready for this lil meeting ill be back I really don’t want to leave you here alone but I doubt anybody know where we live now. Just in case keep a eye on the security screens.


Shanice – okay.


Shanice was so upset that all of this was going on she wished all of this would just end all she could think about was the events that went down back in Cali.






After being together for almost four years Bj and shanice’s relationship was going down hill it just wasn’t working out anymore he started to beat on her and act as if she was just worthless. So she took jj and left he was about 3years old at this time. That made Bj very upset he hated the fact that she could do without him. She was at a club one night trey was hosting a party they hooked up and what was supposed to be just a one night stand ended up being what seems like a lifetime of love and joy minus this BJ drama that would soon come about when he found out she had a new dude on her arm. Word spread fast that Shanice and Trey were dating. This made Bj even more upset knowing that what was once his is now some other dudes especially a dude like trey. So BJ and his peeps started popping up everywhere around town trying to terrorize shanice and trey. Trey wasn’t having it he had people on lookout since he had to protect his image and didn’t want to wind up in jail all the time he had his homeboys do all the work as bad as he wanted to handle it on his own he just couldn’t. trey never really wanted to move from cali he wasn’t the back down type but he saw how much it was stressing shanice out so he gave in and moved them away to ATL.




Shanice was so worried she didn’t want any of this drama coming to ATL knowing that BJ wasn’t scared to smack the shit out her if he ever saw her in the A it just made the move kind of pointless to her now she was even more worried for her and her sons life now more than ever before. Trey was on his way out to his meeting. They kissed and said goodbye to one another as he left out the door. She needed to ease her mind so she got on the internet and did some online shopping. While she was online she saw that a lot of people on her twitter and facebook were talking about her,  trey, and media take out along with some other blog sites… she never really checked those blog site knowing what came along with it but she looked this time and what she saw blew her mind.


Shanice Patterson r&b singer Trey Songz Girlfriend of 3 years photod out with a sexy man and it aint trey!!!!!!


Shanice – WTF!!!


She couldn’t believe what she was seeing the photo was of her and one of BJ’s homeboys trey wasn’t really familiar with him so of course he was going to have questions about this the way the photo looked it made it seem as if she and the guy were out on a date but really it was just a special event were they had all dressed up. She knew exactly where the photo came from because BJ was the person who took the photo


-phone rings-

Shanice- hello


Angela – giiiiiiiiirl I know you done heard about you and larenzo


Shanice – OMG Angela im looking at it now I don’t even know what to say trey is gonna flip about this shit when he hears about it


Angela – well you better tell him before he hears from som1 else


Shanice – I know I..


Line beeps


Shanice – OH MY GOSH girl this is trey right here girl this is crazy its too much going on I cant deal with all of this let me call you back.


Shanice clicks over


Shanice- Hello……


Trey – so who is this larenzo dude


Complete Silence

 part 3 comming soon hope you like =)




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