For The Fantasy

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Missing Dom equals lost sub.

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



I watched as tears made tracks through my layers of makeup. I’d thought I was beautiful today… guess not. Black rivers of mascara gave me an almost gothic appearance. My mud-colored eyes were bloodshot. I wondered did he see what I saw. A used and trouble girl with a broken heart? Or maybe a long disowned masochist in need of attention? Surely he would see I was in need of someone to love.

Today, I’d made myself presentable for him. Waxed, polished and oiled. Just like a new car. The need to please him was overwhelming. I remembered him saying his favorite color was blue. After shopping for a week, I’d finally found the outfit that was sure to get me noticed again. If all he could spare me was a fleeting glance I would have taken it and been glad. At the appointed time and place I showed up like I’d done for the past 2 months. I waited for over six hours. I was a good girl. His good girl. Darkness began to chase away the sun when I remembered his voice.

“Pet, you are to be in before nightfall.”

Master had many rules. All were meant to keep me safe, I knew. I was his property. My high hopes of pleasing my owner had fallen to below sea level.

Back in my apartment, I stripped out of the ridiculous cyan ensemble. Underneath I wore a lacey red lingerie set. Letting out a hysterical laugh I sashayed to my oversized mirror. That was when I’d first notice the tears. I looked at the sad sexy siren in the mirror and wondered why no one wanted to keep her. She had the body most women would kill for. If you broke her up in to pieces she was ugly. Squinty eyes. Lumpy nose. Large teeth. But together she was a work of art. Master had once told me he thought I was perfect and my image issues were all in my mind. Silly man! I turned this way and that searching for the imperfections he now saw.

Days turned into weeks before any word from Master. A hand written letter was placed under my door.

“Dear Loyal Little Subbie,

Your Master is so proud of you. Over the past weeks I have watched you. Your behavior has been impeccable. My favorite color suits you. I want you to wear it at least once a week. In about three minutes the doorbell will ring. Don’t answer it. A package will be left outside your door. This is a gift to show how happy I am. Wear it for me. ”



Don’t answer it.

I froze. I did want to run to the door but instead I continued reading.

“I have a few matters to take care of before we can play together again. That doesn’t mean I will not be watching. Go to the door now.”

Running as fast as my legs would take me, I almost ripped the door off its hinges. There on the welcome mat sat a thin velvet box. My hands were shook. A gift from Master was rare. Silently I prayed.

“Hi Emily.” I squeaked and looked around only to see my neighbor Alicia. Giving a fast yet friendly wave I rushed back inside. In my bedroom I sat hoping to slow my heart beat before opening the box. After a few moments I had given up. I figured I would treat it like a Band-Aid, just do it quickly. With a sharp inhale I gripped the top and pulled. Nestled within more black fabric sat a thin red collar with a silver tag. My eyes blurred and I smiled. Finally. Finally I belonged to someone. The tag read: “Master’s Slut.” A small card sat on the right side of the box.

“Until I am home pretend I am with you. Wear my collar. Dress for the fantasy. Our fantasy.”

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