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A mouse goes an an amazing adventure

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012




Pit pit pit. Claws tapping on the floor. Oh no I’m gonna die today. A figure was approaching. It’s huge form looming above my head. A falsely optimistic expression painted on its fluffy face. As if it were thinking, “Oh boy a mouse." I must ruin this stupid optimism! I run in terror. (or according to this “thing’s” brain) The thing follows me. Drool spraying the wall behind it as it runs. Whee. I scuttle along the slippery floor. My paws slide and make a scratching sound as I flee from this entertaining dog. I look along the floor there is a yellow bag in the corner. A meaty smell wafts from this magical gift that has been bestowed upon me. A hiding spot with food. Boo yah. I can hear a pit pat and a jangle of paws and collar tags approaching behind me. The beast approacheth. Yay. I make it to this warm utopia. A food bag. Every night, I swear one day, oh yes. This will end one day.


As you know the story just begun. You probably think I am a rather smug mouse. This can be true. But typically this is not really true. Honest. I just think the dog can be a bit stupid at times. She usually leaves me alone. But every night she does this. Anyway, I live here all alone. My troop of mice moved out long ago. But my mother stayed. She had me, but died in birth.I hate it here.

Chai-puff is my name. Or just Chai. I agree, the name is kinda dumb.

It is very warm right here. It smells very meaty. This bag is filled with yummy little chunks of yummy goodness. I get in here every night and heist about as many as I can carry. I could live here but then the human would find me. I don’t want that. The human is very scary.

I live far away from the kitchen. The human calls the place where I live the basement. I call it my home.

I peek my little head out of the bag. The room is very bright. Daylight, oh no I have to run. I forgot that is was Sunday the girl is up early. I hear banging coming from the room near me. Yes it’s the girl. The girl is running. But not near me. I decide to make a break for it. I burst out of the bag. Speeding down the stairs. I swear I was in the air most of the time as I ran down those stairs. I make it to my mansion. I made the mansion myself. It is a box in the corner that is full of stashed food.

I crawl through a hole in the wall. The bright sunshine burns down on the tall stalks of grass. I hide deep in the bushes to keep from getting attacked by animals. I scurry down the side of the house. I move quickly and carefully. Stuffing anything I can into the cheeks. I do not like doing this but I do like the free feeling of being outside. It would be wonderful if life were a bit easier. Being with other mice would be much better. I wish my mother had left with the other mice. I could of taught them my ways of suriving. It would of been great. But a mouse can just wish and wish as much as she wants and nothing will happen.

I scurry around the sharp corner. There right there in front of my pink nose, is a huge possum. I know this is a possum because I have heard the human speak of the possum and her babies. The human also speaks of annoying pigeons. He says they are like sky rats. Rats are not bad. They just have no manners. But the pigeons are my friends. The pigeons distract Vickie. Vickie is the neighboring falcon. If not for the pigeons I would be dead.

Every day Vickie goes hunting.


I cowered below the possum. Its big brown nose nudged my fuzzy belly. I knew I could not outrun this thing easily. I would usualy be much faster, but my cheeks and hands are full. I will drop my belongings if need be. But I will try to make friends. I look up at its big brown nose. It looks down on me its long tail wrapping around the branch behind it. Is it scared of me. No. It nudges my belly once again. Big brown eyes look down at me. I slowly walk towards it. An acorn hits the ground. A fresh acorn, jackpot. But will the possum want it. I glance up at the possum. A little thing is perched on the branch behind her. A baby sits there. I think of how much that little baby would love this acorn. Then I think of the piles of food I have at home. I glance down at the big perfect acorn. I push it to the possum. The possum walks up to me and pats me on the back with her tail. As if to say “thank you”. The possum wraps her tail around the tree again she shifts her weight back. She whips up into the air and lands softly on a branch. “Thank you” she says.

I walk away from the possum glancing back I am actually happy that I helped the little babies. I walk carefully along the edge of the house. This is much more food than I usually get. This could feed me for a few days. I look up, a flock of pigeons is making quite a racket above my head.  Vickie must be out. No big deal. The pigeons protect me. I pay the pigeons 1 acorn a week. Vickie swoops over my head attempting to eat a squacking pigeon. The pigeon dodges It’s attack. Vickie sees me. She dives and lands on a ledge near me. A pigeon lands on the falcons head. sending both of them into a flurry of feathers. The pigeon pops out. Alive but missing about half of it’s feathers. Vickie looks angry. She glares at me. I am stending in a pile of leaves hiding. I know she can not see me. But it is almost as if her eyes pierce through the leaves. I stand absolutely still. Not making a sound. I slowly walked towards the house. Crunch a twig snapped below my paw. Goodbye street, goodbye pigeons, good bye possum, good bye life. I looked up, cringing at the impending doom before me. A falcon is there. Right there.

My life is pretty good. I pretty much always get what I need. It has been short and sweet. It definetly could have been better, much better. And this is a story of how it got better. Wait but you say.

“Oh Miss mouse what about being attacked by a falcon.” Or stupidly

“But Miss mouse I thought you were dead.” But I say.

“oh, right, that, well……”



“Welcome to the big city, babe”

“Don’t call me babe, you creep.”

I shoved the crazy mouse to the side.

“how did I get here.” I ask.

“Well babe………”

“Shut it intirely or stop calling me BABE!”

“Well, you just fell out of the sky like an angel. Babe”

Paws hit the pavement. No scurry for Chai anymore. I an a L.A. mouse. I see bagels and other assorted foods strewn on the streets. Never had I seen such great food. Drool dribbles from my mouth.

I amble into a dank corridor, off of the pavement. I peer into the darkness. The shadows are around me. I squeak for help. My eyes focus on a small object curled in the corner. It vibrates slightly and it has a long cord hanging from it. “hello”

The lights go on abllaze at the end of the tunnel. I turn to run. Two burly mice are sitting there.

Blink blink I wake up in what appears to be a 70’s lounge room. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, ARE YOU INSANE” I scream. You have been chosen chai. You will be the next star. “the, oh wait WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, YOU ARE NUTS.” “ First I get attacked by a falcon and now I have been kidnapped by a bunch of LUNATICS.” “Wow that is the most plausible story ever.” “wait let me think who in this room is a nut job. Hmmmmmmmmmm. How about YOU, YOU, and YOU.”

Welcome to Liv our rich community, full of history.

Onstage the lights shone bright. Mice around me sing merry jigs to the beat. Friends are all around me. After the show I go to my little den and sleep with my family. Home sweet home.






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