An unlikely fairytale

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Its about a beautiful girl, who wasn't very bright...and quite unlikely.

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012




An unlikely Fairy tale


There once was a little girl who played all day until sunset. It was wonderful to see such a sight. She grew into the most beautiful girl in the world and her parents admired their beautiful creation daily. She went on a trip through the forest just to explore as always. “Emerald, what beautiful eyes you have, said the bear!!!”, “why thank you she would meekly reply.” As she hummed through the forest her parents began to worry because they knew she wasn’t a bright girl, and people would take advantage. “Oh what long hair you have Emerald; it flows from here to heaven. The beauty started to cartwheel and saw a stranger approving of her flexibility and laughed.

 “I am a Prince and you are amazing”, the stranger cheered, I am Emerald exclaimed the excited beauty “would you like to play?” The stranger liked the sound of this, seeing that he wasn’t a stranger at all; he was a turtle that wanted to be turned back to his original state and he knew only hair from the beauty could turn him back to the state of an evil rabbit. He just needed a strand of the beautiful girl's hair and needed to sleep with it on its shell and he would turn back into an evil rabbit. 

So the turtle played with the girl; they played hide and seek, tag and many more games. The turtle tried his hardest to claim a strand but the exciting young girl would not keep still long enough, the young beauty then noticed how tired the turtle was watching him pant continuously. She then decided to give the poor turtle a rest and decided to take one herself.

She stopped for rest at a little clear pond that showed her reflection beautifully….She then began to talk to her reflection and wanted to play again. So she bent over a little and talked, and then just a little more she soon ended up in the pond looking for her reflection and drowned!!! “How unlikely was it for the girl to drown when the water was not deep at all” said the turtle who was puzzled by the young beauty death. An unlikely Fairy tale




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