A Night In The Life: Angels and Gargoyles

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For those of you who have seen the movie interview with the vampire you'll know that one of the first thing Louis sees with his "vampire eyes" is a statue that seems to have come to life. This image has stuck with me throughout the years, dormant, lying just beneath the surface of my consciousness. Promted to life by the prescence of a similar angel statue seen in Finding Neverland.

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



'A Night In The Life; Angels and Gargoyles'

The sun is setting. Some of the newer, more expensive headstones glisten in the intense light that marks the death of this day.

It won't be long now. Already the gargoyles that line the perimeter of the cemetary are stirring. Stone teeth gnashing as they hiss at one another. It is a full moon tonight. Which pleases the short sighted gargoyles. The stone angels, which stand sentry over countless graves, where frowns upon their statuesque brows. Full moons are always hard on the angels.

The day breathes a final, lurching breath and dies. Releasing its binding spell. The gargoyles waste no time this night. Taking flight while the moon is still hung low in the sky. Their hissing has grown into a cacaphonous screech that hurts the angels sensitive ears. Especially those of the childlike cherubs who this night cower in the safety of a mausoleum. Their bows and arrows forgotten as they press the palms of their small hands to their ears. The mausoleum is protected by two angels of various sizes. They stand shoulder to shoulder at the entrance. Fists clenched. Stone wings ready to lift them into the air at a moments notice.

In the distance, elsewhere in the sprawling cemetary. Stone collides with stone as an angel is set upon by to gargoyles in a ripping, tearing frenzy. A cloud of dust, statue blood seetles over the headstones closer to the scene of the attack. By morning this dust will be all that is left of that fallen angel.

In yet another part of the cemetary the leaves of a tree rustle and the bough buckles and threatens to snap under the weight of a gargoyle who is watching an angel. It's last act is to drop from the tree. Right into the waiting vicelike grip of an angel created in the likeness of the archangel Michael.

The carnage does not wane with the passage of the

night. And the grey light of early morning finds the final battle taking place once more at the mausoleum. The angels who remain have formed a barricade at the entrance. The gargoyles, who by now outnumber the angels, advance in a line of their own. Snapping and snarling. Reminiscent of a pack of rabid wolves.

A slash of daylight pierces the horizon and all who were not killed during the hellish night simply turns and takes their rightful places. The gargoyles yelping in frustration. The angels shedding stone teardrops for their fallen numbers.

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